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Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2021 Reviews


Looking for a convenient way to pamper yourself right at the comfort of your own home? An inflatable hot tub is perfect for that, so there’s no need to head out to the spa. With a portable hot tub at home, you can just hop in and get that pampering and relaxation you need – anytime you want! Check out our top 10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2021 reviews for the finest options you’ve got to make your purchase truly worth your dollar.

An inflatable hot tub is a great way to enjoy a luxurious experience at a fraction of the price you pay at a spa. You can set this up with ease at home whether it’s at your yard, garden, or roofdeck. Just be sure to check the materials used for the tub, it must be highly durable, will not rip or tear easily, and can handle the desired number of people who will use the tub. You should also buy an inflatable tub that comes with a pump and other essential features such as the pool liner, cover, filter cartridges, and a few more. The auto-start and stop feature is another thing to look into as this helps save energy to reduce costs.

In short, there is no better way than relaxing in an inflatable hot tub at your own home any time you want. When you are looking for the best inflatable hot tubs, please ensure to check the size and number of air jets. Additionally, you can consider all necessary accessories that they come with such as the pumps, covers, fliters and a few more. Precisely, most of hot tubs are made for maximum of 104 degree Fahrenheit, which is quite a standard temperature.  

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2021 Reviews

With all these things in mind, let us head over to our top 10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2021 reviews. We have scoured the internet for these great options that will make your experience much better when it comes to finding the right product that suits your needs.

10. SaluSpa Inflatable Tub Siena – Most highly recommended hot tub

We like how sturdy this portable, inflatable hot tubs are, as it is crafted from the strongest Tritech material. It also features an impressive massage system, so while you are in the tub, you also get a soothing, gentle massage. Quick to set up and can be inflated in minutes using the compatible pump, this is definitely a great product to consider for your home spa needs. Apparently, you can rest your hands on the handles to completely relax and enjoy the spa.

This tub can fit 2 people, so if this is the size you are looking for, we can say that it is a good choice for you. But it does not seem to heat up to 104 degrees in winter, which may be worth considering before you purchase this item.

  • Seating Capacity: 2 people
  • Water Capacity134 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 120
  • Inflated Dimensions: 98.2″ L x 58.7″ W x 26″ H
  • Item Weight: 78.9 pounds
  • Color: gray
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9. Coleman 4-People SaluSpa Inflatable Tub – Best inflatable hot tubs on a budget

A well-made tub, this item from Coleman can give you that sheer relaxation you are looking for. Firstly, it offers a genuine pampering experience with a nice, heated water and bubble jets to soothe away your tired muscles. Secondly, as for the safety features, there is an air chamber built right into the unit for optimum insulation. With about 114 powerful air jets activated, it should provide you with the relaxation you are looking for. Finally, the package comes with many other accessories including liner, cover, pump and floater. Moreover, you can also find filter cartridges, repair kit and air pad protector in the set as well.

Perhaps the only thing that is not quite satisfactory about this product is the amount of time it takes to heat up. But once it gets going, we can say that it is surely one of the best in terms of its function and a good size.

  • Seating Capacity: 4 people
  • Water Capacity250 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 114
  • Inflated Dimensions: 71″ L x 71″ W x 28″ H
  • Item Weight: 91.3 pounds
  • Color: gray
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8. Intex Inflatable PureSpa Bubble Massage – Five star reviews for the price and quality

Why go to the spa when you can have your very own spa experience at home? This inflatable spa makes it happen and provides you with that soothing relaxation you want. We think this tub is quite spacious as it can fit 4 people, and it has a capacity of up to 210 gallons. As for the temperature, it can go up to 104 degrees and as low as 68 degrees. Plus, with a carrying case, it should be convenient to transport and store this tub after use. Precisely, this hot tub is perfect for people who are quite tall.

Overall, we think this tub works. It does require you to buy some accessories but the extra headsets may not be a good option since these can be a tad uncomfortable. But the folding seat is pretty good.

  • Seating Capacity: 4 people
  • Water Capacity210 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 140
  • Inflated Dimensions: 57″ L x 77″ W x 28″ H
  • Item Weight: 107 pounds
  • Color: navy, mocha
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7. MSPA Lite Outdoor Inflatable Tub M-009LS – Built with superb quiet technology

Featuring 108 air jets, this inflatable spa offers a unique experience to soothe away any discomfort and tightness in your muscle. We love the quiet technology in this tub, so you can just whisk away in sheer relaxation without any loud motor sound as it operates. It also includes a heater that is built into the unit, and this heats the water up to 104 degrees. As for the material used for the tub, it is a reinforced PVC with 6 strong layers.

We are impressed with how great this inflatable tub works. However, the cover could use some improvement as water tends to collect on it when it rains. Not a deal-breaker, though.

  • Seating Capacity: 4 people
  • Water Capacity: 171 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 108
  • Inflated Dimensions: 62″ L x 62″ W x 27″ H
  • Item Weight: 49.5 pounds
  • Color: charcoal gray
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6. Coleman Portable 4-Person Tub 13804 – Super light with handles, easy portable

Spacious and soothing, there are so many things to appreciate about this tub from Coleman. It produces relaxing bubble jets and heated water for that amazing relaxation. There is also a pump that is digitally-controlled with just a touch of a button. As for the tub itself, it is durable and comes with two handles to make it easy for you to lift it and move it from one place to another. The bottom is also cushioned and there is a drain valve to help empty the water with ease. This is one of the best inflatable hot tubs in 2021 you can find on amazon, obviously.

