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Top 10 Best Golf Putters in 2022 Reviews


Your putt is a very personal thing, and you can work in improving it depending on a number of variables. This is why you may need a putter, which allows you to have a feel of the ball and to sense out the depth and the pace. But the question is – how do you choose the right golf putter to purchase? In our top 10 best golf putters in 2022 reviews, we feature a selection of various products in this category to guide you in your search. Have a look at these recommended items to help you with your purchase of the perfect product suitable for your needs.

When choosing a putter, you should look into a few features. For instance, what is the length to buy? If you end up choosing the incorrect size, then the putting line may be thrown off. You should also think about the clubheads you look into. For a low handicap golfer, narrow and flat blade putters are your best bet. There are also mallet putters that come with a rounded clubhead that is large, which comes with a balanced weight. Other putters include a counterbalance putter, insert putters, and a perimeter-weighted putter, which should be just what you need depending on your preference.

Best Golf Putters in 2022 Reviews

Browse through our top 10 best golf putters in 2022 reviews that include a selection of items that may be just what you have been looking for. Compare the different features of each to help you arrive at the right decision worth your time and money.

10. TaylorMade Putter

This is a high-quality putter that measures 15 inches and offers a 130-gram reliable grip counterbalance. With the help of this putter, this should support the stability of your strokes for a great shot all the time. There are also inserts out of roll surely that provides a soft and solid feel. With the counterbalanced putting technique, this offers a higher percentage of stability for a consistent hit.

Just make it a point to double-check the color you select when you make a purchase for this product. Other than that, we are impressed with the quality that this product has to offer for the price you pay.

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9. Cleveland Golf Soft Putter

Another golf putter that we like is this one from Cleveland Golf. We like the speed enhanced face tech that this product has, which generates a good amount of distance with each putt – and it is also possible with mishits! The diamond CNC pattern combined with deep and functional grooves offers a soft feel, which begins on-line. There is also a CG location that is optimized for a straight and solid putt.

When it comes to the overall performance of this putter, we can say it is consistently amazing. But the grip is oversized, which other users may not quite like, depending on their preference.

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8. Orlimar Tangent Golf Putter

We like this right-hand golf putter that has a high MOI style. This great feature makes it easy to work with, even if you are a newbie in golf. The offset hosel is another thing added that keeps your hand ahead of the golf putter. The bi-color contrasting sightline enhances alignment. Plus, there is a headcover included with the putter as an added bonus to this product.

Some customers complain about the putter being a bit difficult to work with. However, other users think that it is perfectly fine as it is, so it largely depends on your preference.

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7. Pinemeadow PGX Golf Putter

Another golf putter to consider for your needs is this PGX putter. We like the white finish that is quite precise for enhancing your game. This white finish also stands out perfectly well once you have the putter in the right position. You can maintain perfect focus on the lines that will keep your hits perfectly aligned. The mallet putter is also considered as tour-weighted, so it is perfect for faster greens.

We like how this putter works, as well as the weight. You can putt easily with it, which is just what you want. Beginners will love this putter but pro golfers may opt for a different one.

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6. QUOLF Golf Putter

When it comes to a superior quality putter, nothing can beat this product. We like the good weight that it comes with, as well as the excellent grip it offers. The simple construction and clean design add to the performance and functionality of this product, as well. The price is even better and unbeatable as it is cost-effective.

Just be sure if the golfer you are buying this putter for is right- or left-handed. This way, this putter can truly serve its purpose and provide outstanding results.

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5. Pinemeadow Golf Putter

This golf putter is recommended for right-handed golfers. It is well balanced, which is ideal for ensuring every shot you make. In fact, many people were able to get a feel of this golf putter in just a few shorts. Holding it any way you prefer is also possible, and your shots can remain accurate. The overall feel and alignment of the grip are also flawless, which add to the satisfaction you can get by purchasing this well-made golf putter.

According to some users, this putter will take some getting used to. But once you have gotten the hang of it, rest assured your shots will always be accurate and precise just the way you want it.

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4. Cleveland Golf Putter

From the Huntington Beach golf putter collection, we think that this product is a must-have and a true essential for every golfer. The classic design of the putter is exceptional, and no wonder many people revere this product as one of the finest in the market today. The milled face is designed perfectly, and we like how it offers a consistent and precise roll all the time. The material used is stainless steel and soft, yet durable, so you can be sure that this golf putter should last for a long time.

The club is excellent without a doubt. However, the grip is slightly slippery and thin, which makes it a bit difficult to work with for some people. This is the only drawback we can say about this item but for the most part, the positives still outweigh some of the minor limitations that this product has.

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3. S7K Golf Standup Putter

Perfect for men and women golfers, this putter is the “secret sauce” to improving your game. It can stand up quite well on its own – even when you place it on slopes. The design is amazing, which is quite stunning at first glance about this golf putter that beginners and advanced or experienced golfers will love. It is also worth noting there is an impact position built right in, as well as a strike dot to guide you on where you need to focus. The alignment is always perfect and balanced for a superb and consistently great hit.

In terms of the performance, we can say that this putter is absolutely flawless and does the job really well. As for the aesthetics, we think it can get better since the color combined with the lines found on the shaft are not the best.

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2. Odyssey Golf Putter White Hot

The Pro 2.0 golf putter takes your golf performance to the next level. It is ideal for every serious golfer out there who is looking to improve his game. This is why we recommend this golf putter for beginners, as well as for pro golfers and seasoned ones alike. The blade putter also has a hot face added insert that improves the performance, feels, and sound. The weight placement on the heel and toe is ideal for enhancing the alignment for the perfect shot all the time.

We honestly think that this putter looks great. But as for its performance, it could sure do much better. But again, it could also take some getting used to and with constant practice, this should help enhance your game.

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1. Wilson Golf Putter Harmonized

Last but not least, we have this golf putter from Wilson. It is a harmonized putter, enhanced with a brand new cosmetic while improving its performance and functionality. But don’t get us wrong – this golf putter is not just all about great looks and aesthetics. In fact, it has more to offer in terms of improving your game. This putter offers a precise shot and responsive feel – great for newbies and seasoned golfers. There is a nice paddle grip that is perfect for all-weather that gives you maximum control.

As with all golf putters, you need to be sure to check carefully the putter you purchase to get the best results from it. But as for the performance and build of this product, we think it is absolutely well worth the money.

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There you have our top 10 best golf putters in 2022 reviews. After learning more about your options, now you have a better idea of where to begin your search to ensure your satisfaction and value for your money.

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