Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in 2020 Reviews

Are you in search of the best electric scooter? If you want the best and most reliable model of electric scooter, then you are in luck because we have just the right one you need. Have a look at our top 10 best electric scooters in 2020 reviews that we have prepared for you. Our list of products below should help you get started with your search, so you can determine the perfect item to buy for your needs.

When shopping for an electric scooter, you need to consider a few features as you begin with your search. For instance, how sturdy is the material used for the scooter? You can benefit from aircraft-grade aluminum that is known for its sturdiness and durability. Another important feature is the battery life. Since you are relying on batteries to let the scooter take you to places, the battery and also the motor must be reliable and of high performance. Lastly, consider the convenience and ease of using the scooter. An easy to fold and release scooter that has shock absorption features are essential to ensuring your satisfaction with every ride.

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With these important things in mind, check out our top 10 best electric scooters in 2020 reviews. We have gathered our top choices that will surely make your experience in using a scooter a great joy and definitely worth your money.

10. KPLMⓇ Electric Scooter, Adult Foldable Electric Kick Scooter

There are so many things to love about this amazing electric scooter. For instance, the material used is an aluminum alloy that is of aviation quality to ensure durability and resistance to deformation caused by pressure. It is heavy-duty yet lightweight at the same time, so you can easily transport this scooter wherever you go. The motor is brushless and high-speed, and it has an output of 400W HP for that long, enjoyable ride. You will also love how easy it is to fold and unfold this scooter before and after use.

Just be sure to check the weight limit of this scooter, which is at 140 kg. You should also consider the climbing angle recommended to ensure your safety, particularly when you do tricks.

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9. QIEWA Electric Scooter Q1Hummer

Another powerful and fun electric scooter to have is this product that boasts of its 800 watts of power. It can cover up to 65 miles on a single charge, and you can also do a 35-degree smooth incline with this scooter. As for the weight limit, it is up to 550 pounds, which is definitely a reasonable capacity. We love how easy it is to fold and the tires provide optimum shock absorption at the same time.

For the most part, we think this electric scooter is amazing. Just keep in mind that it can be a little bit heavy, so it may be challenging lifting and carrying it, at least for some people who complain about this issue that is not the same for all.

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8. Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

Enjoy the thrill of riding an electric scooter that this product has to offer. The battery is powerful, and we like how quiet it operates, which is amazing. The rubber tires are airless and will never go flat, a true advantage we like about it. As for the other features that are great about this product, these include the powerful motor, maintenance, and highly reliable brake, and a 15-mile range on a single charge.

We just like to point out a few concerns with this product. For instance, the tires lack suspension, which leads to a bit of a rough ride. Balancing can also take some getting used to but with practice, you should be able to get the hang of it.

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7. Ferty Foldable Electric Scooter

When you need an easy and convenient ride for your daily commute that is eco-friendly at the same time, this electric scooter definitely works. It charges fast and the motor is powerful to last for a long time. When you need to climb up a 20-degree ramp, you should be able to do this without any problem at all. The run time is 120 minutes, and this is for riders up to 120 kg. With highly durable materials, you should not have any problem with this scooter that is built to last for a long time.

We highly recommend that you check the instructions carefully to make sure that you use this scooter properly. There are several features it has that will require you to follow the manual to ensure your safety and maximum benefits from it.

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6. Voyager Foldable Proton Electric Scooter

Travel far and long with this electric scooter that can take you as much as 6 miles – perfect for your daily commute. The scooter is lightweight and only weighs 18 pounds, and you can easily carry it. Folding this scooter is also a breeze, so you will not end up spending too much time trying to fold it up. Another thing we like about it is the LED headlight that will ensure your safety by enhancing visibility when you cruise in the dark.

Overall, this scooter works well. However, the range is just not too far since other customers complain it goes just under 6 miles. Just be sure to keep the battery fully charged before you take off to cover more distances.

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5. Viro Rides Electric Scooter VR 550E

In terms of safety, ease, and comfort, you can never go wrong with the Viro Rides electric scooter. This one, in particular, can provide a maximum speed of 10 mph, which is excellent for your commute or recreational purposes. The throttle is easy to control with your thumb, and there are lights to guide your path and add some cool effects as you cruise. As for the rear brake, it is hand-activated for better controls.

For younger and lighter riders, there is better control and ease of turns with this scooter. But some adult riders had a tougher time with it, so be sure to consider that when deciding on buying this product.

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4. Electric Scooter,UL Certified 8.5″ Tires Portable Folding Motorized Scooter

Fold it up and carry it – there are absolutely no worries when using this amazing electric scooter. We like how easy it is to use and you don’t even need to worry about reading a long manual as this ride is pretty straightforward. There are a powerful motor and a dependable battery that should last for hours. When you need to recharge it, simply check the battery indicator to know how much power is left.

Our only word of caution about this product is that it is not recommended for use in speed bumps and potholes as this can impact your safety. Always apply caution when passing these areas and do not speed up. The brakes work but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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3. Razor Electric Scooter E100 Glow

When you want a cool scooter, this item is just what fits the bill. It runs well and even comes with blue lights to highlight your path. The scooter can go as fast as 10 mph, and there are impressive features to this item including the kickstart, acceleration control with a twist-grip design, and durable tires. The run time is 40 minutes, although it depends on your riding conditions.

Keep in mind that this scooter is ideal for riders 120 pounds and below. The riding time is also not as long as the others but it definitely does not fall short of fun and excitement.

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2. Xiaomi Mi Long Range Electric Scooters

Go the distance and go fast with this electric scooter. We like the powerful motor it has that can propel and take you to farther distances. The travel range is excellent, and we like how easy it is to fold it up and take it with you anywhere you go. As for the braking system, it is easy and responsive, so you can stay safe with every ride. You will find it quick to learn how to ride this scooter with its intuitive design and functions.

A few customers complain about the clunking noise over time but fortunately, this issue can be fixed with just some adjustments. Other than that, we think this product is a must-have for the money.

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1. Macwheel Electric Scooters

Last but not least is our favorite electric scooter that is truly one of the best you can ever find in the market. It comes with a sleek design that makes it fun and easy to ride. The tires are airless and will not get flat, and you can ride over cracks and bumps with ease. Plus, the design of the dual brakes makes this scooter safe to use even for children. As for the travel range, it is between 8 and 12 miles, depending on the terrain, speed, and weight load.

Overall, we love this electric scooter as it definitely works well and is a breeze to ride. However, the battery life is not that long, so you will have to recharge it to cover more distances and have longer hours of using this scooter.

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There you have our top 10 best electric scooters in 2020 reviews. Now, you can decide on which product to buy after learning more about your options and the amazing features and some limitations they have.

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