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Top 10 Best Countertop Blender in 2022 Reviews


If you’re fond of making smoothies and shakes, you need a reliable countertop blender for that! With a good quality blender that can handle all of these tasks, it should be very convenient to make nutritious and tasty smoothies anytime. You will also be more motivated to eat healthy since you can start the day with a smoothie and even meet your weight loss goals. Have a look at our best countertop blender in 2022 reviews that will make it easy for you to pick out the right product to buy for your specific needs.

What To Look For When Buying A Countertop Blender

Below is a list of important features to consider before you pick up the best countertop blender for your smoothie.

  • Power

Strong motors obviously make the blending better with less time. They run longer than the low or medium motors. However, they are more expensive. These strong motors come with 1,500 watts and can blend ice, nut, and grain effortlessly. Some even can heat up your food or puree in no time. Provided the strong power, this high motors can be big in size. You might have to consider if it fits in your kitchen cabinet. Having said that, the medium motor with about 1,100 watts can easily crush ice and nut too. Yet, you have to be careful with speed and time when doing this heavy job.

For light work such as blending cooked vegetables or fresh/frozen fruits, this medium blender can do it with ease. Lastly, the low motor countertop blenders of 600 watts come with affordable prices and basic functions. If you do not grind nuts or crush ice, this low motor blender can easily make your healthy smoothie or puree in no time.

  • Blender Jar/Pitcher

Blender jar can be of glass or plastic. Glass jar can store both cold and hot content and is easy to wash. However, the glass jar is heavy and the low-quality glass is thin and can be broken easily. The plastic jar is light and more practical. If you get a high quality plastic jar, it is safe and easy to handle with both blending and washing.

  • Price

Price varies depending on model, quality and power. You can find low to medium powered countertop blenders at under $100. Precisely, if you just do a light task such as fruit or vegetable shake, you can buy a low motored blender with even under $50. With over $100, you can buy a medium one with more functions and power. For commercial or heavy-duty, the price can be between $200-$500.

  • Speed

Basically, home blenders come with one or two-speed levels with a pulse function. With basic functions, you can pause the blending or operate it continuously. Technically, for commercial or high powered motors, there are options for crushing ice, grinding nuts, or grains.     

  • Cleaning Ease

Apparently, countertop blenders are easily to wash. You can simply clean the pitcher (jar) by adding water and dishwashing soap in and then running the motor. If you prefer to wash the pitcher/jar by hand, please be careful with the blade. Mostly, blenders are dishwashing safe, but not the motor base.

Best Countertop Blender in 2022 Reviews

Browse through our best countertop blender in 2022 reviews below to have a selection of good products to begin your search. We have gathered these items that will surely make things easier for you when buying the right product worth your time and money.

10. NutriBullet High Speed 12-Piece Blender NBR-1201 – Best NutriBullet Countertop Blender in 2022 at under $50

With so many accessories included in this package, you can certainly make your tasty and nutritious shakes and smoothies in a snap. This unit includes a power base, a powerful motor, 2 kinds of the blade, and resealable lids and cups. There is also a manual that contains numerous recipes to help you get started with making smoothies. And the best part – it is a small and handy blender! You can take it anywhere with you because of how lightweight and portable it is.

The only thing that you need to take note of about this product is the cleaning process. The blade is very sharp, so take caution when soaping and rinsing that portion to avoid getting injured.

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9. Ninja Countertop Blender BL456 – Top Ninja foodi countertop blender, very compact

With a 24-ounce capacity, this countertop blender is indeed small and easy to take with you. You can use this blender to juice vegetables and fruits, as well as to make amazing smoothies in seconds. The motor has 900 watts of power, and this is enough to crush any ingredient you put in the blender container. There is also a spout lid that makes it easy for you to drink the contents. Plus, the lid keeps your smoothie or juice sealed, which is great when you are out driving. With a manual pulse option, this works for crushing seeds and ice in a snap.

For the most part, the motor is definitely powerful. But with such great power comes a massive amount of noise each time you use it. Fortunately, it only takes a few seconds since your ingredients are crushed well and fast because of the robust motor.

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8. Decen 1000 Watt Blender – With three speed levels

Another great blender to consider for your needs is this product from Decen. It is very powerful at 1000 watts and it can speed up the whole process of making your smoothie or shake. There are also five speeds to choose from, which you can adjust according to your preference. The blades are very durable and made from titanium alloy, and the glass jar is food-safe and BPA-free for your peace of mind.

Overall, we like this blender as it is definitely very powerful and does the job efficiently. However, it just takes some time to clean it, which is a slight drawback about this item.

