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Top Best Dinnerware Set in 2021 Reviews


Buying dinnerware sets can be tricky as there are numerous options out there for you. With varied designs, styles, and materials used for the dinnerware, how can you possibly choose just one? This is why in our top best dinnerware set in 2021 reviews, we have come up with a list of the highly rated products that will make it much easier for you to pick one that truly matches your needs. Browse through these options and find the dishware of your choice that you have always wanted.

Dinnerware sets usually come in the different number of pieces. There are 12-piece dinnerware sets or sometimes even more. Depending on the number you prefer or the size of your kitchen cart, you should take this factor into consideration. As for the pieces included in a set, you can find plates (dinner and dessert), bowl, and sometimes even a mug or cup. You should also look for the materials used such as a BPA quality that makes sure it is safe for your health. Dinnerware that is microwave-safe is also another feature to consider for just in case you want to heat your meal in this kitchen appliance. You may also look for a dinnerware set that is safe to use in the dishwasher and freezer for greater functionality.

Best Dinnerware Set in 2021 Reviews

Now that we know the basics of a good quality dinnerware set, let us look at the options you’ve got below. Check out our top grade dinnerware set in 2021 reviews and take your pick from these amazing choices we’ve got for you.

10. AmazonBasics Dinnerware Set 18-Piece – A white set for six

If what you look for is simplicity for your dinnerware set, this product is for you. It is good for 6 people and there are 18 pieces in total. Every piece has a white color, which should be perfect for that classy and timeless look you are aiming for. These dinnerware pieces are also safe for use for your freezer, oven, and microwave for greater functionality. Plus, the size of the plates is just right – not too small or too big.

For the most part, this dinnerware set works quite well. The size is good with the exception of the bowls, which seem a little on the small side. But other than that, we have no problem with this dinnerware set at all.

  • Set: 6 dinner plates (10.5″), 6 dessert plates (7.5″), 6 bowls (5.5″)
  • Material: porcelain
  • Color: white
  • Safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer
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9. AmazonBasics Swirl Design 18-Piece – Superb lightweight and unique design

When it comes to the style and design of this dinnerware set, we think it works. The Swirl print is elegant and stylish, so it should add a sense of sophistication to the dinner table. We also like the porcelain material used for the dinnerware set, which is premium quality and great for daily use. Each piece is lightweight but very much durable at the same time. As for the design, it should definitely work well with your existing decor at home.

In terms of functionality, you will like how sturdy these pieces are that should be okay to use in the oven, freezer, and dishwasher. But they are not exactly spectacular when it comes to appearance but they don’t look cheap either.

  • Set: 6 dinner plates (10.5″), 6 dessert plates (7.5″), 6 bowls (5.5″)
  • Material: porcelain
  • Color: various colors and designs
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher, freezer
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8. AmazonBasics Stripe 16-Piece Dinnerware Set – Best dinnerware set in 2021 for the price and quality

We just love this dinnerware set from AmazonBasics that look quite pretty and elegant. The set can service up to four people, and each piece is made from BPA-free material. It is a porcelain dinnerware set, which is lightweight and easy to handle, yet very much durable, at the same time. The grey trim adds style to the plates and bowls, and you can use these items should be fine to use for your dishwasher and microwave oven.

When it comes to the appearance and functionality of these plates and bowls, we think they are okay. But one observation we have about the bowls is the veining found in the bottom, so it does impact the appearance of the pieces over time.

  • Set: 4 dinner plates (10.5″), 4 dessert plates (7.5″), 4 bowls (5.5″), 4 mugs (4″)
  • Material: porcelain
  • Color: grey trim, black trim, blue trim and red trim detail
  • Safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer
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7. Lenox 18-Piece Butterfly Meadow Dinnerware – Perfect dinnerware to light up your kitchen

Dainty and chic, this dinnerware set features a stunning butterfly print that will brighten up your dinner table. The material used for each piece of porcelain with a chip-resistant quality that you will love. These pieces are also okay to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and even the freezer. There should be no problem or concern when putting the plates in these places. Plus, each set includes mugs, salad plates and dinner plates that should serve up to 6 people.

Overall, this set is made of the finest quality. Just one thing we have noticed about the bowls, though. You may find them too hot to hold when there is very hot soup in it.

  • Set: 6 dinner plates (10.75″), 6 salad plates (9″), 6 mugs (12 oz)
  • Material: porcelain with chip resistant Lenox
  • Color: butterfly print
  • Safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer
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6. Corelle 18-Piece Winter Frost Dinnerware – Classic and superb lightweight

One of the most popular brands of dinnerware is Corelle, and this product is definitely worth looking into when you expect elegance and value for your money. The Winter Frost collection features white dinnerware pieces such as dinner plates, bread plates, and cereal bowls. The triple layer of optimum strength glass for each piece is chip-resistant, so these pieces will not break too easily. But we also like how lightweight they are for ease of handling. You should also find it easy to clean this dinnerware set because it is dishwasher-safe. This is the best dinnerware set in 2021 made in the USA for long lasting use and safety.

