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Best Breastmilk Storage Bags 2020


When you are a mom who is always on the go, yet you need to take care of your nursing duties, you need to buy the best breastmilk storage bag to keep the milk fresh for your little one. It is a more hygienic option than other containers, in addition to how it makes it easier for you to store the milk in the refrigerator without any concern about leaks and spills. This is why in our best breastmilk storage bags 2020 reviews, we bring to you our top picks for this category. Have a look at what each item has to offer and choose the right one that meets your unique needs and expectations.

Buying a reliable breastmilk storage bag is a bit challenging if you do not know exactly what to look for. Basically, you want to be sure that the bag is free from toxic materials that will compromise the health of your child. It should be hygienic and well-sealed, and the material should be thick enough to prevent it from being punctured easily. Another feature to look for is the design. If you can find a bag that is self-standing, this is even better. This allows you to store the bag in an upright position in the refrigerator, so this can help save space. Last but not least, a nice spout that makes it easy to pour the contents out is a good feature to consider. This way, there is no spill or mess each time you put the milk in the bottle right out of the bag.

Best Breastmilk Storage Bags 2020

With all these things in mind, let us have a look at our best breastmilk storage bags 2020 reviews below. Check out our top picks for this category and buy the best one with features that match your standards.

10. DiRose Storage Bags for Breast Milk

This is a great set of thick and durable bags for breastmilk. You can collect and store the milk, as well as freeze it while in this bag. We like the leak-proof design, as well as the dual zipper seals to prevent spills. As a nice touch to this bag, there is a pour spout conveniently located at the top of the bag to make sure it’s easy to pour the contents out into the bottle. Most importantly, this is a BPA-free material that is completely safe for your child.

According to some moms, this bag is not exactly free-standing. This is why you need to lay it down and stack up the bags on top of each other for storage. Other than that, everything else seems to work fine with this bag.

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9. Unimom Storage Bag for Breastmilk

With a capacity of 8 ounces, this breastmilk storage bag can hold a good amount for your needs. There are 100 bags per pack, so this should suffice for several weeks of use. The bags are thick and leak-free, and there is a zip-locking double seal right at the top to make sure the contents stay inside. Plus, these bags are free from lead, BPA, and phthalate. This is why there are no risks at all to your child’s health.

These bags have a nice texture to them, so you can easily grab them or store them in the fridge. But the issue is that there is no area to write on the bag. This is not exactly a deal-breaker since you can always just use a sticker to indicate the dates for each bag.

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8. Go Go Pure Breast Milk Bag

This bag comes with a total of 240 pieces, which is one of the best deals you can find in stores today. You will love how easy it is for you to just grab a bag and collect and store milk, which you can then throw into the freezer. These are sterilized bags, and there are no toxic elements at all in them. With a dual-layer, these are leak-proof bags that should keep the contents intact even when placed in the refrigerator.

Our only gripe with these bags is that the writing ends up smearing. This is why it may be best to use a sticker to write down the dates on when the milk was collected. Then, you can stick it on the outside for your reference.

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7. Philips AVENT Clear Storage for Breast Milk

We are impressed with the overall quality and materials used for this breast milk storage bag set from Philips. It is free from BPA and other hazardous materials, and the double zipper up top is leak-proof and highly secure. We think this is one of the most durable bags in the market today, thanks to the reinforced seams to keep everything together. This bag also comes with a self-standing design for your ease of storage.

One thing to note about these bags is the measurement found on the outside. It appears to be a bit inaccurate, so you may have some issues with keeping track of the amount in it, which is a hassle for some people.

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6. Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk 100-Piece Storage Bags

When it comes to durability and functionality, you can never go wrong with these well-made bags. The material is durable and thick, and there is also a nice exterior trim that serves as a cushion when you drop it accidentally. The dual zipper prevents air from coming in, and these bags are thick to help maintain the freshness of the milk. Lastly, we love the gusseted bottom, which is a great feature that keeps the bag standing upright.

We have noticed that the bags are definitely thick. For those who want to easily rip the bags, it may be tough because of the thickness. But other than that, this thick quality actually prevents the bags from damage.

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5. Lansinoh 4-Count Breastmilk Storage

If you are using a Lansinoh pump, then this storage bag is suitable for your needs. You can simply pump and store the milk… Which you can also use for feeding your child. These bottles are safe to put in the freezer and the dishwasher. As a renowned brand for baby products, Lansinoh has been around for years, so you can count on the superior quality that these storage bags offer.

These are certainly great bottles for the price you pay. But then there is no seal with a single-piece design, so it may be a bit of an inconvenience to deal with. Otherwise, everything else seems to work fine with these bottles.

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4. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

Whether you need to collect, store, or feed your child in this pouch bag, you can definitely do so. Just attach the bag to your breast pump and then seal the cap after use. Once sealed, you can put the bags in the refrigerator for safe-keeping. With threaded caps, this design prevents milk from leaking. The materials used for the bag are also recyclable and pre-sterilized for your peace of mind.

Overall, we can say that this is a good breastmilk bag. But they do cost just a bit more, in addition to being a tad too big. Other than that, these bags work amazingly well for the price you pay.

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3. GLAND Easy-Pour Breastmilk Storage

Experience the ease of storing and feeding your child with breastmilk with the use of these storage bags. We like the BPA-free quality in it, as well as its compliance to be zero-latex for your peace of mind. These bags are perfect to use out of the box as these are sterilized and hygienic. Pouring the contents out is also quick and easy and there are no spills at all.

On a side note, it is hard to freeze the bags when placed flatly in the freezer. There is also a smaller opening at the top, and this makes it a little hard to spill. With its slightly awkward design, refrigeration can be tricky.

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2. Medela 100-Count Breast Milk Storage

If what you look for is a breast milk storage that is ready to use then this product is a suitable option to consider. These bags are pre-sealed hygienically using a thick and durable material. You can also prevent any leaking issues as there is dual zipper protection. So when you are traveling or simply throwing the bags in the freezer, it is definitely easy for you to do so. Just lay it flatly to save space.

Our only recommendation is for you to take extra caution when pouring milk. Prevent it from getting into the bag’s zipper since this can cause the seal to open once the milk in this part of the bag freezes.

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1. Lansinoh 100-Piece Breastmilk Storage

And now we have reached the last item in our review, and it is without a doubt the finest you can ever find. This bag comes with 100 pieces per pack, so you can have more than enough to last for weeks. This is a reliable storage bag that you can use to store and feed your child with. The bags are also thick and secure to prevent spillage. With a conveniently designed spout, pouring is quick and easy.

For the most part, these are excellent bags. One mom complained about a leak but it is only because of overfilling the bag. Otherwise, there is no issue with the size and durability of each storage bag for breastmilk.

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There you have our best breastmilk storage bag 2020 reviews for you today. We hope that after learning more about your options, you will be able to select the right item to purchase that is truly ideal for your needs.

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