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Top 10 Best Dog Car Seats Covers in 2022 Reviews


A dog car seat cover can keep your seats clean and tidy at all times. This is why if you are riding the car with your pet, it is a good idea to have a car seat cover installed to prevent the seats from getting muddy or filled with hair. Our top 10 best dog car seats covers in 2022 reviews are among the highly rated products in stores today. Have a look at the cool features of each item and choose one that matches your unique needs and expectations.

When searching for a dog car seat cover, be sure that the material is just the right one to keep your seats protected from dirt. For instance, it should be waterproof, so even if your pet’s paws are wet or muddy, these elements will not seep through and penetrate through the seat cover. Another thing is to opt for durable materials such as oxford, polyester or nylon. Be sure that the seat cover has the right fit that will stay in place when your dog is seated. It should not bunch up or slide down, which means the lining should be non-slip such as rubber or silicone. Lastly, choose a seat cover that is easy to clean. One that is machine-washable is a good bet because this will not give you any problem with cleaning the seat cover after use.

Best Dog Car Seats Covers in 2022 Reviews

Browse through our top 10 best dog car seats covers in 2022 reviews below. We have gathered this list just for you, so you will not have any problem choosing the item that is truly worth your dollar.

10. VIEWPETS Car Seat Protector

When you are heading to a road trip with your pet, it is best to keep your car seat protected and safe from dirt. This is why we highly recommend this car seat cover from Viewpets as an item you should look into for your purchase. What we like about this product is that it works not just for dogs but also for kids, too! It is waterproof, comes with a scratch-proof and slip-proof material, and it is a breeze to install it. You would never have a tough time setting this up because it is truly easy to place on your car seat and should just take a few minutes.

Just one concern with this product, though. For instance, the center seat cannot be used when you have the cover on because of the lack of provision or hole for the shoulder seat belt. Other than that, we like how sturdy and smooth the material is.

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9. Nonslip Hammock Car Seat Cover

Protect your car seat from dirt with this cover that offers a comfortable seating area for your pet. It is waterproof, which means that your pet’s dirty paws can never leave a nasty mark on the car seat. It also fits well, whether you have a truck, sedan, or SUV. The materials used for this car seat are highly durable, and it is soft, too, as it is made from Oxford cotton. With a non-slip feature for the bottom, it fits perfectly and will stay in place.

Unfortunately, some people complain about how tricky it is to install this product. But just be sure to get the sizes right and that they match your seat to prevent any issue with the fit.

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8. Pet Magasin Water Resistant Seat Cover

An excellent dog car seat cover, this product is waterproof and made from luxury materials, so it feels soft and smooth. We like how elegant it looks, which can complement the interior of your vehicle. The material is heavyweight and durable, so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. Also, we recommend that you install this cover in seats with headrests to secure it. Storage is also hassle-free since you can simply fold the cover up after use.

According to some customers, they had a bit of a challenging time trying to fit the cover in their larger vehicle’s seats. So make it a point to check the dimensions first to determine if it is indeed the right fit for your car or not.

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7. AmazonBasics Car Seat Cover

With a low maintenance design and color, this car seat cover from AmazonBasics is definitely a good value for your money. We like how it can maintain the cleanliness of your car as you have your pets on board. The cover protects your backseat and keep it free from spills, dander, and dirt. Since this material is also scratch-proof, this protects the cover of your seats from rips and nasty scratches.

For the most part, we are well pleased with the quality of this car seat cover. However, it is not machine-washable, so you have to do spot-cleaning to keep it neat and tidy.

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6. URPOWER Pet Seat Protector

Another outstanding product in this category is this seat cover. It comes with a reinforced design and it is made from a durable fabric to ensure its long lifespan. The Oxford cloth is durable and it is combined with a heavy-duty polyester that makes this seat cover easy to clean. You can also install it in minutes, thanks to the clips. As for fastening the cover to the seat, it is not a problem as well since there are plastic clips that you can attach right onto the headrest. With a versatile design, this is absolutely a great product worth your purchase.

A few customers were concerned about the seat cover not fitting quite right on their seats. They say that the sides are too tight but it depends on how big your vehicle is.

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5. Vailge Pet Seat Cover

We are impressed with the quality and performance of this pet seat cover from Vailge. For instance, it is made from waterproof materials and with side flaps to keep the cover secure. There is even a mesh window that adds to the breathability and ventilation to this cover, which is great during hot and humid seasons. As this is waterproof, you will have no worries about the seats getting wet or coated with dirt because this cover blocks these elements out.

Overall, we are happy with the quality that this seat cover offers. There is a side flap but it cannot be attached to some car seats, based on a few customers who purchased it. Other than that, we can say it is still a good deal.

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4. Mpow Pet Car Seat Cover

This is a well-made car seat cover that comes with a mesh window, which promotes air circulation and breathability. This mesh window is also a good feature that minimizes your pet’s anxiety as you can see them easily through it. The hammock comes with two belts to keep your pet strapped for safety while in the car. Lastly, we vouch on the durability of these covers that should last for a long time.

We strongly advise that you check the installation process for this cover to make sure it is set up right. This way, you will not have any problem with the seat cover shifting while offering optimum protection to the seat.

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3. Gorilla Grip Durable Car Seat Cover

As the name implies, this is a durable and functional seat cover for your pet. It is waterproof and easy to install, and all you need is to use the velcro closure to keep it secure on the seat. We also like the fact that there is a slip-resistant feature to this seat cover that protects the seat from scratches and dirt. With a pocket included, you can easily store smaller items in it such as your pet’s toys and water bottle.

Our only gripe about this seat cover is that the hammock can be a tad slippery for some dogs. But as long as you keep it securely in place, this issue should be the least of your concern.

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2. Vailge Pet Car Seat Cover

We think that this car seat cover is definitely one of the finest ones in the market today. This is a hammock-style that comes with side flaps, allowing your pet to slide in easily in or out of the vehicle. This seat cover is also waterproof and has great resistance to dirt and pet hair. You can ensure the right fit of the cover by simply working on the attachments included to make sure it is placed properly on the seat. Most importantly, it is quick to clean as it is machine-washable.

Unfortunately, the seats tend to be covered with hair too quickly when your pet sheds a lot. If your pet has white hair and sheds, it will be seen easily because of the black color of the cover.

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1. 4Knines Pet Seat Cover

When you are in search of a high-quality seat cover for your car, this product is worth looking into. It is designed for pets and even for kids. The seat cover is waterproof, protecting the seat from wetness and dirt. There are a few color and size options available, so you can find just the right one that matches your needs perfectly. We also think it is quick to clean this cover, and installing it is just as easy. Overall, it is an amazing product worth your money.

If there is one improvement we would like to see in this product, it would be an attachment to keep the cover’s ends right in place. Right now, it tends to slip slightly.

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There you have our top 10 best dog car seats covers in 2022 reviews. We hope we were able to help you with your search for a great quality product that you have always wanted to buy.

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