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Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves in 2022


There are so many brands and styles of goalkeeper gloves out there, making it a little tough to choose just the right one. But with that said, how are you able to find the perfect pair that really works best for you? We have prepared this list of products in our top 10 best goalkeeper gloves in 2022 reviews below. Check out these items that we have carefully selected for you to make sure that your purchase is indeed the right one you need for the price you pay.

When it comes to goalkeeper gloves or goalie gloves, there are so many options to choose from. The hybrid cut, negative, roll, classic cut – these are just some of the cuts you can find. But there are important features you need to look into when it comes to purchasing the perfect pair. For instance, you should look for the finger protection feature. You would want to buy gloves that come with finger spines or finger saves to add support to your fingers as you are still learning the game. If you are a competitive goalkeeper, this feature enhances the protective quality that will prevent your fingers from injury.

Then, you need to think about the size, since choosing the perfect size will ensure your better controls or the ball. Adults should round-up then add one inch to get the right fit. Lastly, consider the body type and the width of your hand. The thicker the wrist, the wider the opening and closure must be.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves in 2022

Let us go over our top 10 best goalkeeper gloves in 2022 reviews below. These are just some of the highly-rated products we have to help you shop for the right product that will give you total satisfaction with your purchase.


10. Brine Goalkeeper Gloves King Match – Best Goalkeeper Gloves for training in 2022

This is a well-designed goalkeeper glove that is indeed worth your time and money. These gloves are made of German latex 3mm foam, and there is a back foam with a thickness of 2 mm. The mesh glove is breathable, and there are finger and body gussets included. The wrapped thumb makes it possible to ensure the maximum contact zone for the ball. We like the wrist cuff that is elasticized for a snug and secure fit.

Many customers who have purchased this item are well-pleased with it. However, it is important that you check the sizes well since this will impact your overall comfort in wearing these gloves.

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9. ExoShield Goalie Gloves Gladiator Pro 2 – Premium and superior quality, suitable for professionals

When it comes to superior quality and performance, nothing can beat these goalie gloves. We like the very soft German latex for the palm, which is 3 mm thick. It is effective for absorbing shock and impact on your comfort. There is also a soft material for the backhand, and we like the punch zones and the breathable mesh that helps to keep your hand cool. With a negative cut added, as well as vented side designs, this keeps your hands comfortable the whole time.

For the most part, we think these gloves definitely work for the price. They just tend to wear out after some time, which is an issue for some users. But with proper care, this product should work just fine.

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8. FINGERSAVE Armour Pro Goalkeeper Gloves – Five finger protection goalkeeper gloves

Another great quality gloves for goalkeepers, this product features a fingersave support, as well as a thumb spline that keeps your fingers upright instead of bending backward. The gloves are supportive, as well, and we like the non-slip and supportive latex it comes with. The material is indeed durable, comfortable and supportive for your peace of mind. With the materials and construction of these gloves, this can sure impact your gameplay in a positive way!

We are very well pleased with the true value for your money that these gloves offer. But a few customers say that the spines tend to be a bit stiff. You have the option to remove them, though, although it is not very easy to do.

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7. Coodoo Goalie Gloves Fingersave – Low budget goalkeeper gloves in 2022

Perfect for adults and youth goalies, these gloves are great either for training or a match. We like the wear-resistant and non-slip latex material for the palms. There is also a nice, 3D design for the body with mesh to keep your palms cool. The gloves come in a catchy color, which youngsters will love. This product offers the best combination of grip and durability to give you the superior level of quality that you want. With fingersaves, these gloves are truly protective and effective in helping you make the most out of each game.

Overall, we think these gloves work just fine. The colors are a bit too bright, though, so if you want something a little more neutral, you may consider looking elsewhere.

