Top 10 Best Bluray Players in 2019 Reviews

Are you in need of a reliable Bluray player to watch your favorite movies? When it comes to shopping for a Bluray player, you will find numerous options available in stores. But it is important that you look carefully at the different features included in the item before you start shopping. This way, you will not have any problem with your purchase, and you can expect just what you want from this product. Our top 10 best Bluray players in 2019 reviews include a selection of well-made and highly recommended products that will surely make your viewing experience amazing. Have a look around and pick the item that you think suits your needs the best.

There are a number of features worth looking into in a Bluray player. For instance, you want to check for a 4K upscaling, which transforms your images into something much crisper and sharper. HDR support is also a good consideration, as well as Dolby Vision that can make the video appear sharper than standard. Wifi connectivity is also worth looking into for ease in streaming, as well as streaming apps, particularly when you do not have any streaming box such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and others. Lastly, high-res audio is another essential that will ensure your overall satisfaction as you watch your movies.

Best Bluray Players in 2019 Reviews

Take a look at our top 10 best Bluray players in 2019 reviews below. We have gathered a number of options for you that will surely make your experience in watching your favorite movies an amazing and truly satisfying one.

10. LG Blu-ray Region Free Player BPM-35

There are so many things to love about this Blu-ray player from LG. For instance, it is region free, which means you can play a selection of movies from various regions, as well as play your standard DVD through regions 0 to 8. There is an HDMI output includes, as well as a built-in Wifi and a USB input. You should be able to play your favorite music, movies, or view pictures from your USB. In addition, streaming from Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Amazon, and several others is completely possible with this unit.

We like the fact that this Blu-ray player is a multi-region one. But our only gripe is the very small remote control that can be hard to use for some people who have larger fingers. The memory feature can also be glitchy at times.

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9. Sony Blu-Ray 4K Upscaling BDPS6700

When it comes to a superior quality Blu-ray player, you can never go wrong with this product. It comes with various inputs and outputs such as ethernet, coaxial, USB and HDMI. The wifi is built-in, and there is a smart functionality to this player, which allows you to access various streaming apps and watch your well-loved movies on Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and YouTube. The sound quality is exemplary, and we love the 4K upscaling feature, although it does not support discs that are 4K Ultra HD.

For the most part, we think this product works quite well. However, the only problem with it is that when there is a movie left in the player, it tends to spin even if you turn the power off. This is why you will need to take it out to stop the spinning.

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8. Sony Blu-Ray Player 4K Ultra HD UBP-X700

When you are searching for a reputable Blu-ray player to buy, it is worth looking into this product from Sony. We like how it brings every film to life, thanks to the 4K Ultra HD feature. The audio quality is spectacular, and it comes with a Dolby Vision that offers an enhanced video quality. With compatibility with streaming services in 4K quality, all your streamed movies appear much more vibrant than ever!

Overall, the features in this player are functional and practical. Maybe it is not very fancy and we think the buttons tend to be very sensitive. This is why you should be careful when touching them to avoid accidentally applying the wrong function.

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7. Samsung Blu-Ray Curved Player

This is a renewed item, which is suitable for those who are searching for a Blu-ray player at a reasonable price. The unit works exactly like brand new as it has been tested. The unit features various inputs and outputs such as the ethernet, HDMI-CEC, USB, and HDMI. There is a Dolby True HD to it that allows you to listen to the sound with superior clarity. You can also access apps, games, and websites as this is a Smart Blu-ray player.

Setup was fast and easy. However, there is no indicator light for the power, which can be kind of odd. So it is hard to tell if the unit is on or off as it is also very quiet.

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6. Sanyo Blu-ray Player FWBP505F

We like this gorgeous Blu-ray player from Sanyo. It features a full HD quality with 1080p video resolution, which is pretty decent. The unit can playback DVD, USB, and BD without any hassle. Other cool features include a parental lock to help you safeguard your children when watching their movies. The player also comes with a slim profile, making it easy to store and saves space in your room.

Although it comes with standard features, we can say that this player is quite basic. It lacks any streaming capability, which can be an inconvenience to some people. It lacks an RCI or audio out, but only comes with an output for HDMI.

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5. LG 4K Blu-ray Player Ultra HD UBK80

Another great Blu-ray player with a 4K capability is this product from LG. It offers you that stunning video quality and amazing audio that brings images to life, right in front of your very eyes. The unit is DVD backward and Blu-ray compatible, and you can watch your old and new videos without a glitch. Plus, with high resolution audio, the unit lets you hear the sounds in optimum clarity. It is definitely a responsive Blu-ray player that is worth your money.

Perhaps our only concern with this item is that it lacks other features. For instance, there is no Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix to it, which is a drawback to some people.

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4. Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-J5100

Enjoy watching your favorite movies in this great quality Blu-ray player from Samsung. It comes with apps built into the system, allowing you to watch movies on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and many others. There is a Dolby True HD audio quality, as well as an impressive resolution of 1080p. What’s more, the bass response is excellent, and the volume levels remain consistent all throughout.

We are impressed with how this Blu-ray player performs. But it just can be hard to tell if it is on or not as there is no indicator light to it.

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3. Samsung Blu-ray 4K UHD Player UBD-M8500/ZA

Whenever you are searching for a quality movie player for your entertainment system at home, this product should be a suitable choice to consider. It plays your 4K movies really well, so all the details are present, along with the clarity of sound and video quality. There is also an outstanding range of brightness and color contrast available, and you can optimize the settings of the audio and video perfectly well. Streaming and synching your apps, games, and shows are also simple as this unit comes with wifi built into it.

Our only concern about this product is the lack of a digital display. So you cannot see which part you are in the movie in terms of the timestamp. Other than that, we think this unit works.

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2. Sony Blu-Ray Streaming BDPS3700

Why confine yourself to a limited number of films when you can stream as many movies, games, and videos as you want using this device? It also includes an HD audio quality, and you will love the clarity of sound that this player can provide. The DVD upscaling is great, as well as a BD playback. Plus, with a quick start, you can get started watching your movies in an instant.

For the most part, we can say that this player is good enough. But the manual is hard to understand, so it is not much of any use at all if you are working out the instructions to get started.

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1. Sony Blu-Ray 4K UHD UBP-X700

Topping our list of the best Blu-ray players is this product from Sony. We love its amazing video and audio quality, thanks to the UHD feature it has. The 4K upscaling component is also amazing, while at the same time not using up too much energy, thanks to the energy-efficient feature of this unit. Other amazing features to love include the dual HDMI output, compatibility with any file and disc format, and a 1-year warranty.

Overall, we think this player is spectacular. The remote is a tad small but it does work decently, which makes this product a bang for your buck.

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There you have our top 10 best Blu-ray players in 2019 reviews. Now, you can simply have a look at these items we have recommended to help you find the perfect item you need for your entertainment system at home.

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