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Best Halloween Costume for Girls in 2022


Halloween is an exciting time of the year for kids. It is the perfect time to dress up in their favorite costumes and come knocking on people’s door for treats. So to get your little one ready this Halloween, here are our best Halloween costume for girls in 2022 reviews. Check out our recommended products for Halloween costumes that your little girl will absolutely love.

Halloween costume for girls varies in styles and themes. There are superhero costumes, witch costumes, princess costumes, and a few others. But no matter what outfit you choose, be sure it is the perfect fit for your child. You need to check the size chart, which usually comes with costumes sold in stores. Take your child’s measurements and compare it with the sizing available for each costume. Another thing to look into is the material used for the outfit. It should be durable and gentle on the skin, especially if your child has sensitive skin. You should also make sure that the costume is easy to clean. Some costumes can be thrown into the washer while some need to be washed by hand. Either way, as long as it is easy for you, it should be fine.

Best Halloween Costume for Girls in 2022

With all these important things in mind when buying a Halloween costume, let us go ahead and dive into our featured items. Have a look at our best Halloween costume for girls in 2022 reviews that should help you determine the perfect item to purchase for your unique needs.

10. Fun World Kitty Cat Girls Halloween Costume

Your little girl will look super cute in this kitty cat Halloween costume! It comes in a black and green combo, so she’ll definitely stand out in the crowd. It comes with a pair of leggings, a top, and the works – it’s got A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E written all over this one lovely costume that any girl would love! With all the accessories included, this costume will be perfect for trick-or-treating.

Many customers who have purchased this item loved it a lot. However, the size runs a bit too large for a few people, so it is best to either go one size down or simply let the costume be for more room to grow. Either way should be fine.

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9. Disguise Witch Halloween Costume

This pretty costume will definitely bewitch people – it’s simply so cute! It comes in different sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for your little one. It is a dress with a full skirt, and it even includes a hat to go with the outfit! Plus, there’s a nice little kitty graphic attached on the apron to seal the deal. Comfortable and lovely, this is a must-have for little girls getting ready for Halloween.

Any girl would look charming in this witch Halloween costume. But you may want to have your daughter wear an underskirt of some kind to give it more volume to enhance the shape. Other than that, everything about this costume is amazing!

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8. Peacock Girl Costume

Peacocks are pretty and colorful… And it is definitely a great choice of outfit for your little girl. It features a brightly and beautifully colored peacock outfit made from high-quality materials. The costume is also large, so it should be comfortable and with some room to grow. It comes with a nice headpiece, too, for a truly gorgeous look that will simply make your child shine among the rest.

This is without a doubt a darling costume for girls. But it is ideal to wash it by hand with warm water and avoid throwing it in the dryer. The hairpiece could also be better since it does not quite have a stronger grip.

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7. Fun World Colorful Bones Halloween Costume

What a very timely and eye-catching costume this is! The material used is polyester with some trim to add to its overall design. This costume includes a lovely little sleeveless dress and tights (footless). You can add a few more accessories to it to give it more character. But overall, it already looks good as it is and really fitting for a little girl this Halloween. There are also different sizes available to help you find the perfect fit for your child.

We can say that this is a well-made and beautiful costume. It’s got enough spook and spunk to it, which is perfect for Halloween. However, some parents did some alterations to the outfit to make it fit their kids more but otherwise, it is truly adorable.

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6. Fun World Witch Glitter Costume

There are so many things to love about this stunning witch costume. It is catchy and cute, so your girl will be the “belle of the ball” at her Halloween party. There is a gorgeous dress that will make her look like an adorable witch, plus the hat and mitts complete the overall look. It is absolutely worth your money because of how lovely this dress is.

Our only gripe about this product is that it is not very durable. You need to be careful when washing the costume to prevent some pieces from falling off. Otherwise, it is definitely cute and catchy.

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5. Catwoman Deluxe Costume

If your little one is a fan of Catwoman, then this is her chance to be just like her this Halloween! This outfit is made of polyester and has all the details to make your little girl look just like a tiny Catwoman! The faux leather boot top and Catwoman jumpsuit, along with the faux leather gloves, belt, and eye mask are all included in this package. It should be a perfect costume to wear on Halloween or just whenever your child is feeling the need to dress up!

It is quick and easy to wear the jumpsuit even if it is form-fitting. But the cat ears could have been better because they are a bit flimsy. You need to be careful when wearing them to prevent them from falling apart.

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4. Rubie’s Wonder Woman Costume

Unleash your child’s inner Wonder Woman in this adorable costume! It is made of polyester that is comfortable and durable at the same time. The pull-over style of this dress makes it easy to put on and remove. Included in the package are gauntlets, belt, eye mask, and the cape. There are no shoes included or leggings, so you may have to purchase these separately. But for the price you pay for this outfit, we can say it is absolutely worth it.

Overall, we think this is an excellent Halloween costume for girls. The details on the headband are a bit flimsy, though. So you may want to have some super glue ready in case one of the details fall off. But the rest of the outfit and accessories are great.

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3. JerrisApparel Belle Princess Costume

Who doesn’t love Belle, anyway? Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess, and this costume can make it happen. It is a lovely ball gown made from cotton and organza, which are delicate and soft fabrics. We like the off-shoulder style with a cute little bow stitched right on the front part of the collar. The overlay has shimmering sequins and the flowers on the waist hem look so divine!

Just be sure to check the size chart carefully. A few customers who purchased this item sized up, which ended up getting a very long dress for their child.

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2. ReliBeauty Rapunzel Princess Costume

Another popular princess among little girls, Rapunzel is known for her bewitching looks and long locks. If your child is a huge fan, then there is no reason not to make her a Rapunzel for a day! This costume features a similar style as the real thing, with a square neck combined with lovely lacework trim. There is a stitched brooch that is fixed right onto the dress. The front bodice also comes with a lovely lace, and there is a zipper closure on the back for ease in putting the dress on.

We simply love how soft the fabric is. But the hemming could have been better because it tends to fray easily. But still, it is an outstanding costume that every girl would adore.

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1. JerrisApparel Unicorn Costume

A true charmer, this unicorn dress costume is perfect for every little girl. It is a tulle dress with gorgeous colors all over. The horn headband is also cute, making your child look like a truly beautiful unicorn. There are 3D flowers on the bodice and the tulle skirt has several layers to give it some volume. It is the perfect Halloween party dress for your child.

One thing to note about this dress are the flowers attached to it. Unfortunately, these are not stitched, so you need to be careful when washing the dress to prevent the flowers from coming off. Other than that, this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

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There you have our top 10 best Halloween costume for girls in 2022. By now, you should have an idea about the perfect pick for your little one that would bring out her natural charm and beauty at her Halloween party!

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