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Top 10 Best Home Decor Vases in 2021 Reviews


A decorative vase can enhance the appearance of your indoor space. Even without putting anything in these vases, just simply standing them up on your cabinet or table will suffice in adding a unique look and style in your room. Our top 10 best home decor vases in 2021 reviews feature a selection of our favorite items in this category that you can use to begin your search for the right product. Carefully read through each description for each item that should lead you to your most preferred decorative vase.

There are various styles and sizes of vases that you can use for your home decor. The materials also vary, although the most popular ones are those made from ceramic. When searching for the right vase, the choice is completely up to you, depending on what suits your interior design the most. But be sure to check the material used, and go for one that is highly durable and will not break easily. Our featured items in this review include our top picks that will surely brighten up and add a gorgeous style to your room.

Best Home Decor Vases in 2021 Reviews

Have a look at our top 10 best home decor vases in 2021 reviews. We have gathered these products for you to help you make your search and have a better experience as you select the right one you need the most.

10. Hosley’s Iron Vase

This vase set comes in 10 inches in height, and the material used is hammered iron. You can use these vases to accent a room or even place your artificial flowers without a problem. But if you are hoping to place fresh flowers that need water, be sure to use a liner that is water-tight to prevent leaks. A great decorative feature, you can also use these vases as a housewarming gift or to decorate your spa room, office, study, or living room.

We love how well-made these vases are. They do seem to be much taller than 10 inches, which can be both a drawback or a benefit, depending on what your preference is for the size of the vase.

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9. Hosley’s 3-Piece Burlwood Vase Set

Another lovely decorative vase from Hosley’s is this product that comes in three pieces. The vases are packed in a cute gift box, so they are ready to go if you are aiming to give them as gifts. The vases are perfect as an accent to your office or your home, and you can also use them as they are or add some greenery or floral pieces (artificial) in them. The material is truly stunning and crafted from raw materials. Thus, you can expect these vases to be eco-friendly.

Overall, I like how durable these vases are. They are not breakable, which is perfect when you have children in the house. These vases are not shiny, though, unlike how they appear in pictures.

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8. Sullivans 3-Piece Decorative Jugs

When you need decorative features for your home, these jugs from Sullivans should be perfect. They come in three different sizes, varying from a small, medium, to large. You can set them up together or use one in each room – the choice is completely up to you! The glazed finish is stunning, and you will adore the antique look of these jugs that will definitely enhance the overall appearance of your home.

In terms of the color of the vases, we think it is perfect as they are. However, we would surely want them to be bigger, especially if you are aiming to place them in a larger room. Otherwise, they should be fine.

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7. Hosley’s Ceramic Black Vase Set

These gorgeous black vases are truly stunning. We think they make a fine decorative piece on your side tables at home, and you can also use these in your spa, meditation room, or as decorative items in a wedding or other special events. If you buy them for home use, you can either add some flowers or green leaves to further enhance their beauty. Overall, these ceramic vases are absolutely beautiful.

For the most part, we think these vases work well for the purpose they serve. They may seem a bit too small for other people but they can have an added height by putting in some flowers for that optical illusion of height and length.

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6. Sullivans Crackled Home Decor Vases

Available in three different colors with varying sizes, this vase set is a fine addition that you will love in your home or office. There are three colors included such as orange, aqua, and chartreuse. Another thing we love about these vases is that they are water-tight, so you can even add fresh flowers to them. The bottom also includes pads that can help protect the surface of your shelf or table.

Overall, we are happy with our purchase of these vases. They are perfect for the purpose they serve, although there are some people who think that the colors are too bright for their liking.

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5. Lenox Bottle Vase Seaview

We think these vases are quite beautiful with their Seaview swirl design, just like the azure waves in the ocean. The size is perfect, and we are impressed with their simplicity at the same time. Whether you buy it for your own use or as a gift, this vase should match both functions perfectly. The weight is also rather heavy, which means it is made from quality materials. The shimmer it comes with is also fascinating.

One customer complains about the base not being flat. So this has a tendency to shift a little, which can be a concern to some users.

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4. Anding Ceramic White Vase Set

When you are shooting for a plain and simple look for your vase, this product should be a good choice. This vase set includes three different vases, and they are all white in color. The material is ceramic, and we love the fact that they are all handmade for that unique and special touch in them. As for the functions of these vases, they serve as a fine addition to decorating your room – with or without adding flowers or leaves in them.

We feel that the price is slightly steep for these vases. But they definitely look lovely and the smooth feel in them means they are crafted perfectly well and with so much care.

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3. Hosley’s Vase Set Carved Wood

Give your home a rustic look with this carved wood set of a vase from Hosley’s. We are pleased with our purchase of this product as it is truly elegant and stunning. You can count on it to give a nice touch to your decor. Whether you use it for your meditation room, bedroom, spa, or even as a decor for a special event, this vase set should work quite well. The material is wood, and there are three different sizes to add texture and a unique design to your home.

Perhaps one thing about this product that is a bit of a disappointment is the size. They do seem smaller than they appear in photos, but in terms of the quality, we are truly impressed with how well-made they are.

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2. Hosley Ivory Crackle Ceramic Vase Set

Does your indoor space need a little sprucing up? If so, this vase set is the perfect decorative piece to liven up your room. These ceramic vases are made with a nice crackle ivory design, and they should add style to your room or as a decorative piece for your party. These are designed to accentuate any space, and you have the option to add flowers or not to these vases – the choice is completely up to you. Most importantly, these vases are crafted from raw materials of the finest quality to ensure your total satisfaction while caring for the Earth at the same time.

We have only discovered a slight wobble to these vases. They are somewhat lightweight but the design is truly amazing – hands down a great vase set for the price.

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1. Sullivans Ceramic White Vase Set

And now we have come to the top of our list, and this product from Sullivans is definitely our favorite among the bunch. We like the distressed look on these vases, which give them that rustic and shabby chic feel in them. You can use fresh flowers in these vases, too, as they are waterproof. You will love how these vases can instantly turn any room into something more stunning and completely stylish – a rustic decorative piece for your office, kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

Overall, we cannot recommend these vases enough. They did come in a bit of not so nice-looking boxes, so if you want to send them as gifts, you can replace the box to make it look more attractive. Otherwise, it should be fine as it is.

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There you have our top 10 best decor vases in 2021 reviews. Please be sure to compare the different features presented to help you determine the right item that suits your needs the most, as well as your budget.

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