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Best Bamboo Cheese Board Set in 2022


Serve your cheese and appetizers in a gorgeous platter for your upcoming party. When it comes to the finest serving platter to use, our most preferred is one that is crafted from bamboo. Not only is it an all-natural and hygienic product but it is also eco-friendly and sustainable. In our best bamboo cheese board set in 2022 reviews, we have selected our favorite items in this category to guide you with your purchase. Have a look at these products and choose the one that matches your needs.

No event is ever complete without some appetizers. These include your charcuterie and fine cheeses, which are a staple during various events such as housewarming, Christmas, anniversary, and so much more. To enhance the appearance of the appetizers you serve, we recommend that you use the right platter to organize and serve these food items. A bamboo cheese board is our choice as it is a natural material that is safe for your health. It is also a sustainable product that is environment-friendly, which add to its appeal. You can find a bamboo cheese board set in a variety of styles and there are a few tiers to it, as well as a swivel feature that expands the size of the board. You can definitely fit as many pieces of appetizers on it while making everything look presentable and lovely for your guests.

Best Bamboo Cheese Board Set in 2022

With all these things in mind, let us browse through our best bamboo cheese board set in 2022 reviews. These are some of the finest products you can find in stores today, which are sure to give you the best bang for your buck.

10. Picnic at Ascot Bamboo Cheese Board

Made from all-natural bamboo, this lovely platter is truly elegant and functional. It folds up into a wedge, which is very compact and easy to store. But once you have opened it up, the board expands to 18 inches in diameter. This should be able to fit as many pieces of cheese, olives, and other appetizers you want to serve at your party. For the price you pay for this item, we can truly say it is absolutely worth it.

We like how classy this cheese board set is, which is crafted from high-quality bamboo. But one thing we have noticed about it is that it does seem a bit loose. So the board tends to slide out, but as long as you don’t pull it too far out, it should be perfectly fine.

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9. Premium Cheese Board Set

There are so many things to appreciate about this cheese board set for any event. For instance, it comes with drawers concealed, and you can simply pull them out to reveal more storage spaces. There are also 4 pieces of knives made from stainless steel included in the package. These are stored in the board to enhance the neat appearance. Great for parties or any occasion, you can entertain your guests and serve your appetizers in this lovely board set that is truly well-made and elegant.

This is truly a great product for the price you pay. But the material is wood, which means it does not work well with water as it can swell. So be sure to dry it thoroughly after cleaning to prevent the material from swelling and breaking over time.

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8. Charcuterie and Fine Cheese Board

When you need a durable and gorgeous platter to serve your guests some appetizers, this product is a fine choice to consider. This is made from bamboo, which is a natural material that is safe for your health. You can conveniently place your cheese, fruits, nuts, and crackers in one beautiful spot. Plus, there are drawers that slide out, and there are knives and some serving tools stored inside for practical purposes.

Overall, we think this is a good product worth your money. The knives are great, too, but the wooden spoons seem to be cheap-looking. This is without a doubt an excellent product worth investing your money in.

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7. Cheese Board Bamboo

When you need a luxurious spot to organize and serve your appetizer for a party, this product is a suitable choice to consider. We like how spacious the top is, as well as the drawers that can be used for other small food items including olives, nuts, and others. The material is non-toxic and BPA-free, and it is made from bamboo that is highly durable and eco-friendly. As a bonus, there are 4 pieces of ceramic bowls included and cheese marker labels that will come in handy during cheese tasting events.

This is quite a lovely practical cheese tray. But the legs seem a bit too small, and it would have been better if these were taller. Other than that, everything else about this product works.

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6. Fine Gourmet Bamboo Cheese Tray

Entertain your guests and serve them fine appetizers on this lovely cheese tray. We love how durable and safe the material is, as it is bamboo. This material is eco-friendly and practical and we like how it will never absorb the flavor or smell of any type of food you place on it. The surface is also spacious, which allows you to put as many things on top. There are even grooves that will hold your crackers in place.

Overall, this cheese tray is amazing. We would have wanted it to be bigger but for some people who prefer this size, it should work out quite well.

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5. Teak Cheese Board Tray Set

This is quite a lovely cheese tray that is made of teak. The material is durable and resistant to warping and cracking. We like how elegant it is, as it is not a cheap-looking material at all. There is a magnetic drawer added in, and this prevents the items inside it from sliding out too easily. The surface of this cheese tray is antimicrobial, so you can be sure there are no health risks at all when you serve your cheeses and other treats on this tray set.

Our only concern about this product is the size of the tray. It is a bit too large, so it can be an issue if you have a small place in your kitchen cupboard to store it. Otherwise, we think this is a great product overall.

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4. Bamboo Cheese Tray

We are delighted with the amazing quality of this cheese tray. It is smooth and durable, and you can count on the natural material used for this product, which is bamboo. This is a great tray you can use to entertain your guests and serve them with appetizers. The board also comes with a stainless steel knife and other utensils, as well as a couple of ceramic bowls that you can use for putting in some nuts, olives, and many others.

For the most part, this is a great product worth the price you pay. Just keep in mind that it can be a bit tedious to clean, though, as it is not ideal to let it sit wet after washing. Be sure to dry it immediately and thoroughly after use.

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3. CTFT Bamboo Cheese Tray Set

Whether you want to serve some meat, cheese, or other appetizers, this item should be perfect for your needs. It is a great idea to give for birthdays and anniversaries, and you may also buy one for yourself that you can use for a special occasion. The size is very practical as it is sleek, yet spacious at the same time. The material is FDA-approved and hygienic, all-natural bamboo, which means there are no risks of toxins.

Just be careful when handling and using this cheese board. It can scratch easily, so you need to keep that in mind to prevent any dings on it. Otherwise, we think it is a lovely and functional tray.

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2. Natural Bamboo Cheese Tray

When you need a natural and food-safe board to place cheese, olives, nuts, and meats for a party, this item is just the right thing for you. It is crafted from bamboo, a natural material that is sustainable and antimicrobial. There is a spacious surface where you can place multiple items and the drawer slides out for additional storage or to simply keep your cutting knives. It is without a doubt a very well-made cheese board set that should last for a long time.

Our only gripe about this product is the price point. It is a bit on the steep side but for the quality, you can get from it, we can say that it is absolutely worth the price.

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1. Charcuterie and Cheese Bamboo Tray

Last but not least, we have this gorgeous bamboo tray that is the perfect place for you to serve your appetizers to guests. The material is an all-natural and eco-friendly bamboo, and it is also durable and food-safe. The premium build of the tray not only makes it functional but quite attractive at the same time. There are cheese knives added, as well as some grooves for your crackers and toast. It is truly a must-have for every party and any other occasion.

Just be sure to wash this bamboo tray by hand as it is not ideal to be cleaned in the dishwasher. As for the other things about this tray, we can say that they are truly amazing and add up to the value of this product.

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We hope that you have enjoyed reading this review on the best bamboo cheese board set in 2022. After learning more about the different products, you can now make a better decision on the right item to pick out that will surely match your expectations.

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