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Top 10 Best Halloween Costume for Women in 2022


Halloween is just around the corner. And what better way to prepare for it than by getting your Halloween costume ready! What are you going to dress up as? Take your pick from this top 10 best Halloween costume for women in 2022 reviews. We have included a selection of amazing costumes to choose from, so you can get ready for this exciting time of the year.

Halloween costumes vary in a number of styles and designs. Women, for instance, can choose from various costumes including princess outfits, angel costume, and many more. There are scary-looking Halloween costumes and chic and sassy ones that will make you a head-turner. The choices are endless when it comes to the different styles available! But aside from looking at the aesthetics side of things, you want to be sure that the costume fits you perfectly. Some costumes come in a free size, which means it should be good for all types of body size while others are more specific. Aside from the costume, look for the material used. Is it durable? Can you throw it in the washer for easy cleaning? Think about these important factors when deciding on the best Halloween costume to get this spooky season!

Best Halloween Costume for Women in 2022

Have a look at our hand-picked items in our top 10 best Halloween costume for women in 2022 reviews. These are among the favorites of many customers based on the style, fit, and overall quality of these outfits. Let’s check them out below!

10. Angelaicos Princess Dress Costume

Made from soft and smooth satin, this princess costume will turn your dreams of wearing a lovely gown come true! We love the gorgeous style of this dress, with its off-shoulder cut, ultra-chic layered hemline, plus a pushup bra with padding inside. This is a floor-length gown that should bring out the princess in you! We also love the lace sleeve and the sparkly rhinestone accessories included to complete the fancy look of this costume.

Overall, we like how beautiful this dress is. Some women found it to be a bit big but with minimal alterations, it turned out quite nice after all. You can modify the waist to add more shape if you prefer.

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9. Halloween Ball Gown Costume

There are so many things to love about this ball gown outfit that is perfect for Halloween. It features a petticoat, dress, and a cloak, along with accessories that will enhance the overall look of this dress. There is a pearl necklace added, as well as a headband that will make you look like a princess. With cotton, polyester, and velvet as the materials, this costume is truly adorable and a must-have for Halloween.

It is important to note that this costume is not machine-washable. Be careful when washing it by hand and you should remove all the accessories to prevent damages to them. Otherwise, everything else about this ballgown works because it is definitely well-made and classy.

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8. Spooktacular Creations Women Butterfly Cape Wing

Unleash your inner butterfly goddess with this pretty wings with a matching antenna. This is quite a lovely costume that is super feminine and classy at the same time. It comes with a cape style for the butterfly wings, as well as an antenna headband made from velvet. It is easy to wear this outfit, and you will find it quite smooth and silky to the touch!

Prepare yourself for plenty of compliments when you wear this outfit. It is truly elegant and beautiful – making you feel like a fairy princess! But the elastic fabric on the neck part does not quite match the color and style of the wings. This is not a deal-breaker, though, because all eyes will be on the wings, which is beyond perfect.

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7. Fallen Angel Halloween Costumes

If you have always fantasized about being an angel, then this is your chance to be one. This gorgeous fallen angel outfit is a classic favorite among women during Halloween. It offers a nice fit whether you are a teen, adult, or a child. The elastic design for the clothes is also perfect. With a lifelike feel to this costume, you will really love how it can instantly make you appear angel-like!

Just be sure to check the fit of the dress before you purchase. A few women have decided to alter it a little bit just to make sure it fits them better. Other than that, we like everything about this costume.

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6. EraSpooky Skeleton Halloween Costume

Halloween will never be complete without the classic skeleton outfit! This outfit features a skeleton printed on it, along with a veil headpiece that will make you stand out from the crowd in an instant. We also love the skirt’s irregular trim with mesh sleeves that offers an element of mystery to this costume for a perfect “Queen of the Dead” look!

This is a great costume without a doubt. It is just not machine-washable, so be careful when cleaning it to prevent ruining the fabric. You should also wear something underneath this outfit because the fabric is quite thin.

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5. Spooktacular Creations Princess Renaissance Outfit

Ever dreamed of donning those classy gowns back in the Renaissance? This is your chance with this costume. It is a lovely outfit that will make you exude that regal vibe. You can wear it on festivals, Halloween parties, and any event that calls for this kind of outfit. There is a tiara added to complete the look! We recommend that you check the size to make sure it really fits you well.

We love the fact that this costume has a nice, soft fabric that is gentle to the skin. However, it is not machine-washable, so apply proper washing techniques before and after use of this gown.

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4. California Costumes Halloween Fallen Angel

Made from a combination of different materials including nylon, rayon, polyester, and spandex, this fallen angel outfit is sure to be an instant hit among women looking for a Halloween costume. It is pretty and classy, and it does look more expensive than this costume actually is. The wings, dress, and halo are all well-made, and you will definitely have a blast wearing this lovely outfit during your Halloween party!

One thing to note about this costume is that it can be a bit short for women who are taller. For instance, women over 5’9” who normally wear a size 4 and bigger dress will think this is short on the front. Other than that, we think this dress is truly amazing!

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3. Tipsy Elves Skeleton Costume

Comfy and spooky, this onesie Halloween costume featuring a skeleton print is a constant favorite. It features a large jumpsuit, which means it can fit most people well. There are zippered pockets to this jumpsuit, so you can secure your personal small items. Just one zip, and this costume is all perfect – truly easy to wear and remove!

As we have pointed out, this outfit is a bit large. So if you want a tighter fit to your body, you may want to size down to enhance your shape without feeling the onesie too tight on your body.

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2. SUIT YOURSELF Maleficent Women’s Costume

This Halloween, why not don this enigmatic Maleficent costume for the party? It truly brings in the drama that some people want to create a powerful impact on their costume. This is why we think this particular Halloween costume is perfect because it is charming and daring, and you will really feel amazing in this outfit. This comes in a full-length sleek gown just like the real thing. There is a double collar attached, and you can shape it up by manipulating the concealed wire to give you the look you want. With a purple cape included, this completes the vibe you are aiming for with this costume.

Without a doubt, this is such a beautiful and well-made costume. Just be sure to hand-wash and line-dry this dress before and after use as it is not designed to be thrown in the washer.

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1. Disguise Evil Queen Snow White

Everybody knows Snow White but do you remember the other star of the film, the evil queen? This is what this costume is all about, and we like it so much, it deserves the top spot in this review! From the material used for the gown, the accessories, the color, and the fit, everything about this outfit absolutely works! It is made from polyester, and the gown is just like the real thing with its attached cape, hood and sash, and a crown that’s fit for a queen. It is a great costume to wear, and this should make your Halloween experience truly spooktacular!

We like how well-made and beautiful this outfit is, as it comes with all the necessary accessories. But it runs a bit large, so be sure to size down to get the right fit for you.

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We are simply excited for Halloween, and we’re sure so are you! So go check out these outfits listed in our top 10 best Halloween women costume in 2022 reviews and take your pick to make it one of the best events of the year!

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