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Top 10 Best Airtight Container Set in 2022 Reviews


Organize, store, or display various items in your home in clear, airtight containers. These containers are perfect for miscellaneous things such as cereals, pasta noodles, cookies, even non-food items. Just be sure to purchase clear containers with secure lids that will make it easy for you to see right away the things inside it to eliminate the guesswork each time you need them. These top 10 best airtight container set in 2022 reviews we have for you feature our favorite items in this category to make it easy for you to shop for the right one you need.

Airtight containers come in different sizes, shapes, and capacity. You can find long and tall ones, as well as shorter and wider ones. These containers also come with a secure lid, so you can make sure the items inside stay fresh, specifically for food items that you need to store inside. With a secure lid, items you put inside these containers such as sugar, flour, cookies, chocolate chips, and similar things will be kept free from bugs or moisture. You should also look for containers that are sold in sets with varied sizes to make sure these will accommodate the items you are planning on putting inside them. They should fit nicely in your kitchen cabinet making your kitchen neat and clean.

In short, airtight containers are very useful to keep your food fresh, clean and last for long. Be sure to purchase the transparent containers so that you can see what contents they are holding. Best airtight containers come in sets, with labels for you to mark on and of course they are all BPA free.  

Best Airtight Container Set in 2022 Reviews

Let’s proceed to our top 10 best airtight container set in 2022 reviews below. Have a look at these great products we have carefully selected for you to make shopping much easier and to help you get the best value for your money. Precisely, they are the best in amazon with high quality and great deal.

10. Vtopmart Airtight Food Containers – Super easy to close and open

The coolest thing about these containers is the chalkboard labels included in them, as well as a marker. No need to use sticky tape and paper to label each container! You can simply write on the labels using the special marker included then wipe clean everything you’ve written with a moist cloth if you need to change the label. What’s more, these containers, have an airtight seal to them, so anything you put inside remains fresh and moisture-free. With 7 containers in this set, you have plenty of storage spaces for miscellaneous items.

We like how absolutely functional and well-designed these containers are. Just be careful about dropping them, though, because they have a tendency to chip when you accidentally dropped them from a higher location.

  1. Set: 7 containers, 24 chalkboard labels and 1 marker
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • large container – 1.7 qt x 1
    • medium containers – 1.1 qt x 2
    • small containers – 0.7 qt x 2
    • extra small containers – 0.5 qt x 2
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 4.7 pounds
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9. Senbowe Airtight Storage, 7-Piece – With upgraded lid locks for a complete air-tightness

Finally, you have secure storage to place your food, buttons, paperclips or other small items in the house or the office. This container set from Senbowe includes 7 pieces in total, and there are different sizes and shapes to choose from. They also come in a modular and stackable design, which helps save space in the pantry or your countertop. We also like the tight seal they offer once you close the lid, so it’s perfectly safe from bugs and other external elements that can compromise the freshness of the items inside.

Overall, these containers serve their purpose. However, after washing them, water takes time to get out of the lids. You will have to drain the water well to make sure the containers are absolutely dry before putting stuff inside them.

  1. Set: 7 containers
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • large container – 1.7 qt or 3.8″ L × 3.8″ W x 12” H  x 1
    • medium containers – 1.1 qt or 3.8” L × 3.8” W × 8” H  x 2
    • small containers – 0.7 qt or 3.8”L × 3.8” W × 6” H  x 2
    • extra small containers – 0.5 qt or 3.8” L × 3.8” W × 4.1” H  x 2
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 4.2 pounds
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8. BPA-Free 5-Piece Pop-Up Storage Set – Five stars as best airtight container set, a complete set for all necessity

There are so many things to love about this storage set that comes in a BPA-free material. The lid offers an airtight seal, which keeps the items secure and fresh. We also think this is a great container set to use in homes where space is an issue because they are stackable and slim. You can easily stack them up and have more space left in your pantry. Made from high-quality and thick materials, these containers will not break easily.

There is no doubt that these containers are amazing because of how durable they are. But if you are planning on storing spaghetti noodles in the tallest one, you may be disappointed because it’s not tall enough to accommodate it.

  1. Set: 5 containers
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • large container – 2.65 qt x 1
    • medium containers – 1.7 qt x 2
    • small containers – 0.9 qt x 2
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 4.1 pounds
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7. Guru Products 5-Piece Airtight Food Containers – Perfect for storing cereal, nuts and M&M’S

Provide secure and neat storage for dry food, sewing supplies, pens, and other things that are otherwise just lying around in your home. These containers have an airtight seal to them once you push down the button located on the lid. We also like how quick and easy it is to clean these containers are. Just remove the lid and give it a twist, and it will come apart in a snap. All you need is soap and water to keep it clean. This is surely a beat airtight container set you will ever find with a great bargain.

For the most part, these are great containers. But there is a logo in the container that simply can’t be removed easily. This is a bit of a hassle that some people encounter, although it is not at all a deal-breaker.

  1. Set: 4 containers, 16 labels, 1 erasable marker
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • 2 x 132,2 oz or 8.5″ L x 3.15 W x 9.65″ H
    • 2 x 84.5 oz or 7.2″ L x 2.8 W x 8.5″ H
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 4.81 pounds
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6. MCIRCO Airtight Food Container Set – Perfect for both dry and liquid storage

There are 6 containers in total to this set, which should be perfect for various items you need to store such as food and also non-food. You can even put liquid inside because of the secure lid it comes with, as well as an easy-pour design. The lid locks securely once you push it down, and you can be sure that the contents won’t spill out. With a well-made design, these containers should last for a long time. Precisely, this set is perfect for your pantry.

