Top 10 Best Automatic Door Closers in 2019 Reviews

Put an end to the constant banging of doors. With automatic door closers, you can ensure a gentle and quiet closing of the door to eliminate noise. This also helps protect your door from damages, which are likely to arise when you frequently allow it to close hard. Our top 10 best automatic door closers in 2019 reviews feature a wide selection of options to meet your needs. Please feel free to have a look at these, so you can have a practical guide when shopping for the right item that matches your expectations.

What should you look for in an automatic door closer? For the most part, you need to be sure that it is a breeze to install. A door closer that only requires a few simple steps for the installation can make a big difference in your overall experience with the setup process. Another thing to look into is the application and specification of the item. It should be compatible with the kind of door where you are going to use this door closer. Lastly, choose a product that includes all the necessary tools or pieces needed to complete the installation process. This way, you do not have to experience hassle in setting it up or run to the store because the hardware is not complete.

Best Automatic Door Closers in 2019 Reviews

Take your pick from the products featured in our top 10 best automatic door closers in 2019 reviews. We have carefully selected our most preferred products to give you an excellent experience from the purchase you will make.

10. Automatic Aluminum Adjustable Door Closer

Great for heavy and big doors, this door closer is crafted from industry-standard aluminum that prevents rusting. It is designed to work for more than 500,000 cycles of opening and closing the door. Even if you want to set it up on the right or the left of the door, it should be ultimately possible to do so. There are speed levels to choose from, so you can adjust it to a latching, closing, or double speed as you prefer. As for the kind of door you can use this with, it should not exceed 60 kilograms in weight. The door’s width is up to 1200 millimeters. All the mounting hardware you need is included in the package.

This automatic door closer works as expected, which is great. But then it tends to make the door a little bit harder for you to open.

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9. Lawrence Hardware Medium to Heavy Duty Automatic Door Closer LH5016

A reputable brand of automatic door closer, this product works quite well to give you the results you need. It provides a gentler and quieter exit and entrance all the time. You also don’t need to even use your hands to close the door. Just the system is enough to close and even latch the door. As it is adjustable, you can choose from 6 different closing levels that meet your needs the most. It can also be used in high traffic locations to give you total control.

When you have a door at home or at the office that is frequently used, this one should be perfect. The only thing about this unit is how it makes it a bit of a challenge to open the door because it’s heavy, although you will eventually get used to it.

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8. Onarway Automatic Hydraulic Adjustable Door Closer

Made from high-quality materials, this door closer from Onarway is highly reliable. It is made from aluminum alloy with a commercial grade, which makes it durable and sturdy. It is great for doors up to 60 kilograms in weight, but you cannot use it for light doors. We also like the fact that it is rustless, abrasion-resistant and anti-corrosive to prolong its lifespan. Great for over 500,000 uses, you can count on this door closer that works perfectly for your needs.

A slight drawback of this product is its weight. It is a tad heavy, making it tough to operate at times. But it is heavy duty, as well, which is certainly a good thing.

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7. Dynasty Hardware Aluminum Door Closer 3000-ALUM

When you need a dependable door closer to buy, this product is worth looking into. It comes with a compact design that gives the door closer an appearance of a reasonably-sized unit that holds up less space than most door closers. It can be used for various kinds of doors without causing you to blow up your budget. You can mount this door closer on the parallel arm, top jamb, or regular arm. This item also comes with a parallel arm bracket.

Our only observation about this product is how it makes the door heavier. But it does latch the door when closed, so you can count on it when you have your hands full.

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6. Lawrence Hardware Heavy Duty Aluminum Door Closer LH816

You can never go wrong with this door closer from Lawrence Hardware. It offers a hands-free closing, so you can simply let the door close without having the need to support it. Finally, closing your door becomes much more convenient, quieter, and with greater security. It is a grade 1 product, which means it has met and surpassed standards for door closers. Perfect even for high traffic areas, there are indeed so many things to appreciate about this product.

Well-made and heavy duty, you will certainly get a great value for your money by choosing this product. But the instructions can be vague, so this will impact your experience with installing the door closer.

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5. Wright Products Light Door Closer WC11

We simply love this door closer from Wright Products. It features a size 1 automatic closer, which should be perfect for smaller and lighter doors. There is a 30-inch maximum recommendation for your interior doors. As this is ADA-compliant, you can expect it to be really safe and secure to use. The closing speed is also adjustable.

Overall, this unit works rather well. However, it is not the easiest item to install, so you may experience some hassle initially when setting it up. Other than that, this unit works.

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4. Heavy Duty Commercial Adjustable Door Closer

Perfect for the office or commercial space, this automatic door closer is highly secured and quiet. It prevents you from having to rely on your hands when closing the door. When you have a high traffic place in your unit, this product will help a lot because of how reliable it is with the opening and closing applications. Lastly, it should be great for a number of door types that meets its requirements.

Perhaps the only slight concern with this product is the challenge with the assembly process. It is not the fastest to install, which is kind of a drawback to this unit.

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3. Commercial Modern Door Closer

No more slamming of doors with this reliable and high-quality product. It is an adjustable door closer with a dual valve for latching, closing, and when opening the door according to the speed you prefer. It has a slick design, as well, so no need to deal with a bulky door closer. We also like how the fitting template and the other necessary hardware are included in the package for ease in the assembly process. With a full warranty as an additional feature, it is certainly a great deal for you.

It definitely works as expected, which is a good thing. However, the instructions could use some improvement because they are a little vague.

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2. BEST SELLER Door Closer Residential and Commercial

This is a good quality door closer that is crafted from industry-standard aluminum. It has adjustable screws that let you close the door fast or slow. You can set it up on the left side or the right side of the door. The package includes everything you will ever need to set it up with ease. The brackets and bolts as shown in the picture are in the package, so you can get it installed in a snap.

If there is one thing that we don’t like much about this product, it’s the difficulty with the installation. Unfortunately, the instructions are a little bit unclear and confusing, so you will have to deal with it to get it set up properly.

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1. Automatic Grade 3 Door Closer FS-1306

Versatile, powerful, and convenient, this automatic door closer is just what you need to prevent your doors from slamming. It features fitting instructions to make it easy to set up. In fact, there is an installation video included for your greater ease with the assembly. Plus, this door closer is adjustable, so you can regulate the way it closes the door as you wish. With aluminum and zinc coating, this door closer will never rust.

Just one concern we have with this product is how heavy it makes the closing action of the door. But it is also a positive thing since it offers security by making sure the door is latched properly.

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Finally, there is no need for you to deal with the slamming of doors. With an automatic door closer, you can ensure a more convenient and effective way of closing the door. Check out our top 10 best automatic door closers in 2019 reviews for options and have an easier time shopping for the right one you need!

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