For the most part, we think this dinnerware set is excellent. But just keep in mind that they do tend to warp after years, although they are truly sturdy and durable.

  • Set: 6 dinner plates (10.25″), 6 bread plates (6.75″), 6 bowls (18 oz)
  • Material: Corelle – triple layer
  • Color: various colors
  • Safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher
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5. Gourmet Basics 48-Piece Alexandria Dinnerware – A big pack with eye catching design

If you are expecting several guests at home, or you have a large family, this dinnerware set is for you. It includes 48 pieces in total, which should be good for up to 12 people. The Alexandria is elegant and stunning, and we like the rim design that features golden brown leaves with a nice backdrop that will enhance the dinner table. The stoneware material used for each piece also adds durability and elegance to it. Lastly, it is microwave and dishwasher-safe for greater practicality.

Overall, this dinnerware set is a good value for the price you pay. Just keep in mind that they tend to stack slightly unevenly, although it is not a concern at all.

  • Set: 12 dinner plates (11.25″), 12 salad plates (8.75″), 12 bowls (6″), 12 mugs (14 oz)
  • Material: stoneware
  • Color: earth tone with espresso edge
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher
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4. Gibson Elite 16-Piece Tequesta Dinnerware – Excellent dinnerware set in 2021 for design and quality

Featuring a taupe color for this dinnerware set, this product is indeed attractive and functional. The stoneware material adds to its rustic appeal, and we love the square shape of each plate. There are four sets in total, which means this dinnerware set should be able to serve up to four people. You should also have no problem cleaning each piece as it is dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

The plates do look amazing and quite vibrant. However, the color tends to vary from one piece to another, although it is not very noticeable at all.

  • Set: 4 dinner plates (10.75″), 4 dessert plates (8.35″), 4 bowls (7″), 4 mugs (13 oz)
  • Material: glaze stoneware
  • Color: taupe
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher
  View it on Amazon.com

3. Malacasa Porcelain Ivory Dinnerware, 26-Piece – Great value and perfect for party

We just love what this dinnerware set from Malacasa offers. There are 26 pieces in total, and this includes the soup plates, bowls, dessert plates, dinner plates, a rectangular plate (there are two, but in different sizes, and bowls. You have plenty to serve your food in this dinnerware set, which is great for entertaining guests. The simplicity of each piece is also stunning, and since it is porcelain, it is crack-resistant and much more durable than cheaper materials. In deed, this pack is the best dinnerware set for your party in this 2020.

The only thing that is not very nice about this dinnerware set is the weight. Each piece is rather heavy but it also means it is sturdy, which is very important when choosing good-quality dinnerware sets.

  • Set: 6 dinner plates (10.25″), 6 dessert plates (8.25″), 6 soup plates (8.5″), 6 bowls (5.75″), 1 rectangular plate (11″), 1 rectangular plate (13.25″)
  • Material: porcelain
  • Color: white
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher
  View it on Amazon.com

2. Gibson 16-Piece Casa Estebana Dinnerware – A great bargain for high quality pack

With a gorgeous cream color, this dinnerware set from Gibson does look lovely. There are 16 pieces in total, and it should enhance your dinner table and give you plenty of good serving spaces for your family. The finishing technique used is interesting, so there are differences in the size, texture, and color of each piece. Most importantly, the dinnerware is dishwasher-safe for each of cleanups.

If you prefer a dinnerware set that matches, this product may not be for you because the colors vary. However, in terms of their performance and appearance, we love every single thing about these pieces. A true value for your money!

  • Set: 4 dinner plates (11″), 4 salad plates (8.25″), 4 bolws (6″), 4 mugs (16 oz)
  • Material: stoneware
  • Color: brown, grey, red, blue
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher
  View it on Amazon.com

1. Gibson Alemany Elite 16 Piece Dinnerware – Perfect for fine dining of four

Topping our list of the best dinnerware sets in the market is this product from Gibson. We really love the aqua color that surely brightens up your dinner table. The ceramic material gives each piece a rustic look, and there are 16 pieces in total to serve four people. No matter what the occasion, or even for regular events, you can definitely use this dinnerware set that is truly attractive and practical to use at the same time.

The pattern of this dinnerware set is very attractive, which is great. However, the pieces are heavy, so be careful when handling them to prevent them from breaking, specifically when you are cleaning them.

  • Set: 4 dinner plates (10.5″), 4 dessert plates (8.5″), 4 bowls (6″), 4 mugs (15 oz)
  • Material: ceramic
  • Color: aqua blue
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher
  View it on Amazon.com

Overall, dishware set is a need for a perfect dinning with family and friends. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our perfect best dinnerware set in 2021 reviews. Now, you have more options on the best one to buy that will truly give you an excellent deal while ensuring total satisfaction with your purchase. Just be sure to compare each item presented and check the features to determine exactly the right product that matches your needs and expectations.

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