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Top 10 Best Coffee Urns in 2022 Reviews


When you have guests, having a coffee urn to dispense this beverage is not just practical but also convenient. You can have coffee in demand to serve your guests anytime they want. In our top 10 best coffee urns in 2022 reviews, we have gathered our favorite products in this category. Have a look at these items and choose which one is your best pick after learning more about their features and specifications that we have also presented below.

What should you look for in a coffee urn? The most important feature to consider is the size and capacity. How many cups of coffee do you want to serve to your guests? There are smaller coffee urns that can only make a few cups of coffee while others large enough to hold up to 30 to even 40 cups. Then, you want to check the coffee urn’s insulation. Are the walls insulated enough to maintain the desired temperature of the coffee? Make sure there is ample insulation, along with the physical appearance of the coffee urn that should be presentable enough to impress your guests. This way, you don’t need to refill the coffee urn with hot water that will definitely be an inconvenience if you are busy with other things at the event, gathering, or any special occasion.

Best Coffee Urns in 2022 Reviews

Let us go over our top 10 best coffee urns in 2022 reviews below. Have a look at these top recommended items that will surely give you the best bang for your buck and complete satisfaction with your purchase.

10. Reed & Barton 25-Cup Sheffield Collection Coffee Urn

This stylish and elegant coffee urn is not only functional but it’s also quite a work of art. We love how beautiful this coffee urn is, along with its capability to maintain the ideal temperature of your coffee. We love the French Renaissance appeal of this coffee urn, which should enhance your interior decor for the even. Plus, it is well-insulated, so there is no need to worry about the coffee getting cold. Are you entertaining a big crowd for the event? No worries, this coffee urn can hold as much as 25 cups, which should be perfect for such a large gathering.

The only thing that we don’t like much about this coffee urn is that it tends to tarnish slightly. However, you can always clean it up with a special solution to retain its brand new appearance.

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9. Nesco Coffee Urn CU-30

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this coffee urn is practical to use for any gathering. There is double wall insulation that maintains the optimal temperature of your beverage, and this is important to ensure that your coffee is always warm. The handles have a cool-touch feature to protect your fingers, and there is a locking lid, as well. This coffee urn has a capacity of 6.8 liters or 30 cups.

Overall, this coffee urn works great for your needs. Just keep in mind that it is slightly tall, so if you have a less spacious sink at home, cleaning it may be a bit of a challenge.

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8. Continental Electric Stainless Steel Coffee Urn 30-Cup PS77931

When you need a bigger coffee urn to hold your beverage, this item is a suitable option. It has a maximum capacity of 30 cups, so it is perfect for your parties, big gatherings, or your office kitchen. We like the material used for this item as it is stainless steel – sturdy and elegant at the same time. There is also a spout design that makes it easy for you to pour the coffee out. Finally, no more spills on your counter or stains on the tablecloth! The keep warm feature is another great addition to help maintain the optimal temperature of your drink.

The one thing that can be a bit of a concern with some people is the coffee spigot. It has quite a slow flow rate, so if you want it faster, this may not be on par with how you want it. But it still works, which is the most important thing.

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7. Hamilton Beach Brew Station 40540

Holding up to 40 cups of coffee, this coffee urn is a must-have for those who frequently hold events, or when you need a solid coffee container for your beverage. There is also a single-handed dispensing feature, so you can easily get your beverage with just one hand. The filter basket can also be lifted out quickly for efficient cleanup. You don’t even need a paper filter for it. With its dual heater design, the coffee remains excellent and fresh – no overheating at all.

Some people think that while this coffee urn does maintain the warmth of the beverage, it does not appear to be hot enough. It is also easier to use it with two hands since that makes the pushing action more efficient. But other than that, it works great.

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6. West Bend Coffee Urn 58002

This coffee urn is perfect when you need up to 42 cups of coffee for any gathering or event. It also features a quick brewing system, which means per minute, it can make one cup of coffee. There is an indicator light that lets you know once it has already completed the brewing process. Plus, with a base that comes with a heat-resistant design, as well as a cover that can be secured with just one twist, this coffee urn is a truly amazing addition to your home.

It does work as expected, which is important. But keep in mind that the spout is a little bit low, which can make it a bit challenging to dispense your drink. Other than that, it should be fine.

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5. NESCO Coffee Urn CU-50

We simply love this coffee urn from Nesco. It is made from stainless steel, which is very durable, along with an insulated wall to maintain the freshness and hot temperature of your coffee. This is quite a large coffee urn that can hold as much as 50 cups of coffee. It can also brew coffee fast, which is a cup each minute. With a drip tray, this prevents any mess. Lastly, cleanup is a breeze, thanks to its basket that you can clean easily in the dishwasher.

For the most part, this coffee urn is amazing. It is double-walled but as what we have noticed, it is slightly on the thin side. This can be a bit of a concern when it comes to denting. But other than that, this product works just fine.

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4. Elite Cuisine Coffee Urn 50 Cups CCM-035

Another large coffee urn to consider for your needs is this product. It can accommodate up to 50 cups of your favorite warm beverage, and it brews quickly. Both the exterior and the interior are made from stainless steel, which is perfect. This material adds to its durability and beautiful appearance. The dispenser has a two-way system, and we like that it can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher – no need for a paper filter.

We are glad to have tried this coffee urn because of how reliable it is. However, there is no detachable cord to this unit, so it might be a bit of a drawback for others who are not quite fond of this feature.

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3. Continental Electric 100 Cups Coffee Urn PS77961

For a very big event or gathering, a coffee urn that can hold numerous cups of coffee is indeed very important. This is the case with this coffee urn from Continental Electric. It has a capacity of 100 cups, and we like how it is amazing when it comes to keeping the temperature warm for a long time. There is an indicator of the water level, so you are aware when it is time to refill. The dripless spout is another good feature that prevents any mess each time someone dispenses coffee.

There are indeed so many things to appreciate about this product. But a slight drawback is the exterior that appears to be thin. This is why you should be careful when using it to avoid denting the wall.

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2. West Bend Coffee Urns, 100 Cups 3600

This is such a good coffee urn to have because of so many reasons. For instance, it is very large and can hold a maximum of 100 cups. If you want to know the water level, simply check the gauge. This way, you know when to refill the beverage. The faucet has a two-way and dripless design that lets you do a continuous filling or single-cup filling. Lastly, we like the handles and base with a heat-resistant design to prevent people from accidentally burning their fingers.

Overall, this is a good coffee urn to have in your home, office, or social gathering. Just be aware of the size of the spout and how low it sits, which means you have to extend the coffee urn a little forward to let your dispense its contents.

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1. Hamilton Beach 60 Cup Coffee Urns D50065

When it comes to the best coffee urn in the market today, this one is definitely our favorite. It is capable of maintaining the desired temperature of the water to ensure the freshness of the coffee. It also boasts of the one-hand design for the dispensing, and we like the stainless steel body with a polished finish. The coffee window is also great to let you know how low the water level is. Plus, with a fast brewing feature, this makes this unit a breeze to use.

The dispenser level design is our only gripe about this product. It can be a little tricky to work with but once you have gotten used to it, it should not be a concern at all.

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Shopping for the perfect coffee urn can be overwhelming as there are many options around. But by taking into consideration our top 10 best coffee urns in 2022 reviews, you will be able to determine just what you need that is excellent for the price.

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