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Best Electric Breast Pump 2020


If you have not used a manual pump before, or you want to achieve greater efficiency with pumping, then an electric breast pump can make it happen for you. With this nursing device, you can just operate the settings and expect the tool to get to work and collect milk for your little one. In our best electric breast pump 2020 reviews, we narrow down our top picks to help you select exactly the right item you need.

What are the features of a good quality electric breast pump? For one, it is versatile. You can count on the pump to provide you with comfort since there are different pumping styles to choose from. There are also suction levels included, allowing you to enhance milk production. It is also important to check the materials used. Finding one that is made of food-grade and sturdy materials is important as not only can you guarantee your child’s safety but it also eliminates any health risks.

Best Electric Breast Pump 2020

With all of these key details, let us go over our best electric breast pump 2020 reviews. Check each item and determine the right one to pick out after knowing your options and their individual features.

10. Double Electric Yunbaby Breast Pump

Responsive and reliable, this breast pump is truly ideal for moms who look for an efficient tool to collect breastmilk. The S 19 enables you to directly pump into a storage bag that comes pre-sterilized for your convenience. It is also versatile, and you should be able to choose up to 5 different pumping styles and as many as 9 levels of suction depending on the feeding patterns of your little one.

For those who have not used a breast pump before, this unit turns out to be quite impressive and functional. However, it tends to talk each time you switch the unit off and on. Otherwise, everything else seems to work well with this unit.

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9. COTEY Electric Silicone Breast Pump

We are thoroughly impressed with the performance and functionality of this breast pump. For instance, this one comes with universal flanges and also silicone flanges. This allows for a more comfortable experience when breastfeeding. The suction power is also dependable and pain-free, and you will appreciate the overall ease and efficiency of this pump. With its portable size, you should be able to take it with you anywhere you go.

One thing to note about this product is that the suction is not quite as strong as the one you use in the hospital. But it still gets things done, which is the most important thing. Plus, it is portable and convenient, so it is definitely a good buy.

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8. Aweso 4U Electric Double Breast Pump

Perfect for home use or travel purposes, this breast pump is completely safe and reliable. The material used is silicone, which is of medical grade. It is also BPA-free for your peace of mind, and you can guarantee its safety. In terms of efficiency, this unit is a breeze to operate. There is a smart memory function that sets the unit up to the similar mode used the last time before it was turned off.

If there is one thing to improve this product, it would be the battery life. Unfortunately, it does not last too long, so you will have to recharge the batteries once there is no power left.

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7. Hospital-Quality Electric Breast Pump

In terms of safety, you can never go wrong with what this breast pump has to offer. All of the parts are crafted from silicone, which is food-grade and BPA-free. You can select from a total of 9 levels of suction and 3 modes that includes expression, massage, and stimulate. With a compact and portable design, you should be able to take this unit with you anywhere you go.

One thing to note about this product is the manual. It is not quite clear for some people because of translation issues. But other than that, this unit seems to do the job well just as expected.

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6. PiAEK Electric Portable Breast Pump

When you need an efficient breast pump that gets things done, this product should be just the right one for you. Upon turning it on, it goes straight to the gentle mode to stimulate the flow of milk. Afterward, you can select your preferred mode that suits your needs best. With a rechargeable battery included, you can simply plug it in once the power is out. We also like how easy it is to clean after use.

Just keep in mind that the on button tends to be quite sensitive. This is why it is likely to turn on too easily, which can be an inconvenience for some people who do not want this feature.

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5. Lansinoh Signature Electric Pro Double Breast Pump

We love the versatility and efficiency of this electric breast pump from Lansinoh. This product offers superior comfort, and you can select your desired suction level and pumping style that will match your child’s needs. The pump is also hygienic and convenient, and you should be able to pump straight to the storage bags that come pre-sterilized for your ease.

We highly recommend this breast pump that really does the job well and is easy to use. However, the battery life is not quite long, so you will have to keep it charged. The button that turns the pump on does not seem to remain on, too, so you need to press it down continuously.

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4. Medela Sonata Electric Double Breast Pump

Great to use anytime and anywhere, this breast pump is perfect to meet your breastfeeding needs. The unit provides a hospital quality pump that performs efficiently. With a dual-phase expression system, this makes the pumping process faster than ever. As a bonus feature, this unit performs quietly. This is why you can discreetly pump milk, which offers moms more privacy when feeding their little ones. You can use the pump when you are in the car, on the plane, and when traveling because of how easy it is to use and its quiet operation.

The only thing that can be improved with this unit is the battery life. Unfortunately, it is not quite the longest lifespan, so this is worth looking into when buying this product.

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3. Spectra Baby Electric Breast Pump

With a proprietary hospital-grade quality, this breast pump is efficient and convenient to use. Everything you need is included in the package, which adds to your ease of use. There is a rechargeable battery that is built right into the unit, and the settings can be customized according to your preference. This is a good feature since you can easily select the best model that matches your particular needs to get the maximum amount of milk for your baby. As a reputable brand, you can be sure that your baby is in good hands with the quality of this breast pump.

One important thing to note about this product is the importance of buying a proper breastfeeding bra for it. This is one concern experienced by some moms, so you may consider getting one for this particular pump, which is not an inconvenience at all. Overall, it gets the job done, so there is no problem at all with its performance and efficiency.

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2. Eccomum Electric Breast Pump

Portable, quiet, and efficient… What more should you ask for from this breast pump? It really gets things done, and you can select from 4 different modes and a memory function to achieve your preferred suction power. There is an anti-backflow system, so there are no harsh chemicals or nasty substances collected as you pump. With a portable design, you should be able to take this unit with you anywhere you go.

Just be sure to check the instructions carefully before use. Some moms find it to be a little tough to get started but other than that, it is a good product for the price you pay.

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1. Bellababy Electric Double Breast Pump

Finally, we have this high-quality breast pump from Bellababy. We like the pain-free effects that this pump offers, so you will experience the ease and comfort in feeding. There are 10 pieces of storage bag for breast milk included, as well as adapters for the bag. You can express milk and put it straight into the bag each time. With a lightweight design, you should be able to take this along during trips without a problem. Whether you are on a long car trip or long-distance travel, expressing milk and feeding your little one should be easy and convenient.

Our only gripe about this product is the noise level. It is a tad noisy, so it can be an issue that moms may have to deal with. But since it performs well, the noise is not at all a major problem at all.

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There you have our best electric breast pump 2020 reviews. Now that you are aware of your options, it should be much easier shopping for the right product that truly suits your needs and expectations.

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