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7. KitchenAid Blender KSB1570ER – Best KitchenAid countertop blender in 2022

With five amazing speeds to choose from, this KitchenAid blender is undeniably strong, convenient and very efficient to use. It features a smart motor that gives you several options for the control. There is also a soft-start feature for the jar, as well as a metal base made from die-cast. You only need to select the settings you prefer depending on the food you are blending to achieve the best results.

In terms of functionality and lifespan, we think this blender is one of the best. Just take note of the blade because some users complain about stains building up. This is not a deal-breaker, however, as it does not impact the performance of the unit.

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6. Oster Versa Blender – Perfect for smoothies

With a motor that goes up to 1400 watts, what more can you ask for from this blender? It is undeniably powerful and efficient to use, so you can make your smoothie or shake in just seconds. The blender jar is also durable and made from BPA-free materials. It measures 64 ounces, so you can make big batches of shakes and smoothies for the whole family. Plus, there is a stainless steel blade that is so durable and will not rust.

We like most things about this product except for one thing – the blender jar. Unfortunately, it is made of plastic. But it is BPA-free, which is very important, so there are no concerns with the material getting to your food. We also like how this material prevents breakage of the jar even when you accidentally drop it.

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5. Jamba Appliances Blender (58910) – Over 150 healthy recipes included

Finally, you can enjoy your favorite juices and smoothies by making them in this high-powered blender. It has a powerful motor and speeds that can go more than 210 mph, which is impressive. The speed dial is infinite, and there is a total of four program settings to customize your recipes. Plus, there are is a pulse control, so you can manually pulse the ingredients whether it is nuts, seeds, or ice. With a low profile and spacious blender, you can fit numerous ingredients without worrying about the blender being too bulky.

This is one of the finest blenders in the market. But the jar is made from plastic, unlike others that are glass. The good thing, though, is that it is sturdy and food-safe.

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4. Oster Reverse Countertop Blender – Ideal for all houses

Experience the ease and fun in making smoothies with this countertop blender from Oster. It comes with a powerful 1000-watt motor and the blending wattage is 600. There are pre-programmed settings available, which ensures accuracy in preparing your drinks with just a single touch of a button. The blade also has a dual direction feature, and this moves well to crush ingredients with ease. With a glass jar, not only does it look elegant but it is BPA-free, too!

Perhaps if there is one improvement we would like to see in this product, it will be the way the lid fits. Currently, it does not have a tight seal to the jar, which is a concern for some people who prefer a tight-fitting seal.

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3. Nutri Ninja Countertop Blender BL642 – Top personal Ninja blender for 2020

This is another great blender to consider for your needs. It is a powerful blender with a good size of 72 ounces for more room for your ingredients. You can use it to make snow cones, smoothies, and shakes without a problem. Plus, there is a powerful blade that can crush any ingredient in a snap. The motor is also robust at 1200 watts, and the other accessories are so easy to clean.

Some customers were not so happy about the blender not having enough lids for the jars. But then you can also use the same lid if you want for the other jars, so it should even be a big problem at all.

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2. Vanaheim Professional Blender KB64 – High motor for ice crushing

Select from 9 different presets for the setting with this powerful blender from Vanaheim. It comes with pre-programmed presets to ensure consistency and efficiency in preparing your healthy snacks and drinks. This unit can crush snow in minutes, and there is also a powerful vortex that shortens the amount of time needed to use this blender. With a self-cleaning feature, this adds a nice touch to the blender for your convenience.

A few users of this product noticed that some of the pre-programmed settings do not work well. So they need to do the manual pulsing, although it is not an all a problem since either way, it can still crush ingredients effectively.

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1. Ninja Blender 1000 Watts NJ600 – High rated budget Ninja blender

And now our favorite product in this bunch is this one from Ninja. This item boasts of not showing any wear or limited wear only, as well as the original accessories included. The blender also has a sleek and elegant design with superb performance, thanks to the powerful motor that generates 1000 watts of pure shredding action. The blade is sturdy and there is a 72-ounce jar to hold all ingredients well.

Perhaps this unit is not exactly a Vitamix or any other popular blender brands around but it does get the job done! It is powerful and convenient to use, which are things you want in a high-quality blender.

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The Bottom Line

When buying a blender, you need to look into certain important features. For instance, you need to make sure the motor is very powerful to handle the amount of job that needs to be done. A good quality blender jar is also important as cheap ones are prone to breakage and not really worth the gamble. Since you are spending money on a blender, might as well go for the best one that will last for a long time. Most importantly, check the blade that needs to be very sturdy to handle the job well. You should also take note of the cleaning process as you could benefit from a blender that is a breeze to clean for your convenience.

There you have our top 10 best countertop blender in 2022 reviews. Now, you can take your pick from these items after learning more about their unique features and specifications and considering your own standards, too.

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