Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector 2020


What is the best iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector? This is a question that a lot of people ask because of so many choices to choose from in stores today. But to better help you to answer this question, we recommend that you check out our top 10 best iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector in 2022 reviews. We have gathered this list that includes our highly recommended products that will surely give you a great experience with your purchase and a true value for your money. We also have a list of best screen protectors for iPhone 11 Pro too.

Screen protectors come in a variety of brands and specifications. But if what you need is for a specific model such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, then you have to zero into your options designed for this model. Tempered glass remains to be the material of choice when it comes to durability and practicality. We like how this material does not alter the image of the screen, and it can even prevent fingerprints from appearing. The glass also has a chic feel to it, and you can have solid protection against smudges and oil. Just be sure to choose a protector that has precise cutouts for the front-facing camera and the button, so you will have no problem with activating these functions on your phone.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector 2020

Now that you have some ideas about the features to look into a screen protector, let us go ahead with your reviews. Check out our top 10 best iPhone 11 Max screen protector in 2022 reviews and pick your most preferred products after learning more about the features they offer. Let’s go get started!


10. Caseology iPhone 11 Pro Max Tempered Glass Protector – Great protection against scratches

There are so many things that we like about this iPhone 11 Pro Max protector. For instance, it offers total accuracy and precision for the touchscreen. There is no lag at all, so you can always expect your phone to be highly responsive. There is also a coating, which is a non-oil coating. What’ s good about this is that it offers protection against oil and fingerprint each time you swipe on the screen. With a shatterproof design, this protector is indeed highly protective against wear and tear and scratches.

It is amazing that this product includes a guide to it, which helps a lot with the installation. But one customer observed a small bubble on the screen, but by using the squeegee, you should be able to get rid of this appropriately.

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9. FlexGear iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector – Best buy with 3 pack

Get three screen protectors in one pack, so you have a couple of replacement protectors in the future. This is a budget-friendly product that offers good quality that you want for the price you pay. We are also impressed with the aura shield technology of the tempered glass, which works by protecting your screen from cracking and scratches. The material is also HD clear and with a special coating, the minimizes fingerprints.

One thing to note about this product is the cloth. Unfortunately, this material comes with debris, according to one customer, so if this is the case with you, you will probably have to use your own cleaning cloth.

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8. Spigen Screen Protector Tempered Glass – Five star reviews as the best iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector in 2022

Great for your iPhone Max, Xs, and 11, this screen protector is a true value for your money. We like the tempered glass material used for it, which is undeniably sturdy and hard. In fact, it features a 9H hardness, making it undeniably durable. Both screen protectors in this pack come with an anti-oil feature to protect against smudging and fingerprints.

Our only gripe about this product is how the material appears to be a bit on the frail side. The density should have been higher, otherwise, it may end up shattering when you suddenly drop your device.

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7. Ailun Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max – Best deal with good quality

Get good quality screen protectors when you buy this brand called Ailun. This product features a thick tempered glass at 0.33 mm, and this works by preventing bumps, scrapes, scratches. We also like the fact that this product has a rounded edge, and this makes it specifically designed for certain models of the iPhone including the 11 Pro Max and the XS Max. The accuracy of the protector is also high, which ensures your total satisfaction each time you swipe on the screen.

Overall, this is a good product for the price. It feels slightly flimsy to the touch but time will only tell how long this screen protector should last. Right out of the box, it appears to be good enough, though,

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6. Dome Glass iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector – Top rated iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector in 2022

Choosing the right screen protector to buy for your iPhone can be a tricky ordeal. However, you should not have any issue at all with this product as it is definitely designed to give you the satisfaction you need from your purchase. The liquid dispersion system makes sure that the material is durable enough to make your phone’s screen appear like brand new even with its existing scuffs and scratches. It also provides excellent coverage for additional protection.

It is worth noting that this product is not too efficient when you have to put on your polarized sunglasses. The rainbow effect may arise, which is a bit of a frustrating experience according to some people.

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5. LYTEGLASS iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector – Very clean and touchscreen precision

Expect total satisfaction with your purchase of this well-made screen protector from Lyteglass. We like the tempered glass material used, which allows for a more secure protective screen for your phone. It is built to last with its thick quality at 0.3 mm. It is also thin, though, making it a lightweight and durable protector. The hydrophobic and oleophobic materials add to minimizing the chances of shattering and smudges.

Some people complain about the product not having a few alcohols and wipes included in the package. But this is actually not a deal-breaker since the overall features are absolutely practical and can last for a long time.

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4. HXL Privacy iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector – Reduce the brightness to protect your eyes

We can say that this is one of the finest brands and models of screen protector for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone XS Max. This product features a privacy screen, and what this means is that only the person facing the screen directly can see what is one there. This is a great feature that prevents others from seeing what you are doing on your phone, particularly if there is sensitive information. Installation is good, too, and you will be able to lay it out flatly without bubbles.

While it is true that the privacy feature is a good thing, some customers are not too crazy about it because it limits their visibility. But for those who appreciate this technology, this item should not be a problem at all.

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3. Ingle iPhone XS Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Provide a high response to the screen touch

Designed specifically for the XS Max, this screen protector includes 3 pieces of tempered glass material to protect your screen. The material and design are thick and sturdy, and you will love the transparency that it provides. This screen protector is also responsive to your touch, so there should be no issue at all when it comes to responsiveness. Overall, it is a good buy for the price.

It would have been better if this product comes with an installation guide. But otherwise, the rest of the features that this product has worked quite well.

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2. Trianium Screen Protector – Best price ever

With optimum clarity and transparency, this is certainly an outstanding screen protector for the price. We like how thin the glass is while at the same time, it is quite durable. With a thinness of 0.25 and an HD clarity, it is absolutely impressive. There is also protection from scratches and scuffs that you can expect from this product. Plus, it is oleophobic and hydrophobic, which gives your screen the protection it needs from liquids and oils.

For the most part, this is a good product for the money. A few customers complain about the top part not fitting perfectly well but as for the rest of the features, it is definitely a good value for the money.

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1. TETHYS Screen Protector Tempered Glass – Premium material to protect against scratches or bumps

When you want a screen protector that matches your iPhone 11 Max, then this product is a good choice to consider. It comes with a smart design that provides protection to your phone from one edge to another. Installation is also simple, and you should be able to get it all set up in minutes. Plus with good accessibility for all the buttons and functions, you can ensure the responsiveness of your device even with this screen protector on.

A few buyers encountered some slight concerns with the installation. But after following the instructions, they were able to set it up on their phone without any problem such as air pockets or bubbles. And it looks really good on the phone!

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There you have our top 10 best iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector in 2022 reviews. We are glad to have helped you know more about your options when you need to buy this kind of product. Just be sure to study all the features presented to guide you in making an informed decision for the price you pay.

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