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Top 10 Best Brush Pens in 2022


Brush pens allow you to create art as though you are using watercolor and brush – but by only using a pen. You can get the best of both worlds from a brush pen, making each stroke quite lovely and refined. In our top 10 best brush pens in 2022 reviews, we have included a list of great items you can choose from to get the best deal for your money and satisfaction with your purchase.

A brush pen ink may either be water-soluble or waterproof. Now, the question is as to which one you should choose. If you are intending to use it as your primary medium, then water-soluble is best as you can soften the lines before adding some kind of shading to the painting. Waterproof is great in providing the perfect lines you want. The lines are also important in brush painting, and you need to consider the tops of the brush pen to make sure you can get the right thickness or thinness of lines you want. If you want to make thick lines, this would require more pressure from you. A delicate stroke, however, results in fine lines. This is why you should look for the tips of brush pens offered such as a fine tip for your fine lines and the brush tip for a thicker, broader line.

Best Brush Pens in 2022

Have a look at our recommended items in our top 10 best brush pens in 2022 reviews. Learn more about your top options for this product category to help you begin with your search.

10. Tombow Brush Pen 10-Piece 56185

We like the fact that these are dual brush pens, so you can do both – brush or fine painting. The brush pens are excellent for use when you are journaling, creating illustrations, or faux calligraphy. There is a total of 10 pens but only 9 are colored ones while the other one is a blender pen. The brush tip is flexible and durable, and there is a fine tip that allows you to make a more consistent quality of lines. With non-toxic materials, this brush pen is absolutely perfect for use.

Our only gripe about this product is that it tends to bleed (the second layer) when you have a couple of layers used. There are also a few colors in the set that are a bit alike.

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9. Pentel Arts Brush Pen Portable

When you need a portable and lightweight set of brush pens, this product is perfect for you. It is a great set of brush pen that is easy to carry around. We like the fade-resistant quality it has, and it is also resistant to water. There are two refills and a pen in a set. These pens should be able to let you make broad and fine lines with ease. Overall, these are lovely pens that you will surely love.

Perhaps one thing we would like to note about this pen is the addition of a cartridge. This way, you will not end up using one of the pen refills right away. Other than that, we like how well-made and functional these pens are.

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8. Crayola Dual-Tip Brush Markers

When it comes to the quality and build of these pens, we think they are one of the best for the price tag. There are 32 colors in total, and the brush markers are 16 with dual tips for the brush and fine. We like the versatility of these pens, so you can use them for drawing, writing, and lettering, to name a few. With nice storage for the pens, you can get all the pieces organized all in one spot.

We simply love the quality of the brush tip of these markers. But just keep in mind that the color is a bit different from the actual fine tip marker color. As for the basic features of this product, we think it is perfect.

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7. Calligraphy and Hand Lettering Brush Pens

This set of lettering pen includes 8 pieces, which vary in the size and thickness of the tips. You should be able to find just the perfect one you need. You can use the pen for a number of purposes such as lettering, drawing, and calligraphy. The pens are also great for technical use and for decorating. There are also hard and soft tips included, which work best when you need a great pen for lettering or drawing. With non-toxic ink that does not bleed and free from acid, these pens are truly one of the best there is in stores today.

These are without a doubt good pens to buy for the price tag. But it would have been better if there are some information or labels on the tip and what it can do.

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6. Ohuhu Brush Pens

With 20 colors included in each set, there is definitely something you can find that will suit your needs well. The colors are quite vibrant and brilliant, which can add life to every artwork you create. The brush pens are 20 in total, and there is a water brush added to give your artwork a special effect. We like how flexible and soft the brush tips are, and these are definitely safe and fun brush pens to use that even kids can use.

If you are a beginner to using brush pens, you may find this product a little tricky to work with. But after some time, you should be able to learn the ropes and have a better feel of the pens and use them with greater ease.

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5. 24-Color Watercolor and Calligraphy Brush Pens

Look no further for a great quality brush pen set. This product has it all and there are 24 pieces in total, giving you a chance to mix and match the different colors in the set. There are also fine tips that you can use for lettering and writing. As for the ink for this water-based brush pen set. It is non-toxic and free from odor. This is a great quality brush pen set that is ideal for use by both kids and adults. We also like how lovely the colors are.

We think that the tips are very delicate and help you have better control of your drawing and lettering. But some customers would have wanted more colors to these pens.

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4. ARTEZA 24-Piece Brush Pens

In terms of quality and value for your money, you can simply not go wrong with this product. We like how durable and practical they are, and the colors are quite rich and delicate. These pens are useful for a number of creative activities such as calligraphy, sketching, and painting. With a mess-free quality, you can easily shade and enhance the colors with every stroke you make. What’s more, the ink is non-toxic and safe to use.

When it comes to the ease of use of these brush pens, it is certainly five stars. But the brush head is very delicate, so you need to be careful with your use to prevent any damages to it.

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3. Dual Tip Tanmit Brush Pens

We like the dual tips of the brushes, which are great for coloring and shading. There is a fine tip that lets you add detail or create an outline to your drawing. This set includes 36 colors, so you can find the perfect color for your artwork. The set comes in beautiful packaging, and there is a snap closure to keep all the pens secure inside. With high-quality construction and materials used, you can expect these pens to surpass your expectations. There is also no issue with the flow, which adds to the ease of use.

One reminder in using this pen – be sure to put the brush tip into the cap perfectly. Otherwise, it tends to tam right into the interior’s edge that can cause issues to the tip.

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2. Arteza 48-Color Brush Pens

When you want more colors to your brush pens, this set from Artexa is excellent. We like the rich and fine colors that each pen offers, which is not like what you can get from a cheaper brand. The pens are well-made, and we like how easy it is for you to create stunning, delicate effects to it. With these markers, you should be able to have better control of the stroke for a professional quality artwork all the time.

In terms of the design of the pens, we think they are perfect. They definitely work great but you just need to take good care of each pen when closing it to prevent damage to the brush tip.

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1. Art Mastery Brush Pens

Last but not least, we have these brush pens from Art Mastery. The quality is superb, and there are nylon hairs for the brush tips. This not only lets you create fine lines but also highly detailed shapes. By using this pen, there will be no more mess or fuss since it is easy to clean. These pens are truly ideal when you need a gift for a fellow artist of a family member who or friend who is into brush art.

Overall, we think this product is superb. The price may be a bit steep but for the quality, you can expect, this product is without a doubt amazing and worth your dollar.

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There you have our top 10 best brush pens in 2022 reviews. After checking out our featured items, you now know where to begin your search for the top-selling products sold in the market today.

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