Best iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector 2020


Having a phone requires great care. This is particularly true if you have an expensive phone such as the iPhone 11 Pro, which is an investment for some people because of the price point. This is why it only makes perfect sense that you keep it protected from scratches and damages, which you can get by using the right screen protector for it. Our top 10 best iPhone 11 Pro screen protector in 2021 reviews include a range of products in this category that should be able to help you make an informed buying decision and a great value for the price you pay.

When it comes to purchasing a screen protector, you need to make sure that the material is indeed durable. Tempered glass is a fine choice as it adds a chic and sleek appeal to the phone. But more than the aesthetics, you will love how it does offer the protection you need for your phone. You also need to make sure that it is easy to install since when you make the wrong move, it can leave bubbles on the front portion of the device. Another thing to look into is the dimensions. It should be a good fit for your phone, so make it a point to check carefully the height, width, and length of the protector you buy, as well a specification that it is indeed for the iPhone model you have.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector 2020

Browse through our top 10 best iPhone 11 Pro screen protector in 2021 reviews below and have an idea on the right item to purchase. As you go through the different options available, you will be able to make a better choice on the item to buy that will give you the best bang for your buck.


10. ESR 2-Pack Screen Protector

What we love about this screen protector is that it comes in two pieces per pack. This is such a good deal, so you will have a replacement for your other case in case it breaks. The screen protector is also designed for the iPhone 11 and iPhone X, which is a flat touchscreen. As for the installation process, we like how quick and easy it is. Since this is tempered glass, it is without a doubt sturdy and should last for a long time.

A few customers complain about the screen protector having small bubbles located near the edges. But this could be the result of a poor installation technique, so it is not the fault of the product at all.

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9. TORRAS Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro

Care for your phone and use the best screen protector for it. This is why we love this product from Torras, as it provides the features you look for in a well-made and high-quality iPhone case. It is perfect for both the iPhone X and the iPhone 11 Pro, so it should fit snugly. The tempered glass is strong and hard, and this can spare your phone’s screen from breakage if it falls accidentally. With fast and easy assembly, this is truly a great screen protector worth buying.

If there is one thing to note about this product, it would be the tricky experience in installing it on your phone. You need to be very careful as bubbles may appear with the wrong techniques in setting up this product.

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8. AINOPE Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro

Buy one set with a total of three products inside – it is absolutely a great deal for your needs. The screen protector is made of glass, and we like how very strong and durable it is. In fact, it is proven to be up to 6 times stronger than the average protectors, thanks to the explosion-proof tempered glass. You will also have an easy experience with installing the protector with only a few instructions, which is an important aspect of this product.

Overall, we agree that this is a good iPhone case to buy. But the placement guide could use improvement as it can be somewhat glitchy at times.

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7. Privacy 2-Pack Screen Protector

If your iPhone X, Xs, or 11 Pro need a good and reliable case, then this one is a suitable option for you. It is designed to fit a number of models but you need to make sure that you check the dimensions. This is a premium material and offers exceptional privacy, along with a 3D coverage on the edge. It also works for the Face ID, so you can activate this feature without a problem. What’s more, this is a case-friendly screen protector, so you will have no problem at all once you install the case.

What we have noticed about this product is its inability to hide the phone’s screen completely. But it does make it a bit dark, so stranger will not be able to easily view what you type on your device.

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6. Screen Protector 2-Pack for iPhone 11 Pro

When it comes to the functionality and ease of use of the screen protector, we can say that this product is a decent one. It fits the iPhone 11, XS and X, so it should not be a problem at all if you have any of these phone models. The protector is made of glass with a hardness of 9H, which means it provides the security you want for your phone. It will not scratch too easily, which can preserve the quality of the screen.

Installation is the only tricky part of this product. But by applying the correct techniques, you should not have any issue setting it up appropriately.

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5. TETHYS Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Buy one to get three pieces of screen protector that this product offers. It is a great screen protector that should work well for three models – the iPhone XS, 11, and X. if you have one of these models, then you should not have any problem at all with using this screen protector. It is very clear and transparent, and we like the high rating of the screen hardness at 9H. Plus, installation is quick and simple, so anyone should be able to do it correctly.

Initially, a few customers have noticed air pocket rings on the edges of the glass. But by following the instructions on how to set it up correctly, these air pockets and bubbles were completely removed.

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4. Mkeke iPhone X Screen Protector

When you need a high-quality screen protector to use for your device, this product is a suitable option to consider. We like how well it works for your iPhone X, 11, and XS models. The unit is a breeze to install, which is an important feature you should look for in a screen protector. E also like how it provides optimum coverage from one edge to another. In terms of sensitivity to your touch, it definitely works.

One issue that we have noticed about this product is that it does not eliminate fingerprints. But it is not a deal-breaker at all because the rest of the features work well to many people’s needs.

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3. JETech iPhone X Screen Protector

There are simply so many things to love about this screen protector from Jetech. For instance, it comes in a pack of two, so you have another one to use to replace your old screen protector. The material is also thick at 0.33 mm, and it is tempered glass that is highly durable and protective of your phone. The rounded edges also look great and give a clean appearance to your device. As it is free from fingerprints and dust, this is a good screen protector to buy for your needs.

Overall, we like how well-made this screen protector is. It may be a tad challenging to install but once you have it all set up, it is absolutely worth every dollar you pay for this item.

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2. Spigen Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Shopping for the right screen protector for your iPhone 11 Pro may be a tough thing to do but we highly recommend that you check out this product. It is made of tempered glass, and the rating for durability is quite impressive at 9H. We are impressed with how easy it is to install the item, and application is definitely a breeze. With an oleophobic material for the coating, this unit will not easily get any nasty fingerprints that ruin the clean look.

Some customers question the durability of this product because it does not seem too thin. Yet, based on our observation, we can say that it appears sturdy enough and definitely good for the price.

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1. Purity iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Topping the list of our screen protector reviews is this one from Purity. We like how transparent it is, and it offers a number of features such as oleophobic, hydrophobic and very clear. These materials also help minimize sweat, residue from oil and fingerprints. Lastly, it is scratch-resistant, so you can be sure that your phone will not easily incur bumps and scratches from minor bumps.

Overall, we are very well-pleased with the quality of this product. It may not be the cheapest one around but for the price you pay, you can definitely say that it is truly worth it.

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We hope that we were able to assist you with finding the right screen protector to buy. Our best iPhone 11 Pro screen protector in 2021 reviews include several options that should make it much easier for you to make a great purchasing decision you will not regret.

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