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Top 10 Best Dog Crates in 2022 Reviews


What is a dog crate and why do you need it? Basically, it is a cage made from plastic, metal, or wire, where there is a door that can be locked. This serves as your pet’s temporary enclosure for transportation purposes. You can also use a crate to train your dog or to provide him a personal space that is clean, secure, and his very own space. When you are traveling, you can put him in a crate to him with you. This is why in our top 10 best dog crates in 2022 reviews, we have gathered a list of the top-selling products in this category. Check each item below to help you come up with a solid decision worth your time and money.

What should you consider when buying a dog crate? One, it needs to be the right size for your pet. It should not be too big or too small for your pet, otherwise, this can lead to safety concerns and will also impact his comfort while inside the crate. Another thing to consider is the material used. It needs to be sturdy enough so as not to cause your pet to escape from it. Lastly, a secure lock is important, particularly when traveling with your pet in a crate. This way, you can be sure that your furry pal stays safe and sound in his own private temporary abode.

Best Dog Crates in 2022 Reviews

With all these things in consideration, let us gather some ideas on the best item to purchase by reading our top 10 best dog crates in 2022 reviews. Browse through our featured items below and compare the different specifications of each to help you come up with a solid decision.

10. New World Metal Folding Crate

When it comes to durability and functionality, this New World dog crate ticks all the boxes. It is a spacious dog crate for medium breeds of dogs. We like the fact that it can be folded for ease of storage and there is a door that can be closed securely to keep your pet safe inside. The slide-bolt style of the latch is perfect, too, and it works well. This is truly a durable and practical dog crate for the price you pay.

Just keep in mind that while this crate is sturdy, it may not be suitable for high-energy dogs. It is also designed for medium dogs, so be sure to consider that when deciding whether this crate is for your pet or not.

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9. Double Door Medium Breed Dog Crate

This Midwest dog crate comes with a double door, so you can have your dog walk out through the front or back door. We like the divider panel inside, as well as the durable and high-quality dog tray. There is also a carrying handle to this crate, as well as roller design feet that help protect your floor from damages. The slide bolt for each door locks it in place and prevents your pet from escaping.

When you need a dependable crate for your pet that is easy to assemble, this product is truly a good option. But we are not quite impressed with the fact that the door does not lay flatly. This can make storage a bit tricky for some people.

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8. Folding Pet Crate

This crate is a breeze to set up, and it can be folded down neatly to a portable, good size. There is a satin black finish to this unit, which adds to its elegance. As for the pan, it is made from metal and it comes with a black coating for a low maintenance design. We also are impressed with how quick and simple it is to clean this component. Plus, this crate folds for super easy storage.

Keep in mind that this crate comes with a weight and size limit capacity. Do consider this when buying this product to make sure that it is really perfect for your pet.

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7. MidWest Pet Crate

We are impressed with this dog crate is packed with a number of features that make it one of the best there is in the market. For instance, it comes with a dog tray that is heavy-duty, a divider panel that comes free of charge, and a carry handle. There are also 4 feet that roll smoothly on the floor to prevent damage or scratches to your flooring. This is a suitable crate for medium breeds of canines that need a dependable temporary shelter during travel.

One common concern from buyers is the lack of an extra security lock for this crate. While it may seem okay as it is, it would definitely be a step up if an additional lock is provided to ensure your pet’s safety inside.

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6. AmazonBasics Metal Pet Crate

This is another model of dog crate that we find to be quite a good product to consider for your needs. We like the double door style of this crate, which makes it easy for your pet to enter and exit through the side and front door. There are two latches with a slide-bolt design, which helps increase security and safety. The mini dividers are also added in the prevent your pet’s paws from slipping and sliding through the wires. With a plastic pan and an additional divider panel, this crate is a good deal for your money.

We recommend this pet crate for a medium breed of dog or cat because it is quite big for a smaller breed. Other than this, we think this is a must-have for pet owners who wish to secure their pets in a comfortable temporary closure.

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5. MidWest Fully Equipped Metal Crates

The name truly stands for itself as this metal crate has everything you will ever need for your pet. There is a dog tray, roller feet on the bottom, carry handle, and a divider panel that come in the package. This is an extra small dog crate with a single door and a folding design. It is perfect for very small dog breeds that are under 12 pounds in weight. Easy to assemble, low maintenance, and portable, this is a great pet crate for the price you pay.

Be sure to check the recommended weight and size of pets that this crate can accommodate. This way, you can expect total satisfaction with your purchase and prevent any untoward situation impacting your pet.

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4. Carlson Metal Crate

This crate measures 30 inches in length and 21 inches in height. It is an all-steel pet crate with a single door, as well as a secure locking system included. We like the add-ons to this product such as a washable and removable pan and a portable design. This is truly a practical and user-friendly crate, which is suitable for medium-sized dog breeds under 45 pounds.

We like the ease of assembly that this crate offers. It is, however, a bit weak for aggressive dogs, so keep that in mind before making a purchase.

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3. BestPet Pet Crate

When you need a durable and reliable pet crate for your four-legged pal, this item may be a suitable choice to consider. The wire gauge used is high quality and very strong, and this crate serves as a practical tool for transporting your pets. You will love how comfortable and secure it is for your dog. Lastly, the ease of assembling is unbeatable, so you should not encounter any problem with setting up this crate for use.

It is worth noting that this is quite a spacious crate for a dog. But the good thing about this is that it should feet a large breed, as long as you adhere to the indicated specifications of this product.

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2. MidWest Folding Single Door Crate

This is quite a nice dog crate that comes with a single door. There is a dog tray, a carry handle, divider, 4 roller feet, and a divider panel that are all free of charge! This is suitable for a medium-sized dog up to 40 pounds. Since there is a divider panel, you can expand the crate and allow your pet to stay inside as he grows. A truly good quality crate that is a breeze to assemble and portable, it is a great deal for your money.

A few customers were concerned about how tricky it is to set up the divider panel. But after a few minutes, they were able to do so correctly and had this crate all set up and ready to use.

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1. AmazonBasics Folding Crate, Metal

This is a single door crate that allows your pet to enter through the front door. There are two latches, both with a slide-bolt style to enhance security and safety, as well as your peace of mind when your pet is inside. This is a sturdy, metal crate that is also portable and reliable for your pet. With a plastic pan and divider added, it is an excellent crate for the price tag.

It is truly an amazing product that offers all the features as promised. But just make it a point to check the specifications to determine if this is indeed the ideal size for your pet or not.

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Finding the right dog crate for your pet can be a tricky experience with all the options available out there. But after checking our top 10 best dog crate in 2022 reviews, now you know the right choices to consider when in search of this item.

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