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Best Key Lock Box 2020


A key lock box is a secure place for you to keep your key safe and secure. With this handy little device, you no longer have to carry your keys around wherever you go. This minimizes the risk of having to lose or misplace them since they are all secured in a key lock box. Our best key lock box 2020 reviews feature our highly recommended items in this category that are known for their excellent quality and value for the money. Take a look at these items and pick out the best one after learning more about the features they offer.

The best thing about a key lock box is the convenience of storing your keys all in one spot. There is no need for you to take your keys with you, which sometimes can be a bit of a hassle because of the issue with misplaced or lost keys. With a key lock box, you only need to use a combination of numbers to lock and unlock it. Then, you are ready to go to grab your key or put it back in afterward. Just be sure to buy a key lock box that is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and weatherproof. It also needs to be easy to use by simply allowing you to put in the combination that lets you get access to your keys. Lastly, it should come with everything you need to install this to your door without any complication at all.

Best Key Lock Box 2020

Browse through our best key lock box 2020 reviews that we have prepared for you today. Here are the finest products we have seen that we believe will truly give you a great deal for your purchase and the best bang for your buck.

10. Master Lock 5-Key Storage 5400D

This is such a heavy duty key lock box that is spacious enough to fit as many as 5 keys in total. You will have no problem at all with fitting various keys inside for various door knob styles including biscuit, ball, or the tulip style. This box is great for use either for outdoor or indoor because it is weather-resistant and durable. It is made of metal with a vinyl coating to keep it smooth and free from scratches. As for the number combination, you can put 4 number combos or just preset it to open when you forget the code by just putting in 0-0-0-0. Overall, it is an amazing product that really works.

Perhaps one thing to note about this product is that the door release can be a little tricky. You will need to really exert force and push it down hard, so it will open. Otherwise, we think this product works fine.

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9. Kidde AccessPoint Safe Key Box 001166

When you need a key lock box that you can count on, you will never go wrong with this item. It truly works as it allows you to store a maximum of 3 keys inside. The box is perfect for use on your holiday home, for your construction project, and many more. With a push-button configuration, you should be able to easily access your keys and retrieve them as you please. There are also 1000 combinations with this box, so it should be hard for unauthorized people to gain access to your property.

We think this is a secure spot to place your keys. But the drawback is that you can use the code in various orders, although it will still be hard to guess the right one since there are thousands to try.

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8. Towoke Key Lock Box

Finally, here is a solution for you to share your keys in a secure manner with your family, friends, and guests. This key safe box is very durable and has a sturdy design that can withstand tough weather, prying, and sawing. It is crafted from zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel, along with a rust-resistant quality that helps prolong its lifespan. With the ease of installation, you should be able to set it up quickly without any problem.

Our only observation is that this box is a tad small when you want to store keys that come with keychains. But other than that, we think it should work just fine.

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7. Coded Key Lock Box

Experience the ease of having your precious keys in one spot. This product lets you store your keys, so you don’t have to hide them anymore in the flowerpot or under the rug. The material used is highly durable, which is a combination of steel and zinc alloy that will not easily break even when someone tries to pry or hammer it open. The installation process is also quick, and you can simply hang this unit on your doorknob.

We love how this lock box can fit up to 6 keys safely. Bit it is a bit too small for more than that, so it may not work to try to force more keys in this storage box.

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6. KeyGuard Key Storage SL-590

Great for vacation rentals, homeowners and property management, you can use this key lock box with ease and convenience. The body is made of heavy metal that is absolutely strong and secure. We like the protective cover it comes with, which is made to last. The wall mount design for this box also adds to the sleek appearance while eliminating the need to have your keys with you the whole time.

It is definitely easy to install key safe box. We are just a bit concerned that it may take only very few attempts before someone can successfully crack the code, which is a bit concerning to some people.

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5. Ya Mi Waterproof Key Lock Box

Sharing keys with people you trust has now gotten easy with this key lock box. We like how durable it is, and you can also prevent issues with loss of key since you can just put it in one secure location. The push-button design adds to the ease of access, and there is only one combination that will allow you to release the lock and get your keys. Setting your desired code is also a breeze, which is a good thing.

One thing to note about this key lock box is that it will open as long as all the 4 digits are put in – even in any order. It is not much of a deal-breaker but having a stricter order to be followed to open the box would be nicer.

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4. Puroma Wall Mount Key Lock Box

Whether you need your conventional keys stored in a safe place or your ID and key FOB, this key lock box will work just fine. There are 4 digits to enter, with as many as 10,000 combinations to provide great protection. This is a smart tool that will reduce theft and loss of keys because it can securely place your keys just in one spot.

This seems to be a decent size of a key safe box. Even your ID can fit inside, which makes it more spacious than the rest. But it may take a while to get the hang of opening it with ease because some people think this part is a little tricky.

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3. ORIA Wall Mounted Key Lock Box

With as many as 5 keys you can store in this box, it is truly a reliable and convenient spot to get your keys organized in a secure place. There are 4 number combinations you need to successfully put in before the box opens, which makes it reliable for safe-keeping your keys. With a large capacity, you can put as many as 5 keys inside. Even your car keys or holiday home keys are good to go in it.

One thing to note about this key lock box is the size. It is a bit on the bulky side, but we have no doubt that it really gets the job done, which is the very most important thing about it.

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2. Kingsley Lockbox Guard-a-key

Put an end to your concerns with your keys with this lockbox from Kingsley. It offers a quick and sure solution for storing your keys and not having to lose them. The wide range of potential combinations is up to 10,000, making it hard to guess your code. Then we also like the fact that it is black in color, allowing it to blend with the rest of the surrounding as a nice camouflage to deter potential thieves from getting to it.

Overall, this product works for the purpose it serves. It may be a bit on the steep side in terms of the price point but it really works and can keep your property secure.

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1. MoFut Weatherproof Key Lock Box

Last but not least, we have this well-made and high-quality key safe box by MoFut. We like the fact that it is very secure and gets the job done by protecting your keys from theft. There are 4 digits you need to type in, offering more combinations before anyone can guess it right. If you have forgotten the password, simply use the reset default code and rotate the dials according to your preferred combination. We also like the heavy-duty design that can withstand tough weather conditions.

The box seems a little on the flimsy side but still works well. Just be sure to check if it is locked carefully to prevent it from being accessible to unauthorized individuals.

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There you have our best key lock box 2020 reviews that feature only the finest items in this category. Just make it a point to compare them well and learn about the features and drawbacks they offer to help you weigh your options well and choose the right item to buy.

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