This is definitely an amazing hot tub that works for its purpose. Just one observation – there are times when the pump shut off without any reason, as reported by other users. This could simply be a setting error that can be fixed.

  • Seating Capacity: 4 people
  • Water Capacity: 242 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 60
  • Inflated Dimensions: 72″ diameter x 31″ H
  • Item Weight: 73 pounds
  • Color: black, gray, green
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5. Goplus Outdoor Inflatable Spa , 4 to 6 Persons – Best inflatable hot tubs to enjoy the time together with family and friends

If you have guests in the house who would like to experience a home spa treatment, this product is the perfect thing for it. It is a spacious tub that can hold up to 6 people, and the material used for this home spa is sturdy. Maintenance is a breeze, as there are filter cartridges that need to be replaced with clean water – something you can do in just minutes. Easy to carry and assemble, you would never have any problem getting this unit setup. Technically, it comes with a great design that offers you a best relaxing moment with your family and friends.

Just keep in mind that this tub would require some regular cleaning to ensure its excellent condition. This is not a problem, though, because it should be done in just minutes using the filter cartridges.

  • Seating Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Water Capacity: 210 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 360 degree bubble design
  • Inflated Dimensions: 73″ diameter x 26″ H
  • Item Weight: 38.5 pounds
  • Color: black, beige, coffee, white
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4. Hulaloveshop Heated Spa – Large size for a perfect family spa

When it comes to the finest home spa to buy, this unit is something to consider. Firstly, it boasts of 130 powerful bubble jets that offer a soothing massage to your body. Secondly, there is also a hard water treatment that is built into the unit, and this makes the water more relaxing to the skin. As for the other features we like about this product, these include the bubble jets, easy maintenance, and a carry bag for hassle-free storage and transportation of this tub. Lastly, the material is superb strong and durable with reinforced construction that makes the hot tub last for a life time.

We love so many things about this tub because it definitely works well and comes in a durable material. But it is a little small and will not be able to accommodate 4 people or more.

  • Seating Capacity: 6 people
  • Water Capacity: 264 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 130
  • Item Weight: 57 pounds
  • Color: light brown
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3. SaluSpa Inflatable Air Jet Tub Paris – A great bargain for a real and perfect relaxation

When you want a tub that does not only heat up but also generates relaxing lights to add a certain ambiance, this is the product for you. It features LEDs that change color, offering a soothing and romantic treat while you get a pampering experience from the massaging action of the air jets. There are also cool features to this product including the drain valve, handles, and a cushioned floor for your comfort. Lastly, it comes with a built in control system to start and stop the heating automatically for your convenience.

For the most part, we think this unit works perfectly in offering an authentic home spa experience. But we would have wanted the lights to be less bright as you might want to doze off a little or like it dimmed instead of something too bright.

  • Seating Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Water Capacity: 250 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 68
  • Inflated Dimensions: 77″ diameter x 26″ H
  • Item Weight: 76 pounds
  • Color: white
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2. Coleman Inflatable SaluSpa Hot Tub – Over 1K reviews as five stars for the best inflatable hot tubs in 2021

Get ready to experience a truly relaxing feeling while in this wonderful hot tub from Coleman. There are soothing bubble jets in it, as well as a control panel that is 100% digital making it easy to customize the settings according to your preference. This is quite a spacious tub that can hold up to 6 people. Easy to set up, there is a pump included to get it going – no need for complex tools at all. Finally, this product has received more than 1K reviews as five stars, which obviously proves that it is worth every dollar you spend.

Our only gripe about this product is it tends to lose heat a bit too easily. But this is a sturdy, well-made tub that is very durable and can be transported with ease. For the price you pay, it is worth it.

  • Seating Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Water Capacity: 254 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 120
  • Inflated Dimensions: 77″ diameter x 28″ H
  • Item Weight: 88 pounds
  • Color: black, gray, green
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1. Intex PureSpa Inflatable Tub – Constructed with ultimate support, durability and comfort

Our favorite among the rest is this inflatable tub from Intex. Firstly, it makes the water gentle and soothing to the skin, thanks to the hard water treatment built into the tub. Secondly, there are filter cartridges added that are easy to replace, so you can keep the water fresh and clean at all times. As for the water capacity, it is 210 gallons and this tub can fit a maximum of 4 people. With additional accessories such as the carry bag, thermal ground cloth, filter cartridges, heating system, and a few others included, it is truly a steal for the price.

This is a great inflatable tub that you can set up in minutes. Just one thing we noticed – it takes some time for the water to heat up. But once it reached the desired temperature, it stays warm for a while, which is a great thing.

  • Seating Capacity: 4 people
  • Water Capacity: 210 gallons 
  • Air Jets: 120
  • Inflated Dimensions: 77″ diameter x 28″ H
  • Item Weight: 87.2 pounds
  • Color: light brown
  View it on Amazon.com

In conclusion, inflatable hot tub is the greatest way to enjoy spa at your own house. Besides, some can be used as a mini pool as well. Most of inflatable hot tubs are made from high quality PVC to tolerate hot water while offering a relaxing experience. They come with a comfortable design for you to sit and enjoy the spa. We are happy to have brought to you our top 10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2021 reviews. Now, you have a better idea on which item to get for your needs to make your home spa experience truly worth it!

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