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Best Console Table in 2021


A console table serves as a nice decorative piece in your living. It adds a sense of style to your home while providing a space for you to place small trinkets such as a photo frame, table lamp, and other souvenirs. In our best console table in 2021 reviews, we bring to you 10 of our top picks in this product category. Please go check out each of our featured items and learn more about what’s unique in each, so you can determine the best product that is worth your money.

When buying a console table, you want to be sure that it is sturdy. Solid wood is always a material of choice with console tables. It needs to be stable and does not rock when fully assembled. Having some compartments such as shelving or drawer is also great since you can easily organize multiple items. Another thing is that you want to buy a console table that is a breeze to assemble. If you can find one that can be set up in just a matter of minutes, this is better. This way, you can have it ready to use without needing to use complicated tools and equipment for the setup process. Lastly, check the dimensions. Is it too tall, too wide, too narrow, or too big for the space you’ve got? Determine the dimensions to avoid any concern with the positioning of your console table.

Best Console Table in 2021

Now that you are aware of the different features and components to look into when buying a console table, let us proceed to our review. Here is our best console table in 2021 review that should help you pick out the best one worth your dollar.

10. Convenience Concepts Espresso Oxford Console Table

We love the elegance and functionality of this lovely console table from Convenience Concepts. It comes in a wide selection of finishes, which should match your interior design perfectly well. There is additional storage space at the bottom, which is a roomy shelf that is great for organizing magazines, books, and so on. Plus, this table is hassle-free to assemble for your peace of mind.

Make sure that when you assemble this table you do not tighten the screws too much. Sometimes, the issue with tightening the screws really hard is that the wood may split up. So just do it gently to avoid such a problem over time.

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9. VASAGLE Hallway Console Table

When you are in search of a fine quality console table for your needs, this product from Vasagle should be a great choice to consider. This is a well-made and elegant console table that is built to last for a long time. The black iron adds a rustic vibe to it while ensuring the superior durability of the table. With a combination of iron and wood, this does not only give it a rustic or vintage vibe but also helps promote stability and sturdiness.

The wood top is not exactly solid wood. This is something you need to keep in mind in case you are searching for one that is of this material. But still, it works perfectly well as a decorative and practical piece in your living room – and at a good price.

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8. Monarch Specialties Console Table

Featuring a gorgeous taupe color, this console table is versatile and highly functional. There are three tiers for the shelving space, which allows you to organize the clutter in the room easily. The taupe color is elegant, and it should match your interior design well. You can also use this table next to your sofa or position it in the hallway as a nice decorative piece.

Overall, this console table is attractive and durable. It just takes a bit more time to put all the pieces together, and some people are saying it needs about 2 hours to set up. But once it is assembled, you will be glad to know that it looks just amazing!

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7. Baxton Studio French Console Table Dauphine

Another fine quality console table that we love is this one from Baxton Studio. It is truly spectacular as it comes with a chic traditional French vibe to it. There are a single drawer and two spacious drawers for more storage spaces. The frame is crafted from MDF, and it has a distressed, immaculate white finishing to give it a special character. With metal handles for the drawer, this goes really well with the finishing for the table.

Tightening the legs can be tricky as overdoing it may cause damages. But just be sure to tighten it just right and not overturning it to avoid this concern. Other than that, the rest of the features of this item work amazingly.

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6. BON AUGURE Industrial Rustic Console Table

When it comes to functionality and design, you will absolutely fall in love with this Bon Augure console table. This table has a lovely accent that is versatile and practical at the same time. You can use this table for your hallway, living room, office, and library. There is ample space to organize multiple items such as books, home decor, keys, and so much more. Crafted from MDF premium board and steel frame, this is definitely a good value for the price you pay.

We think this table is a tad stout as most. But it is still highly functional, although some people complain about it being a little too large and occupies too much floor space.

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5. White Finish Console Table

Be amazed by the rustic and modern design that this console table has to offer. We like the durable materials, which are MDF and hardwood. These are great for sturdiness while the white finish gives it a unique appeal. The dimensions also appear to be just right for a small space, so it should be a problem at all positioning it in rather small spaces.

This is without a doubt a cute console table to get for your home. But then it is not very cheap at all. This is why it may be a concern for some users who are also in the lookout for the time when the budget can help them.

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4. Linon Console Table Home Decor

This lovely console table comes with a tobacco finish that gives it an antique look to it. The eye-catching quality makes it truly enigmatic for use in your home. There are a shelf and a few drawers that serve as good storage spaces to this console table. You will love the versatility of this table, which should definitely complement your interior space. Just be sure to maintain the weight limits for the storage spaces, which is 50 pounds for the shelf and 100 pounds for the top.

We are quite pleased with the functionality and overall quality of this table. But the pieces are not pre-drilled, so you have to keep that in mind when setting it up and putting all the pieces together. Once you have them drilled, though, all you need is a screwdriver to assemble it.

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3. BON AUGURE Console Industrial Table

With 3 tiers and a spacious storage area, this console table is truly functional and practical at the same time. We love how you can easily fit your decorations, plants, and some books on it, thanks to the open shelves for ease of organizing miscellaneous items in your home. The material used is MDF, and this is a sturdy board that is supported by a steel frame. You can put as much as 225 pounds for the top shelf while the lower shelf should be able to handle up to 150 pounds without a problem.

It is without a doubt a great table to have in your home. There was, however, a pre-drilled hole that appeared to be defective in one of the pieces received by a buyer. But other than that, the rest of the features of this console table appear to work quite well for your needs.

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2. Convenience Concepts Console Table French Country

Made of fine quality driftwood and steel, this table is truly a must-have for your home. There is a bottom shelf for storage, and you will love the ease of setting this table up. You can also choose from numerous finishes that should match your particular needs and expectations. No matter what the design concept in your home, this table should look great for years and years to come.

Just keep in mind that the top is a bit closer to oak color or tone than driftwood. But this is not a deal-breaker at all, considering the rest of the amazing features that this table has to offer.

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1. Baxton Studio Wood and Metal Newcastle Console

And now we have reached our top pick, and this is the Baxton Studio console table. This is quite gorgeous, thanks to the distressed finished for the top while the shelf has a charming ash veneer feature. There is a durable metal for the frame, which comes in a black finish to give it a rustic appeal. As for the shelf, it should be spacious enough for small items that you want to organize and display.

This is quite a simple table – no bells and whistles. But this is truly charming for any home and will definitely match your design and storage needs.

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There you have our best console table in 2021 reviews. By now, you should have a better idea of the right table to purchase for your needs after learning more about your options as presented above.

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