Top 10 Best Home Security Camera Systems in 2021 Reviews


When ensuring the security of your property, having a home security camera system is one solution. You can keep your mind at ease even when you are not home with the knowledge that your property and loved ones are in good condition. Our top 10 best home security camera systems in 2021 reviews feature our favorite picks in this category. Check out these recommended products we have for you to learn more about what works best for your needs.

If you are in the market for a top-quality home security camera system, you need to pay attention to important features that will make your usage of this device much more satisfactory. For instance, the field of view should be decent enough to provide more images of the area where you have the camera set up. There are those that can go from a range of 90 degrees to as vast as 140 degrees. It is also worthwhile to buy one with a night vision feature, which makes it reliable for monitoring your property even at night. The resolution should also be good enough such as 1080p while cheaper ones may only be at 480p. The low light function is another good feature to look into, so your camera is capable of seeing more details that will help you identify more about the images captured. Other sensible features to look into including good audio, app support, and ease of installation to make it easy for you to get your camera system up and running.

Best Home Security Camera Systems in 2021 Reviews

Have a look at our top 10 best home security camera systems in 2021 reviews below. After learning more about these products, you should be able to make a better decision on which item to buy that will give you the best bang for your buck.

10. Surveillance CCTV Camera XVIM

When you need a basic security camera that has all the features you need, this product may be worth looking into. It is a weatherproof camera that comes with a resolution of 720p, which ensures a clear and distinct image. There is an IR filter that keeps the color of images trues no matter what time of the day or night. The metal housing has a rating of IP66, and this makes the camera ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

We like the expandability and functionality of the camera. It is definitely practical to use but the instructions can be difficult to understand. For people who have never installed a security camera, the setup process can be tough to do.

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9. Reolink Home Surveillance System RLK8-420D4-5MP

We are quite impressed with this home security system from Reolink. The display is in HD at 1920 resolution for a crystal clear and detailed recordings. The night vision is an added feature, which allows you to easily distinguish images captured at a maximum distance of 100 feet. This plug and play system makes it a breeze to install that adds to its functionality. With a digital signal and stable wiring, this makes it reliable without losing signal easily.

Perhaps the only concern with this home camera system is the cap that is supposed to be waterproof. Some people had difficulties working with this part, so you may consider contacting customer support if this is an issue you encounter.

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8. Reolink PoE 16-Channel Camera System RLK16-410B8-5MP

Another home surveillance system from Reolink that we like is this particular model. We like its reliable night vision at a maximum distance of 100 feet, as well as 5 MP of clarity for the images. The PoE system has a plug and play design, and you will love the stable video quality, which means it does not lose clarity. With the storage of 3TB that is pre-installed in the unit, that should provide ample space to store your videos and files.

One thing that we would like to improve on this product is the watermark. Unfortunately, the images come with watermarks of the brand, which can be a bit of a nuisance. Other than that, we like how reliable this security camera is.

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7. Reolink Ultra 4K HD Home Security Camera

This surveillance camera system is indeed one of the finest in the market today in terms of performance and value for your money. The camera is capable of providing very clear images of up to 1080p. The kit offers a very clear display, and many users report of having less to zero distortion to the images. The 24/7 continuous recording is another plus point, so you can playback the files the next day. With warranty good for 2 years, this makes this product zero risks to purchase.

When it comes to the quality of the camera system, it is definitely impressive. It may be slow to load the feeds right on your device but it does work after a while. So if it could only speed up the loading process, this product would have been even better.

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6. ANNKE Security Camera Systems 8-Channel

This is such an impressive surveillance camera that offers you the smoothest and crispest footage there is. The 8-channel system includes sturdy cameras with an IP66 rating, so you can ensure the weatherproof feature of each. With motion detection that you can customize, this reduces false notifications. Plus, you will love the remote access that is highly efficient and effective.

For the most part, we think that this is a very straightforward camera system that does not require any complex directions. The cord ends, however, are rather delicate, so be sure to check on this and take caution when using it to prevent this portion from coming apart.

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5. XVIM Home Surveillance System 8-Channel

We are happy with the features and performance of this home surveillance system that truly works well. It features a hard drive with 1 TB, and it is ready to use for recording images. There are motion detection and manual recording option, and you can even play the files back remotely as you prefer. These cameras are perfect for use indoors or outdoors, thanks to the metal, weatherproof housing and a rating of IP66.

For the price you pay, this camera system is quite decent. It is basic, though, so if you prefer a surveillance system with more complex and intricate features, this product may not be for you.

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4. HeimVision Surveillance System HM241

Finally, getting your security camera up and running does not have to be a tough ordeal. This product includes a plug and play design, so you can get it all set up in a snap. The camera has a sturdy housing that is weatherproof for outdoor use. You can capture the clearest image and play it back for your review. With bullet cameras at 1.3 mp, this is more than enough for great quality recordings all the time.

In terms of the setup process, we can say that this product is indeed one of the best there is. But the only thing to be improved on about this product is the hard drive. Unfortunately, there isn’t any included, so you will need to buy one.

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3. ZOSI Surveillance System 8-Channel

With 8 channels and a resolution of 1080p with an HD quality, this security camera is one of the best there is. We like how possible it is to expand the system, and it can support various formats including AHD, HD-TVI, Analog, and so on. There is a hard drive built right into the unit (1 TB), and you can view the files anytime and anywhere you may be.

We are quite amazed by the clarity of images you can record from this camera system. The instructions, though, can be tricky to understand. So you may have some concerns with decoding the details, although the design of the camera is pretty straightforward.

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2. XVIM Home Surveillance System

This home security camera system can keep your property safe, thanks to all the outstanding feature it has to offer. It is perfect for use outdoors and indoors, and there is a night vision to make it useful even in the dark. We like the quick and efficient remote access, as well as the 24/7 remote monitoring, as well as the connectivity to the internet. With metal and weatherproof housing, it can handle tough weather elements without any problem.

Perhaps the only thing to be improved about this camera system is the installation process. Sadly, it is not very easy to set up according to a few users, so this is worth looking into before you purchase this item.

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1. GW Home Security Camera System

Leading our list of products in this category is this amazing home surveillance system. It features an 8 mp camera resolution with full HD and 4K recording at real-time. The ethernet setup is hassle-free, and we like the wide view that you can expect from this product. It is also capable of recording clear images at a maximum range of 130 feet. With free apps you can use on your mobile, you can watch the recording anywhere and any time you want.

Just one concern from a few customers – this product lacks a camera cable, as well as a power plug for the security cameras. Other than that, everything else works great with this product.

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We are glad to have brought to you these top 10 best home security camera systems in 2021 reviews. At this point, you are aware of the options you have in the market to help you take your pick on the item worth your purchase.

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  1. We can’t be so sure anymore these days, I’m purchasing a set for my house and my parents’ house. We may be living in a gated community, but a good home security camera system is by all means a good investment. Just a personal opinion from me though, it helps me sleep better at night. I would want something on the higher resolution side, at least we could make out better the visuals if needed. But nice to know there are suggestions on home security camera systems to cater to those who don’t mind the lower resolution.

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