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6. adidas Predator Pro Goalie Gloves – Top rated adidas goalkeeper gloves in 2022

Another good quality goalie gloves that we like are these ones from Adidas. We like the great fit they offer, which makes a big difference in terms of comfort. The gloves also come with a slim fit, and yet, there is ample padding to keep your fingers supported. With a great design and color combination, these are stylish and highly functional gloves without a doubt.

Just make it a point to check the sizing of these gloves to ensure the right fit for you. When it comes to the durability of the gloves, though, we think they are absolutely perfect!

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5. Blok-IT Goalie Gloves – Padded goalkeeper gloves for extra palm protection

We are simply impressed with the quality of these goalie gloves from Blok-IT. These gloves provide optimum grip and control, so you can have better handling of the ball. You will love the protection it offers to your hands, which minimizes your risk of an injury. With a tight and snug fit on your hand, this pair of gloves provide excellent support to your wrists and also prevent sweating because of the breathable material.

Our only gripe about these gloves is that they tend to run a bit small. So you may want to size up to get the right fit you want from these gloves and to achieve the right support you need.

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4. ExoShield Pro 2 Gladiator Gloves – High quality with reasonable price

When it comes to comfort and support, these goalie gloves get the work done. We are impressed with how well they provide ease in every movement of your hand. The soft latex, which is German quality, is very comfortable. There is also embossing located at the flex zones, which are vital to your ease when you make a fist. The backhand is breathable, and your hand should stay cool and dry even when the game gets tough.

Overall, these gloves do the trick. They do tend to wear out after some time, so you will have to take care of them well to prevent premature damages to their quality and performance.

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3. Renegade GK Goalie Gloves – Best budget with superior and breatheable material

Pros only prefer the best when it comes to gloves, and it is not surprising that this product is a favorite of many goalies who are seasoned in the game. This product includes a superior grip on German latex material, which provides your hand with the comfort it needs. There are also other upgrades to it such as the thumb wrap and a well-designed pre-arched style for the palm for superb grip and control. With backhand support and breathable material to it, this product should definitely last for a long time.

For the most part, we think that these gloves work well for your needs. They do seem a bit too overpriced, though. But for the outstanding quality, you can expect from these gloves, we can say that the price you pay is absolutely worth it.

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2. Brace Master Goalie Gloves – Affordable goalkeeper gloves in 2022

Whether you are an adult or a junior goalie, these gloves from Brace Master is perfect. We like the 3 + 3mm material for the gloves, featuring German latex and thick foam that will prevent the gloves from slipping. The material is also resistant to wear and tear, so you can be sure that the gloves will last longer even after an intense match. The palm and finger protection is a great addition to the gloves, and we like the extra cushioning feature with the padded latex material added to it.

Our only concern with this product is that it does tend to run a bit small. But by checking the size chart carefully and comparing the sizes available with yours, it should not be an issue at all finding the perfect fit for you.

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1. Best Grip Goalie Gloves for Youth and Adult – Extra thick for palm and finger protection

Expect the most intense saves from these gloves, thanks to their anti-slip feature on the palms. The gloves offer the finest grip and control you want, so you can always perfect your saves. There is double-wrist protection added, and with the elastic stuff, you can expect total protection for your hands and wrists. As the materials are latex and EVA, these gloves are undeniably strong and supportive.

We would have wanted the finger saves to be not as long as they re. But as long as you find the right size for you, it should not even be an issue considering how well-made these gloves are.

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Perfect your game each time with the right pair of goalie gloves to wear. After reading our top 10 best goalkeeper gloves in 2022 reviews, you now have a much better idea of the product worth buying that is truly suitable for the price you pay.

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  1. My son was bummed that athletic meets and soccer camp got postponed because of the corona virus issue, so he’s just been playing at the backyard with his brothers. He likes being the goalkeeper, so I’d want to surprise him with a good pair of goalkeeper gloves as his birthday is coming by. I do not know the technicalities or brands around this so I really appreciate that you placed some descriptions for us moms to understand and make an informed choice!

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