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Top 10 Best Kids Multivitamin in 2022 Review


Our top 10 best kids multivitamin in 2022 review is here to guide you with your purchase. As multivitamins are more of an insurance policy, you need it to ensure your health. Keep in mind that multivitamins are not created equal, though. So, you should consider looking carefully to help with your search. We are here to bring you these top options to assist you in making the right choice.

What are the things you should look for in the best multivitamin for kids? First, you should make sure the nutrients are activated forms. For example, there should be an active form of B vitamins in your supplements. Also, the multivitamins you buy should also be free of folic acid. It should be nothing but natural folate, which is usually found in vegetables and fruit. With this in mind, it is activated and good for your body. Another thing is that it needs to contain a vitamin E complex. The vitamin E must have beta delta, alpha, as well as gamma. Lastly, stay away from fillers and additives. These include ingredients and fillers that are unnatural, which can only do more harm than good to your child’s body.

Best Kids Multivitamin in 2022 Review

With all these being said, let us browse through our top 10 best kids multivitamin in 2022 review. Here are our top picks based on the quality they offer. Take a look at each one of these items and decide the best one that suits your needs best.

10. SmartyPants Multivitamin Gummies

These SmartyPants multivitamins for kids are safe to use. The formula includes vitamin K2, B6, beta carotene, as well as Choline. We like this product as it contains nothing but good ingredients. There are no wheat, gluten, and soy. Plus, there is also DHA and omega-3 EPA. These are outstanding nutrients that should help your child’s brain and nerves.

Overall, we like the fact that this product works well for children. It is just a little bit pricey but for the effects, you can expect from it, then it is worth every dollar you pay.

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9. Lil Critters Complete Gummy Vitamins

This brand is one of the best multivitamins in the market today. It contains an extensive amount of vitamins that your child needs. These all help to maintain their healthy development and growth. You can even choose from different flavors available such as citrus, berry, and cherry. These are naturally sourced with zero-high fructose content. We also like the fact that these vitamins do not contain gluten or dyes.

When it comes to the quality of ingredients, you can count on this product. Some kids are not crazy about the flavor. But with many options, you can always choose the one that is more suitable for your little one’s needs.

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8. OLLY Yum Berry Multivitamins

We love these berry multivitamins from Olly. These come in a chewable form, so they are easy to take. There is no need to deal with nasty flavors as these vitamins taste quite good. There are many vitamins and minerals included. Plus, it also contains live probiotics to help with digestion. Another thing we love about this product is the absence of bad chemicals. There is no high sugar content, too. So, you can expect nothing but the finest of this brand of multivitamins for your child.

Overall, we think this is quite an amazing product that does the job. Just be sure to carefully check the ingredients list. This way, you can get maximum benefits from it for the price you pay.

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7. Mama Bear Organic Multivitamin

Here is another great product in our top 10 best multivitamin in 2022 review. It contains 60 pieces of multivitamins per bottle. Thus, you can expect this to last for a month. The ingredients listed are gluten-free and organic. There is no GMO to this multivitamin, which means it is completely safe for your child. Even kids as young as 2 years old can take this product.

One thing to note about this is that it requires 2 gummies to take regularly. Not that there is anything wrong with it. However, this makes it a little pricier than other multivitamins that are “once-daily” in the formulation. But for the quality you get, it is worth it.

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6. Mary Ruth Vegan Multi for Kids

In terms of formulation and safety for kids, this product from Mary Ruth is a viable option to consider. You can count on it to give excellent protection for your little one’s immune system. It also contains methyl folate that is beneficial to your little one. It helps with their proper growth and development. There are different flavors to choose from such as papaya, strawberry, as well as a super punch. Kids will surely love the taste of this excellent multivitamin.

There are indeed so many things to appreciate about this product. However, there are some children who do not particularly love the flavor. Fortunately, you are given three options for the flavor. This should suffice in helping you pick out the one that your child would like best.

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5. Zarbee’s Children’s Multivitamin

With 70 gummies in one pack, you can get a good deal from this product. It is why we have included it in our top 10 best kids multivitamin in 2022 review. This product is easy to take as it is chewable. You will also love how tasty it is, which even encourages kids to take it regularly. There is nothing but wholesome ingredients to this product. You can be sure that it is safe for your little ones, for your peace of mind!

This product is sourced from natural ingredients. Best of all, they are specific to your kid’s needs. Just be sure to follow the required dosage. This way, you can get maximum benefits from the product you purchased.

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4. Garden of Life Organic Vitamins

Another great gummies for kids are this one from Garden of Life. We love that there are 9 whole fruits that are all organic. These are also zero pig gelatin, no high sugar components, and cornstarch. As this product is specific for kids, it should be able to support your child’s health and development. The product is also GMO-free and vegan. It should be perfect for those who follow such a diet.

We like many things about this product. It works great and does an amazing job of providing the necessary nutrients to children. It may be slightly expensive. But for the price you pay for this item, we can definitely say it is worth every dollar.

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3. Sundown Kids Multivitamin

Pediatricians recommend this product – and so do we. This is definitely among our favorites in our top 10 best kids multivitamin in 2022 review. There is 33 percent less sugar content, as compared to other brands out there. The product also has 11 potent nutrients that include vitamins A, E, D, and C. There are B vitamins added in, too, which are good for your child’s nerves and brain.

There is nothing but good for this fantastic product. While it may not exactly be cheap, we think it is definitely great. This is why we highly recommend this item as it works for every child’s health and development.

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2. Garden of Life Multi Vegetarian Supplement

Do you find it difficult to give your child a multivitamin? In this case, this Garden of Life multi should be perfect. It includes natural ingredients that are safe for your child’s body. There are antioxidants and natural enzymes. These all work together in promoting vitality and stamina to your little one. This chewable vitamin also provides bone and digestive support. It is vegetarian and non-GMO, so it should fit many people’s diets.

One thing worth mentioning about this product is the limited flavor. There are not many options for the flavor, which may be a concern for some people. Fortunately, it does taste okay. So, you should not have any concern about giving this supplement to your child.

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1. Renzo’s Picky Eater Vegan Supplements

Last but not least in our top 10 best kids multivitamin in 2022 review is this item from Renzo’s. It is a vegan multi, which is worth the price you pay. There is no sugar content, so it is good for your child’s teeth. The supplement is designed for kids 4 years and above. They also melt easily, which makes it easy to digest. It is gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. As a parent, you will feel good knowing that you are giving your child a quality supplement for their needs.

We have nothing but praise about this supplement. It may be a little expensive but overall, we think it is worth it. This product does a great job of supporting your child’s health and development.

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It is not always too easy looking for multivitamins to give your child. However, after reading our top 10 best kids multivitamin in 2022 review, we hope you have found good options. Just be sure that you stay away from supplements with unnatural ingredients and high sugar content. This way, you will have a better chance of giving your little one nothing but the best for his health.

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