10 Ultimate Keys To Lose Weight Fast


Firstly, please bear in mind that people are born with different shapes. Therefore, we should feel proud of our bodies. As long as we are healthy and following a healthy lifestyle, we are all set. However, if you feel the need to lose some extra pounds, there are some specific ways to get it done. Apparently, weight loss has never been an easy job. It requires blood, sweat and tears. Needless to say, commitment and consistency play critical roles in keeping you on the right track. However, there are some scientific facts that can help you lose weight fast.

Technically, I am not trying to debate that this journey is easy or hard, but I can guarantee you that it is worth your time and effort if you are willing to give your best in it. I have lost 30 pounds in 4 months with a strict discipline. Below I am going to list down the top 10 ultimate keys to shred more pounds fast that I had done and succeeded.

#10: Cut down sugar and alcohol

Sugary beverages and alcohol drinks contain a great deal of calories and offer very little of nutrition which obviously contributes to the expansion of your waistline. When you consume more calories than your body needs, you clearly gain more weight. Many studies show that sugary and alcohol drinks generate more belly fat and eventually diabetes. According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a potential association between sugary beverages/alcohol drinks and belly fat.

Try to swap these sweetened drinks with plain water to stay hydrated. Get your sugar free espresso or latte instead of a sugar added one. It might be a little hard at first to cut down the sugary beverages. You may feel a little dizzy, headache or irritation while your body is trying to adjust itself if you have been consuming so much sugar. No worries, the feeling is just temporary. According to the Insider, after a while, you will feel better and gain more energy, more focus, better sleep and obviously shred pounds. Precisely, this practice will help get you lose weight fast that you anticipate.

#9: Get enough sleep to lose weight fast

An adult needs to sleep between 7 to 9 hours per night. The amount may vary depending on individuals. However, adequate sleep has been proved as one of the factors contributing to good physical and mental health being. A good quality sleep gives your body time to rest and recharge energy. Not only that but it is important to note that a good quality sleep prevents you from any weight gain. Many studies indicate that poor sleep increases your appetite and decreases your metabolism. National Institutes of Health did some tests and the results show the relationship between good sleep and weight loss in a long run.

You need to get enough sleep to maintain good metabolism. Poor sleep increases your appetite and eventually, increase your weight gain. Precisely, try to listen to soft music and lower your room light to get yourself a good night sleep. Get a shade for your window and do not use your phone an hour before you go to bed. Buy the best mattress that fits your sleeping position. Moreover, do not drink much water before bedtime to avoid any toilet visit which could cause sleep depression.

#8: Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition and low in calories while offering you good fat. They are easy for your body to digest, yet can fully satisfy your hunger. Significantly, they contain all vitamins, minerals and nutrition that your body needs to function. For instance, broccoli alone contains 20% of calories in addition to fiber, potassium, vitamin C and K. Besides, you may have heard about “an apple a day keeps a doctor a way”. Apparently, the fiber and water in the fruits and vegetables are good for your digestive system to function properly without extending your waistline.

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and gentle to digest. They contain all needed nutrition for your body and can fulfill your stomach. Calories deficit is a key to lose weight fast. Ultimately, you should consume a variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals.

#7: Drink green tea

Ever wonder why Japanese people are so healthy and slim? Remarkably, green tea is always in their diet. Green tea contains antioxidants and helps increase your metabolism. Not only does it shred pounds, green tea specifically burns belly fat effectively. On the other hand, you can drink green tea in hot or cold, but not with sugar. Incorporate green tea with your lunch or afternoon snack to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat fast. However, the impact of green tea on weight loss is slightly small compared to workout, based on Medical News Today. Precisely, you need to workout and consume green tea to get the best results. Remember that the combination brings the triumph.

#6: Stay active to burn calories

It is important to stay active. When you move your body around, you can instantly burn calories, which is the major fact of weight loss. Not only does physical move kills calories, it reduces the chance of getting diabetes or cardiovascular disease. American Heart Association recommends that people stay physical active to strengthen the body, control weight and increase energy. Obviously, staying active gives you a good sleep at night, stated American Heart Association. You do not need to go to gym to be active, simple physical moves such as walking around during lunch break and taking stairs instead of a lift are great habits to pick up.

In short, it is critical to be active because it decreases the risks of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and high blood pressure. In addition, people with routine physical activity tend to be able to control their weight, have good sleep and stress free. You do not need to head to gym or do vigorous exercises to stay active. Walking around your desk or taking a short walk between lunch break can help your body remain active as long as you do it regularly.

#5: Aware of your environment

According to the University of California San Francisco, being aware and managing your environment increase and sustain the chance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. For instance, if you are someone who is so obsessed with junk food, try to get yourself out of it. Adopt a healthy attitude by cooking your own fresh food instead of fast food. Moreover, get rid of all pre-packed food from your pantry. Try to load your fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits. Prepare your own healthy snack to satisfy your stomach when you are hungry. Precisely, do not award yourself with food; instead get yourself out to a park to get some fresh air. Likewise, try to be around with people who like cooking and making healthy food. Be acquainted with people who care about healthy living style.