We are very pleased with our purchase of this container set. However, the tallest one is not sufficient enough to hold spaghetti noodles. But it is not a deal-breaker since you can definitely store other items inside without a hassle.

  1. Set: 6 containers, 20 labels, 1 marker
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • large container – 42.2 oz or 3.94″ W x 8.07″ H x 2
    • medium containers – 28 oz or 3.94″ W x 6.01″ H x 2
    • small containers – 17.6 oz or 3.94 ” W x 4.13″ H x 2
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 3.45 pounds
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5. Royal 10-Piece Airtight Storage Set – Over 1K reviews as five stars, very useful kitchen assets

We are impressed with this storage set that is absolutely versatile and efficient to use. There are 4 sizes available, and you can choose from the tall, medium, small, and the mini container. Whether you store solids or liquids inside, it should not be a problem at all because of how secure the lids are. There is an airtight seal to these containers, so once you push the lid’s ring, that keeps the lid nice and tight. The containers are also a breeze to clean with just water and soap. More importantly, this set is the best for kitchen use with over 1K reviews rating five stars.

These containers are well-made and have BPA-free material and excellent construction. But some people comment on how the lids tend to loosen over time.

  1. Set: 10 containers
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • 2 x large container – 2.0 qt
    • 2 x medium containers – 1.5 qt
    • 4 x small containers – 0.9 qt
    • 2 x extra small containers – 0.35 qt
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
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4. Zeppoli 5-Piece Container Set – A complete set for all the sizes you need

When you need a reliable container set to use for various items in the house, you can certainly count on this product from Zeppoli. Firstly, it is not just great for solids but even for liquids. You can put juice, soup, and water inside without any problem. Secondly, the lid-lock system is super secure, and we love the fact that the materials used for the containers are BPA-free and safe for your health. Finally, the lid is superb easy to open once you lift the lock ring up. It is very convenient for children to open and prepare their cereal.

We love these containers because of how durable and secure they are. But the price point is a little steep, although you can expect an outstanding level of satisfaction because of how sturdy and functional these containers are – a big bang for your buck.

  1. Set: 5 containers
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • 1 x large container – 2.0 qt
    • 1 x medium containers – 1.5 qt
    • 2 x small containers – 0.9 qt
    • 1 x extra small containers – 0.35 qt
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 1.81 pounds
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3. DWËLLZA Airtight Container Set – Elegant set for a neat pantry

Get 4 same sizes of containers from this brand, and you can expect total satisfaction with your purchase. Each container is well-made and you can count on how your food items remain fresh inside. The aesthetics part is also amazing as the clear body looks stunning with the black lids. Plus, these containers will not alter the taste of foods. The BPA-free material used keeps your food fresh and safe to eat. Lastly, cleanup is seamless and easy, so that adds to the convenience of owning these containers.

Some customers complain about the containers not being big enough for their needs. However, it all depends on what you are planning to store inside since most buyers felt these containers are more than enough for their needs.

  1. Set: 4 containers
  2. Size/Load Capacity: 4 medium containers – 1.5 qt or 5.2” L x 3.8” W x 9.2” H
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 3 pounds
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2. ME.FAN 5-Piece Airtight Container Set – Great deal for a super set

When you require bigger and more spacious containers for your miscellaneous items, this product should be perfect for you. There are varied sizes to this container set, and you can easily organize multiple items inside such as office supplies, food, sewing materials, crafts supplies, and many others. The lid lock system is amazing and keeps the container sealed tightly. We also like how safe the materials are as these are BPA-free and approved by the FDA. Overall, it’s an excellent container set that should give you great value for your dollar.

Without a doubt, these container sets are well-made and reasonably-priced. Just check the dimensions first to make sure these are truly what you need and will not be too big or too small for the items you are planning on storing inside.

  1. Set: 5 containers, 24 labels
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • 1 x large container – 1.7 qt or 4.7″ L x 4.7″ W x 12″ H
    • 2 x medium containers – 1.1 qt or 4.7″ L x 4.7″ W x 7.3″ H
    • 2 x small containers – 0.5 qt or 4.7″ L x 4.7″ W x 5.1″ H
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 4.88 pounds
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1. OXO 5-Piece Good Grips Containers – Best airtight container set for the money

Last but not least, we feature these containers from OXO. These are amazing containers that come in 4 different sizes but there are 5 pieces in total. The containers provide an airtight seal, and we love the space-saving design that keeps your pantry organized without taking up much room. Plus, these are airtight lids, so your food stays fresh and free from moisture. Lastly, with the popping design, you simply press the button to close and open. The set is design for easy grabbing and pouring.

The only thing about these containers is the price tag. They are expensive but you definitely get the value you require for the price you pay. It is a true value as these will last for a long time.

  1. Set: 5 containers
  2. Size/Load Capacity:
    • 1 x extra large container – 2.1 qt
    • 1 x large container – 1.5 qt
    • 2 x medium containers – 0.9 qt
    • 1 x small container – 0.3 qt
  3. Material: BPA free plastic
  4. Item Weight: 4.9 pounds
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Apparently, airtight containers are necessary for the house, let alone the kitchen. They help storing the food and other items neatly. Needless to say, they keep food fresh and clean. Best airtight container set comes with different sizes and capacity. They are durable plastic for lightweight and durability, yet BPA free. Buying a good quality container for storing items at home can be tricky because of so many options to choose from. But after reading our top 10 best airtight container set in 2022 reviews, you should be able to have an easier time with your purchase and ensure total satisfaction for every dollar you spend on these items.

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