Top 10 Best Dog Tracker Collars in 2019 Reviews

It sure is a stressful and difficult experience to know that your pet is lost. But these playful creatures do find it difficult to find their way home, so it could help to use the right tool to bring them back. Our top 10 best dog tracker collars in 2019 reviews feature a number of brands and models that have been proven to work and give you a true value for your money. Take a look at these items and make your choice once you have read the different features and functions they offer.

A pet tracker is a sophisticated device that allows you to know right away once your pet has escaped from its home and is running around the neighborhood. You can also check other aspects that impact your pet’s health and well-being including its exercise level. When you need to make sure your pet is always safe and in good condition, it sure is important to use such a device that will allow you to determine all these things. Most importantly, most dog trackers can fit comfortable in collars, but just take note of the specifications to make sure it can fit your dog or cat.

Best Dog Tracker Collars in 2019 Reviews

Browse through our top 10 best dog tracker collars in 2019 reviews to find the item you have been searching for. These are our highly recommended products that have received numerous positive feedback from buyers, thus offering you total satisfaction with your purchase.

10. Tagg Pet Tracker GPS

When your pet has escaped from its home, get notifications right away using this pet tracker. It allows you to use it with an app that is compatible with your Android and iPhone. Once there is an alert available, you should be able to get an email or a text as a notification. This tracker can also fit in most collars, although it is mostly for bigger dogs that are over 10 pounds.

For the most part, this tracker works. However, when it is set in a power saving mode, it may be very inaccurate and will not tell you exactly where your pet is, according to some users.

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9. Garmin Alpha Tracking GPS

This is a great bundle of GPS tracker for your pet. The package includes LED lights, the unit itself, antennas, and a collar strap. This is preloaded with numerous maps for easy and accurate tracking. The lights are also very bright, and several modes are included such as stimulation levels of vibration and tone, as well as the rescue mode. The battery life lasts for as long as 40 hours, which is a decent amount of time With a responsive touch screen, this unit is definitely a breeze to use.

There are numerous capabilities to this device, which is impressive. But the interface could use improvement as it can be a little bit tough to work with for first-time users.

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8. Garmin Pet Tracker PT10 (Pro 70/Pro 550)

This device comes with short and long contacts, which are made from stainless steel. These contact points are reliable and can still function even when it is wet. The bark limiter helps you find your pet easily, and there is a blue-collar strap, and AC adapter, contact point kit with a wrench, the dog tracker, charging clip, and a manual included in the package. As for battery life, it should be good for 60 hours in total.

Overall, this unit works very well. But it can be just a bit tough to set up initially, so be sure to understand the manual carefully to determine the correct way to install it for use.

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7. Tractive Dog Tracking 3G

For this dog tracker, you will need a subscription plan, which is only a reasonable price of $5 monthly. This allows you to find your pet and track its activities accurately. You can find the location in real-time, as well as the history and other pieces of information. In addition, there is an impressive worldwide location pet tracking, as the attachment can be used in more than 150 countries. Plus there is no such thing as a limit in the range unlike other trackers in the market.

According to a few customers, the signal tends to go off in some areas depending on how strong the signal is in these places. But overall, it does the job, which is the most important thing about this device.

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6. Link AKC Dog Collar with Tracker

Keep your pet safe and happy with this activity and location tracker for your pet. It would require a service plan for connectivity, and among the features included are the guarantee and access to the helpline in the case of a poisoned pet. The location tracking works in the United States, and you can customize the activity goals of your pet depending on its breed, size, and age. As for the safety features, it sends you alerts when the environment where your pet is tends to be too cold or too hot.

One common complaint about this product is the battery life. Unfortunately, it is not too long, so you will have to keep it charged for hours to make sure you can use it for a decent amount of time.

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5. Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker

Unlike other pet trackers, this product does not require you to pay monthly fees, which is great. The MAZE technology makes it happen, so you won’t need a cell coverage or a sim card. You can track your pet in real time and get quick alerts when you have to. Plus, with a wide range of performance, you can find out where your pet is within 0.5 to 3 miles. The battery can also last for hours, depending on the setting it is currently switched on. With the GPS location off, the battery life can last to 12 hours.

Some buyers had a problem with this unit in map mode, which experienced some interference with the signal and function. Otherwise, this device works and does the job well.

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4. TKSTAR Pet Real-time Tracker

This pet tracker lets you find your pet using location-based service, wifi, and GPS. It is a multiple purpose tracker that uses high tech specs, so you can easily trace where your pet is whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a pony. Other features include an alarm for low battery, alerts once your pet is found, and decent battery life.

We like this pet tracker and how it works. But it is just a little bit expensive, although you can expect total satisfaction with it because of the features it offers.

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Such an amazing and powerful GPS tracker, this device from Black and Decker lets you determine the actual location of your pet using an accurate GPS. There is two-way powerful audio that keeps you connected with your pet no matter where you may be. You can easily call your pet back home or even give it a peace of mind and assurance when you are far away from each other. The dog tag is also helpful as it becomes visible when your pet is lost.

The only limitation of this product is the battery life. It is not very long but as for the impressive features it has, these let you use the tracker according to the purpose it serves.

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2. DOTT Smart Dog Tracker

This amazing pet tracker lets you know if your pet is experiencing some issues or when you need to be notified of its potty breaks, dog walks, and when it is time to take medication for your dog or cat. There are no subscription fees needed, and you should be able to track your pet when needed as the lost pet recovery feature is very reliable.

We think that this device works well. The app is also a breeze to use for first-timers. But then if you have a small breed of dog, this unit may not be ideal because it can get in its mouth too easily, which can be a health concern.

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1. Pawscout Pet Tag

This unit is more than a tracker, it is also a social tool for your pet. You can share photos of your pet or arrange to play dates as needed. You can even invite your family and friends to grow the “petwork” or the pet network. With this pet tag, you can track dog walks and also serve as a virtual leash as you can keep track of your pet when you’re out and about. The lost pet alert also lets you receive notifications when your pet is within range of others using the app.

Perhaps our only gripe about this product is how tricky it is to set up the first time. There are so many things to do, which can be overwhelming. Just check the manual to get you all set up properly.

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There you have our top 10 best dog tracker collars in 2019 reviews. Now, you have more and better options on what to buy for your needs that surely match your budget and specifications.

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