Social networking and holidays are inevitable. However, always bear in mind that your healthy lifestyle is a top priority. Hence, be considerate while being socialized to be able to lose weight fast. You still can hang out after work, treat yourself a nice meal on a holiday or special occasions. However, do it once in quite a while when you feel the urge to do. Otherwise, eat less and aim for healthy food only. It is less likely to be successful without the support from family and friends. Let them join you for a healthy lifestyle.

#4: Drink more water to keep you feel full

Water is very important as it is about 60% of our body weight. Stay hydrated can help us focus, digest and replenish in addition to stop us from hunger. Technically, when you drink enough water, you do not feel hungry which eventually helps reduce your calories intake. Water has zero calories and can get us feel full at the same time. Help Guide To Mental Health And Wellness states that people are often confused thirst with hunger. As a result, they consume more food, clearly more calories, than their bodies need.

Watching your liquid intake is critical to be successful in weight loss. Be sure that you do not feel thirty so that you do not look for sugary or sweetened beverages. I always carry along a bottle of water to ensure that I drink enough water to stay hydrated and full. Precisely, you need to drink more water if you lose a lot of sweat from workout.

#3: Workout to lose weight fast

It is essential that you do a regular workout in order to get calories deficit which is a critical fact of weight loss. You do not have to do a long or every day workout, yet a short but intense one will give you the best result. Recent studies show that lifting weight and high intensity interval training (HIIT) are the very effective way to lose weight fast. Healthline claims that HIIT helps burn calories than other exercises, roughly 30% more.

High intensity interval training is a form of intense and short training where you do bursts of physical activity with short recovery. Your body will still be working to burn calories 24-48 hours after you have done a HIIT. This is a perfect exercise for those who do not have much time to workout. In addition, strength training or weight lifting builds your muscle and make you stronger. When your body is working to build muscle, it is burning fat. Doubtlessly, strength training is an effective exercise for sustainable weight loss.

Keep in mind that you can start with something small and gradually increase to your maximum level. Alternatively, you can start by doing what you like such as walking, jogging or cycling. You can simply do your routine workout at home or hit to the gym, but the most important thing is being consistent. Make your workout a ritual which you do it regularly even if it is just 30 minutes a day, three days a week. You just have to do it constantly for the best result.

#2: It takes time, do not be discouraged if you cannot lose weight fast as scheduled

Although these are the key scientific facts to help you lose weight fast, please note that it might take you at least six weeks to notice a change in your shape, let alone other people to notice it. Precisely, you won’t see any change in the first few weeks because your body is adjusting to your new lifestyle while the fat is burning. You should know that fat is very big in size, yet light in weight. Hence, you won’t notice much change when you lose a few pounds. Nevertheless, you will see the change in week 4 or a few weeks later after you have constantly adopted this healthy lifestyle. It is just a matter of time and patience.

It is recommended that you should shred 1-2 pounds a week so that your body can adjust accordingly to avoid sagging skin or dehydrated. If you shred too many pounds too fast, there could be some potential health risks as well as a chance that you will go back to your pre-workout weight or might gain a few extra pounds after a while. Believe me, when you see the results, you will feel proud of yourself and more motivated to continue this healthy lifestyle forever.

#1: Don’t be so tough on yourself

Lastly but the most importantly, please do not be so tough on yourself. No one knows your body better than you. Just listen to your body and try to work along happily with it. You don’t have to hide yourself from friends because you are trying to reduce alcohol. Neither do you have to completely stop eating your favorite pepperoni pizza. What I am trying to say is that you can still enjoy some cheat meals, hang out with friends, and drink your favorite whisky. Yet, try to limit it by doing it less often, once a week is just fine. However, try not to spoil your healthy habits and always be back on your track. Besides, do not push yourself so hard and be patient for the results. Some people may lose weight fast while some may take a little longer. Ultimately, please remember that it is a journey that you need to constantly and patiently do it.

The bottom line – facts to lose weight fast

In summary, weight loss is a journey and it requires patience and consistency. I have shredded 30 pounds in 4 months by constantly following the ten keys listed above. I feel so proud of myself to be able to lose weight so fast but still feel and look healthy. In these 4 months, I have reduced my sugar and alcohol intake so that I can reduce significant amount of calories. In addition, I always get myself 8 hours of sleep every day to recharge my energy. I eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and incorporate green tea in my afternoon snack. I always stay active by walking around my desk and go out for lunch instead of having it at my desk. Besides, I put away all packed food and fill my fridge with fruits and vegetables only. I strive to incorporate weight lifting and HIIT into my one hour workout while I still have some time to get together with friends for some drinks. Lastly, it took me six weeks to know that I have cut down 1 size and I am continuously reducing more of my waistline. I hope these ultimate keys will help you shred more pounds as it did for me.

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