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Top 10 Best Electric Leaf Blower in 2022 Reviews


Worried about your yard starting to look like a mess because of all the leaves covering it? This is a big problem, as well, when there are leaves that end up accumulating in your patios and decks that can be an issue in terms of neatness and also your comfort. In this case, a powerful electric leaf blower should get the mess out in minutes. Check out our top 10 best electric leaf blower in 2022 reviews below to guide you in making the right purchase that will truly meet your needs and standards.

A leaf blower is a must-have in every home where it tends to get all piled up with leaves during the fall season. You can also use this unit for sweeping up your walkways and garages, and even snow light snow can be cleared by this tool. When buying an electric leaf blower, consider the maximum airspeed it can generate, as well as the load speed. You can benefit from choosing the right unit with appropriate features that match the amount of job required.

Best Electric Leaf Blower in 2022 Reviews

With all these things to consider, let us have a look at our top 10 best electric leaf blower in 2022 reviews. Browse through our featured items below and choose the finest unit that matches the task that needs to be done.

10. Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower, 2-Speed SBJ601E

We are impressed with how the size of this unit is capable of blowing away leaves and light snow in minutes. It is not too big, yet the output it can provide is amazing. The unit weighs 4.4 pounds and is not exactly big, yet in terms of efficiency, it absolutely gets things done. It has an airspeed of 215 mph, and there are two settings to choose from to determine the one most suitable for your needs. Plus, the 10 amp powerful motor is quite dependable and robust.

When you need a unit just for general yard cleanup, you can rely on this one. But if you look for a stronger airflow, this product may be a little bit insufficient.

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9. Toro Ultra Plus Electric Leaf Blower 51621

Put away your old broomstick and switch to this ever-reliable leaf blower from Toro. It is excellent for blowing leaves and even mulching them. The blow mode is at 35 cfm, which is quite impressive. There is a vacuum tum included, as well as a cord storage, and a bottom-zip spacious bag. We like how this unit can do so many things including shred leaves and blow them away, and the vacuum is high-speed, too. The oscillating tube is also included in the package.

We recommend that you use this unit just for leaves and not to blow away dust. The bag is only designed for that purpose, so do not use it for dusting the garage. Another thing is it is a heavy unit but it works really well.

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8. BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower BV6600

For one unit, you can get three tasks done as this is a vacuum, mulcher, and a blower all in one amazing tool. The 12 amp powerful motor is dependable, and it offers an airspeed of 250 mph maximum. There is a leaf bag with disposable design, and this unit is capable of grinding as much as 12 bags of heavy and massive mulch to just a single one! As this is an electric leaf blower, there is no gas to deal with or carbon emission to worry about.

It is definitely a good leaf blower with a suction that works decently. However, be sure to declog the unit once in a while if you are working with a larger amount of leaves since things can pile up too quickly.

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7. DEWALT Electric Leaf Blower DWBL700

Get the job done in a snap with this ever dependable leaf blower form dEwalt. It has a trigger for the variable speed and you can control the airflow by working with the settings. The round nozzle offers an air volume of 409 cfm, and we like how there are different nozzles to match the task to be done. When it comes to blowing away leaves and debris from various areas, there is a nozzle that you can use for more efficient output and result.

We have no doubt about the performance of this leaf blower from Dewalt. It definitely works well, although you may not find it very powerful when you are a professional landscaper. For that job, a petrol unit may be more efficient. But for smaller tasks, this unit will do.

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6. WORX Leaf Blower WG545.9

We can say that this unit is a workhorse. We like how lightweight it is and the battery also lasts for a reasonable length of time. You can rely on this unit to clean tight and narrow places, and it has an air speed of 120 mph, which is good for small to medium-sized areas. This is a dependable unit for cleaning up your garage, patio, and even your shop. If the floor surface is hard, this unit works well, too. Just keep in mind that this only comes with the unit, and you will have to purchase the charger and battery separately.

For the most part, this unit is amazing as it is cordless. You don’t have to chase around a long cord, which is great. But some customers complain about the battery pack not lasting long enough, so be sure to buy an extra battery.

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5. WORX Turbine Leaf Blower WG591

A true partner for your yard clearing needs, this leaf blower form Worx is simply amazing. It features a very powerful technology to provide the strongest air volume to clear away the mess in an instant. It is a lightweight unit but don’t be deceived by its size and weight because it definitely can handle a tough job. The speed control is easy to work with, and we love the fast charging time of up to 90 minutes that should last for the entirety of your cleaning task.

The airflow is impressive and this unit is reasonably priced, which are excellent. However, it is not the most powerful unit for a massive job, so keep that in mind when making a purchasing decision.

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4. BLACK+DECKER Blower BV6000

We are amazed by how powerful this unit is in blowing away leaves and even mulching them. In fact, this is a 3-in-1 unit, so it can be used as a vacuum, blower, and also a mulcher. It weighs a little over 8 pounds, and it can work on your garage, deck, and sidewalk. From 16 bags of mulch, it can minimize that to just 1, which is great. All that you need to get started with using this product is in the package.

Our only gripe about this item is that the leaves have a tendency to get stuck and clog the suction tube. So be sure to clear that up to prevent any further issue.

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3. Toro Blower Electric 51619

A truly powerful electric blower for your needs, this product from Toro is a must-have to get the job done faster. It has a powerful motor and a cord, so no need to worry about the battery dying while in the middle of your task since it just goes on and on as long as it is plugged. The motor is impressive, and we like how you can control this unit well for both the vacuum and blower modes.

Overall, you may think that this is quite an intimidating unit to deal with because of the complex components. There is also a tendency for you to clog up the pipe, so practice is needed to work your way around it.

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2. BLACK+DECKER 7 Amp Leaf Blower LB700

This leaf blower from Black and Decker is amazing as it really gets the job done well. The motor is powerful and capable of blowing away the leaves efficiently. The airspeed is at 180 mph, which is a reasonable number and great for cleaning up debris and leaves. There is a built-in cord that helps retain and minimize interruptions as you perform your cleanups. With a very lightweight build at only 4 pounds, this unit is truly spectacular for smaller tasks.

Our opinion of this product is mainly positive as it is definitely efficient and powerful. However, it may not be too powerful enough for a larger cleaning task, so keep that into consideration when deciding if this item is for you or not.

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1. WORX Turbine Electric Blower WG520

Now we have come to the top spot and we have nothing but praises for this unit. It is lightweight and powerful, which is a good combo when you want an efficient tool that is not a hassle to deal with. The airflow design is very smart and dynamic, and it prevents clogging. The unit has a retainer for the power cord, so you can blow away the leaves and not worry about the cord getting in the way.

Perhaps the only thing to think about this unit is the price of the battery. It is quite pricey, so you would want to take that into account in terms of your budget to make sure this product is absolutely right for you.

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We hope that you were able to find the product that truly matches your needs after reading our top 10 best electric leaf blowers in 2022 reviews. Just be sure to compare all the items presented to give you a better idea of what works best for your unique needs and budget.

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