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Top 10 Best Golf Shorts in 2022 Reviews


Are you in search of a great pair of golf shorts to buy or as a replacement to what you already have? In this case, we can help you with that by presenting to you our top 10 best golf shorts in 2022 reviews. We have a wide selection of golf shorts models here, which can guide you in your search. Have a look at these products we have gathered and take your pick from these items below.

What should you need to look for when shopping for golf shorts? For instance, you need to be aware that there are dress codes implemented in some golf clubs. This is why you should make sure you are wearing what is recommended. Tailored shorts are commonly prescribed, which means there are belt loops, hip pockets, and the hem must not be over or less than 4 inches below or above the knee. The pattern should also be simple enough, as this can also affect your level of comfort. Another thing is that it should be easy for you to iron, perhaps one that is water repellent, and also UV protective for extra protection. Most importantly, the size should be just perfect to match your own measurement.

Best Golf Shorts in 2022 Reviews

With all these things in mind, let us check the following options available in stores to help you with your search of the right item to buy. Our top 10 best gold shorts in 2022 reviews include these products that are among the best-selling ones today.

10. PUMA Golf Shorts

Made from polyester with breathable material, these golf shorts from Puma are among the finest you can find for your golfing needs. We like the button closure that keeps the shorts secure on your waist. Plus, there is a dry cell tech feature, which helps in keeping your cool and dry. This helps with eliminating your discomfort while keeping you at ease during your game. There is also a gripper tape made from silicone for an added fit.

Just be sure to check the sizing carefully before you make a purchase. The common issue with buyers was in the incorrect size selected, so to avoid this problem, get your measurements correctly and compare it with the size chart.

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9. Nike Core Flex Golf Shorts

When it comes to quality golf shorts, you can expect the best from Nike. These golf shorts are made from high-quality polyester, and you should be able to move with ease from this piece of clothing. The fabric also wicks away moisture, and you will love how stretchy the material is, so you can move with so much ease. The golf shorts also include an adjustable and secure waistband, and even if you sweat, it will wick away the excess moisture. The dry-fit technology is one of the best selling points of these shorts that we love the most about this product.

Make it a point to check the care instructions for these shorts. This way, you can maintain the great quality of this product that will surely ensure its long lifespan and let you enjoy it for years to come.

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8. IZOD Classic Golf Shorts

There are so many things to love about these golf shorts. For instance, it is polyester, which is sturdy, soft, and made of high quality. It also comes with a sun control feature, which is UPF50, so you can feel comfortable during your game. This pair of shorts is okay for machine washing, and that makes it a breeze to clean. With moisture-wicking qualities, this helps pull the moisture away and keep you dry the whole time.

Some people complain about these golf shorts being too tight. However, it is only about choosing the right size by making sure that your measurements are correct.

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7. Golf Shorts Dry Fit

We are well-pleased with these shorts that come with a moisture-wicking property. It is easy to dry, so when it gets wet, you should find it comfortable as it does not retain moisture for too long. There is also a 10.5-inch measurement for the in-seam, giving you a comfortable fit. The waistband is elastic, and you will find the perfect fit on your waist. Lastly, there is a strong grip to prevent the shirt from getting untucked.

What’s great about these shorts is how lightweight this outfit is. However, the inseam does seem quite long, so be sure to keep that in mind before you purchase this item.

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6. FootJoy Golf Shorts

Are you looking for the perfect fit of golf shorts to get for your needs? In this case, you will find this product an excellent choice for you as it comes with a nice design that you will love. There is a flat front design to this product, which adds to the overall style. The side pockets are also deep, and you should be able to secure various items inside. The fabric is also non-shrink and anti-wrinkle for ease of maintenance.

Before you purchase these golf shorts, make it a point to check carefully the measurements. You need to be sure that it is just the right one for you since most buyers who had complaints about this product were due to the poor choice of the size.

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5. Visive Golf Shorts

Featuring a zipper closure to keep the shorts well-secured on your waist, these shorts are perfect for land or water. It wicks away moisture, and you can dry it quickly because of the polyester material it has. These shorts are perfect for lounging, golfing, hiking, and going to the beach. You will love the classic colors and design it comes with to match your specific style perfectly.

A few buyers who purchased this item complained about the shorts being too large. This is why you should consider sizing down or wearing a belt to keep the shorts secure on your waist.

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4. Under Armour Golf Shorts

Another great quality model of these shorts is this one from Under Armour. It is a combination of polyester and elastane. The closure is a zipper, and this makes it easy to secure the shorts. The fabric is also stretchy and soft, and you will find it very comfortable against your skin. Plus, with a moisture-wicking quality, it should be easy to dry your shorts. The waistband is also stretch-engineered for optimum comfort and mobility.

One concern that some people had about this product is the fit. The drop waist design can be a bit awkward but overall, it does not affect the comfort you can get from these superior quality shorts.

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3. Adidas Golf Shorts

Featuring one of the finest golf shorts from Adidas, we think that this product is indeed excellent when it comes to comfort, fit, and aesthetics. The materials used are polyester combined with elastane. There is the famous Adidas logo on the right pocket on the back, which adds to the stylish quality of this product. With a sun protection UPF 50 feature, it is a truly comfortable and well-made quality golf shorts for the money.

Perhaps one thing to note about this product is the price point. It is a tad expensive according to a few buyers but for the quality you get from it, we can say that it is truly worth it.

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2. Starter Boy Golf Shorts

We simply think that these golf shorts is among the best in terms of the price point and the quality you get. It is polyester, and you will love the low maintenance quality of these shorts. The hangtag also serves as a sticker, which is a nice touch to this product. These golf shorts provide a comfortable, relaxed fit, which gives you the ease of motion and overall comfort.

One customer complains about the shorts being too snug. But as long as you buy the right fit by checking the size chart, you would not encounter this problem as it really does have an excellent quality that is worth your money.

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1. Amazon Essentials Golf Shorts

Last but not least, we have these golf shorts from Amazon. This is polyester and spandex combined, and we like how easy it is to maintain these shorts by simply throwing them into the washer. The classic fit is comfortable and stylish, and it also wicks away moisture. There are slant pockets located at either side of the shorts, and then another one on the back. With a nice fit and stretch, you will find these shorts comfortable and perfect to give you that ease of movement you want.

Overall, we think that these shorts are truly amazing. The front has a slightly boxy look but for the most part, we are happy with the comfort and fit that these shorts have to offer for the price you pay.

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We hope that we were able to help you shop for the perfect golf shorts after checking out our article. Be sure to compare the different items in our top 10 best golf shorts in 2022 reviews to give you better ideas on what to purchase for your needs.

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  1. My brother is a fan of golf and he plays it a lot with his friends and business partners. I guess he can’t have enough of these golf shorts as I will purchase him a set for his coming birthday! Also that I didn’t know that IZOD made golf shorts, he has several shirts from that brand so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing from there. Under Armour golf shorts look good so I’ll be looking into that.

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