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Best Basket Fruit Bowls in 2021


Store and display your fresh fruits in a beautiful basket fruit bowl. Set it up on the kitchen counter or the dinner table, and it instantly adds an array of color in your home. A fruit basket also allows you to organize fruits instead of simply leaving them lying around on the counter. In our top 10 best basket fruit bowls in 2021 reviews, we bring to you a selection of amazing products in this category. Feel free to have a look at the different options you’ve got that will surely add beauty in your home.

Fruit baskets or bowls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are those with 2 or even 3 tiers, so you can stack up your fruits and arrange them neatly in one spot. Other fruit bowls are available in a plate-like shape while others have a nice depth in them. They also come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, cast iron, and several others. When buying a fruit basket, consider the maximum capacity. Think about the number of fruits you want to arrange in the basket or bowl, as well as the countertop space you have in the kitchen. These are also basic considerations that will help you determine the best basket fruit bowl to buy for your needs.

Best Basket Fruit Bowls in 2021

With all these things in mind, let us take a look at our top 10 best basket fruit bowls in 2021 reviews. These are among our highly recommended items that will surely give you satisfaction with your purchase and value for your money.

10. Mikasa Gourmet Basics Fruit Basket

This 2-tier fruit basket comes with an adjustable design for better customization. You can organize your fruits in the basket such as your oranges, pears, grapes, and so on. It even has a banana hook, so you can hang this fruit and prevent it from getting squished or bruised. Your fruits will look nicer in the basket while enhancing the beauty in your kitchen. The basket also allows your fruits to ripen naturally, which is a plus point to this item.

For the most part, we think this fruit basket does the job well. It does seem a bit bigger than in photos but if you need to organize and store several fruits, this basket should be perfectly fine.

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9. Fruit Stand Basket

Made from heavy-duty iron, this fruit basket is stunning and practical at the same time. It comes with a lovely powder coating to prevent it from rusting. The baskets also allow you to showcase your favorite fruits. It is quite versatile that you can also put your household items and snacks in it. There are two tiers, and you can divide them into two individual bowls. By stacking them up, you will have more space on your counter while keeping it neat and tidy.

We agree that this is a good-looking and elegant basket. But one thing we have noticed is that it does not seem to stand perfectly straight up. There is a slight leaning to this basket but it is not noticeable at all.

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8. TomCare Metal Fruit Holder

This is another lovely fruit basket that we love. It comes with two tiers, which you can separate as you please. If you do decide to separate the baskets, you can simply let them stand in place because of the circular feet. Installation is a breeze – no need to use screws or any tools. The height is perfect for storing a variety of fruits as well as snacks, bread, and vegetables.

Overall, we think this is a well-made fruit basket. The material is sturdy, and the basket definitely looks great. It would have been better if there were photos included in the instructions, though. Other than that, this is a great fruit basket worth buying.

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7. Sorbus Countertop 2-Tier Fruit Basket

We love the chic bronze color to this fruit basket. There are two tiers, and you can organize your fruits with ease. The tiers can also be separated to come up with separate bowls. If you have a cramped space in your kitchen or dining table, this fruit basket is perfect because of its sleek design. Assembly is also quick and easy. There is no need to use tools, and it should be good to go in seconds.

This fruit basket is quite versatile. You can use it as a storage for your fruits or organize your bathroom essentials. Just be sure to check carefully if the tiers are properly attached to prevent them from coming loose too easily.

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6. VonShef Fruit Bowl Gold

Chic and sassy, this gold fruit bowl is sure to brighten up your dinner table or kitchen countertop. The geometric pattern looks stunning and the gold finish adds to its sophisticated vibe. It is a shallow dish that should let you display a few pieces of fruits, vegetables, and other decorative items. With FDA-approved material used for this bowl, it is safe for your health.

One thing to note about this fruit bowl is the size. It is not quite big, so if you plan on organizing several pieces of fruit in it, this bowl may not suffice for your needs. Otherwise, it looks good as it is.

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5. Spectrum Diversified Fruit Bowl Vintage

Vintage fans out there, this fruit bowl is just what you need. It comes with an attractive vintage feel to it, and we like the open design that allows you to store your fruits and let them ripen naturally. You can also serve your bread and pastries in this bowl. There are handles attached to the bowl for ease of transportation. Made of high-quality wood and steel combo, this fruit bowl is sturdy and easy to clean at the same time.

Overall, we think this is a well-made fruit bowl that looks really good. It does seem a bit too small according to some people but with the quality you get from this product, it is definitely a good value for your dollar.

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4. Mikasa Gourmet Basics Antique Black Basket

This is a hand-crafted, vintage fruit basket made from steel that’s free from BPA and toxic elements. The material is also coated with anti-rust material to keep it looking like brand new. The bronze finish is a nice addition to it for that extra pizazz. As for the capacity, it should be able to hold a few dozen fruits. There are two tiers, so you can put as many fruits that can fit for display purposes.

It is definitely a great-looking fruit tower. But just be sure to attach both baskets properly when you set them up since it may come loose and fall apart when poorly setup.

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3. iDesign Twigz Fruit Bowl

When you need more space to store your fruits, this fruit bowl is the right one for you. It is spacious, which allows you to fit as many fruits as you need. As it comes with an open design, you can easily organize your oranges, limes, avocados, and other types of fruits. The twig and leaf design also look stunning. As for the feet of the bowl, it should keep it sturdy and well-supported on a flat surface.

This is a durable and well-made fruit bowl. But it tends to scratch up the countertop because of the sharp material used for the feet. Other than that, we can say that this is a good fruit bowl worth your money.

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2. SimpleHouseware Chrome Finish Fruit Basket

Put your fruits on display or let them ripen evenly in this fruit basket. It comes with a spacious area for your fruits and with the addition of a banana hanger on top. You can also hang grapes in this area to prevent them from getting bruised. With an elegant design and a gorgeous chrome finish, this fruit basket will truly highlight your kitchen and add some color to it.

Overall, we think this fruit basket works for a few pieces of fruit. But the hanger could have been set up higher since bananas tend to touch the bottom, which defeats the purpose of keeping them free from bruises.

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1. Vistella Chrome Silver Fruit Bowl

With an immaculate white color, this is truly a gorgeous fruit bowl for your kitchen. We like the curved wire style and the modern vibe of this fruit bowl. The clean lines simply flow well that adds a unique look to this item. It is a multifunctional bowl that can be used for your fruits, bread, and non-food items. With a spacious capacity, you will never run out of room to organize and display your fruits in it. The stainless steel metal is also gorgeous and durable.

It is without a doubt a big and spacious fruit bowl. If you do not have ample space on your kitchen counter, it may be too large for your needs. Otherwise, it should work perfectly fine.

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There you have our top 10 best basket fruit bowl in 2021 reviews. From two tiers, three tiers to a standard bowl design, you can find the perfect one you need that will give you a great experience with your purchase.

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