Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers in 2020 Reviews

A bookshelf speaker is a fine addition to a home entertainment system or your living room. You can use this device to enhance the audio you are listening to whether it is music or the movie you are playing. This is why you should make it a point to purchase a good quality bookshelf speaker to get the quality of sound you like for the price you pay. We have done our research on various products in this category, and so we bring to you our top 10 best bookshelf speakers in 2020 reviews to guide you as you search for the perfect product to purchase.

When it comes to bookshelf speakers, it is important to think about the dimensions. For instance, are you in search of a big or small bookshelf speaker? Check the size of the products available to determine if it is just the right one you need. You may also consider the watts, since if you look for one with greater output, then you need to make sure that the wattage is high, too. The same goes with the Hertz – when it is a low hertz, the bass will be heavier. Then, you want to check on the drivers. If you aim for full-range audio that sounds fuller and better, you need a driver for the mid-range to give you this feature. Other things to think about are accessories such as the mount, as well as the finish of the wood, which should match the rest of your interior in your home or where you plan on positioning the speakers.

Best Bookshelf Speakers in 2020 Reviews

We have prepared for you these top 10 best bookshelf speakers in 2020 reviews. Check out our recommended items below to help you select the perfect product worth your needs and budget.

10. Edifier Bookshelf Speakers R1280T

We are quite impressed with this bookshelf speaker as it comes with great features to enhance its functionality. For instance, you can simply connect the speakers to various devices using the AUX, and there is no need to plug or switch. The sound quality is also impressive, and you will enjoy listening to your favorite music using this speaker. Plus, with an elegant and smooth wood finish, you can be sure that the speaker will match your interior.

Overall, we can say that these bookshelf speakers are quite good. The volume, though, could use some improvements as it can be tricky finding the right setting for it. Other than that, we are well-pleased with this quality speakers at a reasonable price.

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9. Cerwin-Vega Bookshelf Speakers SL-5M

This speaker system has a two-way design, which makes it a good quality design. The driver is 5 ΒΌ inches to ensure that excellent audio and clarity. The dome tweeter is also efficient in giving crisp highs. With a bass reflex, this ensures extended lows to keep the sound just the way you want it. Lastly, this speaker has a compact design to fit your room perfectly well.

We think that the sound is outstanding. The bass, though, is a bit on the heavy side, but it still works great for the price you pay.

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8. JBL Arena Bookshelf Speakers B15

When you need reliable speakers, we can say that this one from JBL is truly one of the finest. It comes with a woofer made from polycellulose, and it measures 5.5 inches to bring all the stunning sound in your room. This surely adds enjoyment as you watch your TV shows, movies, and listen to music. There is a wall mount feature added in, and this makes installation much easier. The cabinet shape has a contemporary design, as well, and with the black grilles, these all add up to the modern and elegant look of the speakers.

Unfortunately, the mounting template is a bit too weak. It could have been better but for the most part, we can say that it does work.

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7. Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers R-14M

These speakers are ideal for rooms between small to medium in size. You will love how these speakers can provide you with a robust, life-like and very powerful performance as you watch your movies and listen to your favorite music. There is a horn-loaded linear suspension tweeter included, as well as an IMG woofer that measures 4 inches. The speakers are also housed in a polymer veneer black cabinet that adds to its elegance.

One thing that we have noticed about these speakers is that they are quite boomy. This is why some people would not put these in open shelf design to eliminate this issue. But for the price you pay, we think it is truly reasonable.

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6. Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers NS-6490

We think these speakers are one of the best, with a three-way design that you can add to your home. In addition, if you only need auxiliary speakers to enhance the sound in your existing ones, this could work well, too. The speaker comes with an enclosure with three drivers, and we love the fact that this is magnetically shielded to make sure it meets required home-theater uses.

When it comes to the mid-range and highs, we think this speaker set is quite clear. But our only concern is with the mid-range as it does have a bit of an off-sound for the bass. As for the rest of the features of the speaker, we think it is great.

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5. ELAC Bookshelf Debut Series Speakers B6

When you are in search of a high-quality bookshelf speaker set, we think this is just the right size you need. There is an aramid-fiber woven woofer for optimum durability. The custom waveguide has a deep spheroid design, which adds to the superior quality of the speakers. With an intricate crossover, this completes the quality and functionality of this item for your listening pleasure.

Some people are critical of the sound quality coming out of the speakers. But as for the clarity, it still lacks a little bit. It is a decent speaker, though, for the price you pay.

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4. Micca Bookshelf Speakers MB42

These speakers, in our opinion, is a passive one, so you will have to use a receiver or an amplifier for it. You will not be able to directly connect these speakers to a turntable. But as for the design, we think it is compact and easy to position in a location you prefer. It can also match your interior design without any problem. With high sensitivity and solid frequency response, there is no doubt that this is an excellent product for every audiophile.

For the most part, we would consider these speakers as decent in terms of the audio quality. It is not the best because of the slightly harsh midrange. The highs also seem to be lacking. But the vocal sound is great and the bass is impressive.

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3. Dayton Bookshelf Speakers B652

Even with the small size of these speakers, we are still satisfied with the profound performance that these have to offer. The cabinet finish is smooth and elegant, and we like the black ebony color combined with a pica vinyl material. There is a removable grill to it, and this makes it easy to clean and maintain the speakers. In addition, the detail and clarity are outstanding for the price you pay.

Overall, we would say that these speakers are just slightly bigger than how we want them to be. But we think that it is still manageable, particularly if you have plenty of room to place them in.

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2. Sony Bookshelf Speakers SS-B1000

For the price you pay for these speakers, you will be impressed with what these have to offer. We like the H.O.P 5.25-inch cone woofer, which is newly designed for these speakers. The balanced dome tweeter is 1 inch, and it is nano-fine for that superior clarity of sound. With 120 watts of input power on a maximum, this is definitely one of the finest products you can ever find in stores today.

If you need speakers with a surround sound that will give you vibrant highs or mids, then you can never go wrong with this product. But as computer speakers, we think you could do better.

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1. Pioneer Bookshelf Speakers Andrew Jones SP-BS22-LR

At the top of our list are these bookshelf speakers from Pioneer. We love the 80-watt dependable power handling, as well as 6 ohms of nominal impedance for clear audio quality. There are cabinets with RF molding and curve design, which minimizes the internal standing waves. With a one-inch dome tweeter with high efficiency, you can easily distinguish the smooth and steady high frequency. Lastly, the complex crossover with 6 elements ensures accuracy by blending the audio from the tweeter and the woofer.

For the money, there is no doubt that these speakers are spectacular. They are just a bit too big, so do consider the dimensions before you purchase to make sure that these speakers are indeed just what you need.

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There you have our top 10 best bookshelf speakers in 2020 reviews. By now, you should be able to determine which product to buy for your needs after learning more about your options are and checking the features we have just presented to you.

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