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Best Laser Golf Rangefinder in 2022


A laser golf rangefinder is a useful tool that allows you to see distant objects. This is why in the game of golf, you can rely on a laser rangefinder to help you locate the object you are in search of. In our top 10 best laser golf rangefinder in 2022 reviews, we bring to you a selection of items in this category to help you with your purchase. Browse through these products and choose the right one that you think meets all your requirements after learning more about their features and limitations.

Before you purchase a laser golf rangefinder, you need to look into the key features of this essential tool. For instance, you are better off with a first priority laser rangefinder than a second priority one. This tool lets you adjust the range according to what you need to see such as the flag located a few hundred yards away. Another thing is distance. Check the maximum distance readable by this tool. Although certain circumstances can impact the ability of this tool to see things such as the existing atmospheric conditions, it would be good to buy one with a good range. The reticles are another thing to check when shopping for a laser golf rangefinder. Some have black lines while others are illuminated with the help of LED lights. But what’s not so good about LED reticles is that it can impact your night vision when used in the evening. This is why some people prefer black reticles with an option for a backlight as this is not as intense as an LED. But either way, it still depends on your preference and what suits your needs best.

Best Laser Golf Rangefinder in 2022

Let us look into the different options you have in our best laser golf rangefinder in 2022 reviews. We personally selected these items that we hope should be able to guide you in making an informed purchasing decision.

10. Nikon Coolshot Laser Golf Rangefinder 20i

We like the two different display modes such as the actual distance mode and the slope adjusted distance. You also want a laser rangefinder that is lightweight and portable. One that can fit well in your pocket is a great choice to consider. This product has all of these two features, which is what we like about it. It can also measure a range from 6 to as far as 550 yards. Keep in mind that these measurements may vary depending on the weather, as well as the condition of the target.

Some people think that this product comes with a certain level of a learning curve to get the hang of it. But once you are accustomed to this product, it should work perfectly well according to your needs.

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9. CaddyTek Laser Golf Rangefinder

This is a reliable laser rangefinder as allows you to easily switch from one mode to the next, which is from non-slope to slope and then back. It offers 6x magnification to really find the object you are looking for, and it comes with a design that is IPX4 waterproof. This unit is relatively lightweight at 8 ounces, so you should be able to easily carry it around. As for the maximum range, it is at 800 yards.

For the most part, we can say that this unit is truly suitable for our needs. It may not be as great as high-end ones but for the functionality it offers, we can say it is definitely worth it.

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8. Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinder Tour V4

We are impressed with the performance of this laser rangefinder from Bushnell. It boasts of a breakthrough advanced JOLT technology, which allows you to view and find your target more efficiently. The slope-switch technology is impressive, as this adds to the effectiveness of this tool. There is a 5x magnification to this rangefinder, and it has a maximum range of 1,000 yards or up to 400 or so yards to a flag.

Overall, we have observed that this unit is capable of locating a number of things at a distance, as long as they are not very far. For those who are fine with something that they can view in a couple of hundred yards, this product is definitely more than enough.

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7. PetitWINGBACK Golf Rangefinder

This is one of the finest golf rangefinders you can find today, thanks to the high-end technology of this tool. It can measure a maximum distance of 656 yards using the scan mode. As for the other features we like about this product, these include a water-resistant quality, durability, and portability. We also like the fact that it is lightweight, as it weighs a little over 180 grams. This package includes everything you need including the rangefinder, CR2 battery, quick start guide, carrying pouch, a strap, and a cleaning cloth.

There is no doubt that the display is quite bright, which is a good thing about this product. But there is nothing fancy about this tool. In fact, it is more on the basic side but there is nothing wrong with it as it does the job right.

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6. Gogogo Golf Laser Rangefinder

Perfect for golf and hunting, as well as other activities that may require you to locate distant objects, we can say that this product does the job quite well. It is reasonably-priced, and it is capable of measuring distance in a precise manner. The maximum range is 650 yards with a magnification of 6x and high accuracy. The optic lens is multicoated, which minimizes the reflected light for your comfort.

However, it is worth noting a couple of things about this item. For instance, adjusting the focus impacts the display’s clarity. It is not as vivid but it does work in locating distance objects without a problem.

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5. Bozily Laser Golf Rangefinder

When you need a highly reliable laser golf rangefinder, this product is just what suits you best. It offers a maximum distance range of 1000 yards and a 6x magnification. There are 4 precision scan modes, as well as a digital LCD display and accurate reading. The different modes include the general, second slope, vertical, and speed mode. With an ergonomic size and lightweight design, this product will definitely fit your pocket without any problem at all.

Overall, this rangefinder does the job. It may not be super accurate all of the time as the weather condition can impact the reading. Otherwise, this product should fit your needs just fine.

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4. TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500

When it comes to a premium quality rangefinder, we can say that this product does the job. It features the Pinsensor technology that is capable of measuring overlapping targets such as wooded areas, hazards, and golf flags. We like how lightweight this unit is, and it is resistant to dust and water, as well. With a durable and rugged body, this product should be able to handle tough weather conditions without a problem.

For the most part, we think this rangefinder works. It is just not the most accurate unlike the more expensive brands but it does work decently and good for the price you pay.

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3. Callaway 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Another good rangefinder brand and model in the market is this one from Callaway. We like the slope feature that can measure decline and incline angles while calculating the slope distance automatically. There is a 6x magnification to this unit, as well as a range of up to 1000 yards. With a Pin Aquisition Technology, this can lock onto your target at a maximum of 300 yards. There is even a birdie feature that releases the audio to confirm the acquired distance to the flagstick.

Perhaps one thing to note about this product is there is the not very practical placement of the button for the meters/yards. It is located in a way that can cause you to incorrectly click it at times. Other than that, we think this is a good product worth your purchase.

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2. WOSPORTS Laser Golf Rangefinder

We are quite impressed with the function and performance of this laser golf rangefinder from Wosports. The innovative design is very practical, and we like the fact that you cannot separate the rangefinder and the battery cover. This unit enables you to locate the flagstick easily at a maximum distance of 650 yards. With a 6x magnification, this is definitely an excellent tool worth having for your needs.

For the price you pay for this item, the basic features seem to be worth it. There are other better rangefinders out there without a doubt but this one works just fine.

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1. Precision NX7 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Last but not least, we have the Pro Golf NX7, which is designed to provide you with accurate distances whether on flat or sloped surfaces. The unit features a slope function for greater accuracy but you can also turn this feature off when it comes to a legal golf tournament play. In terms of precision, this product does it all. The maximum range is 400 yards, and we like the water-resistant features of this durable, accurate, and well-made tool.

One caveat to this product is the weight. It is very light, but it is also a good thing when you want a rangefinder that is not a burden to bring with you anywhere you go. Other than this, everything else about this product works.

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There you have our top 10 best laser golf rangefinder in 2022 reviews. Now, you should be able to make a smart purchasing decision after learning more about the different options you got with specs that truly match your needs.

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  1. I am by no means a golf pro, but I stumbled by this post since I was looking for a gift to purchase for someone who is into golf — my boyfriend. He hasn’t played golf for a month or two now because of this pandemic, but maybe it’s a good idea to give him a gift to have him look forward to the end of this and a good game of golf. Hopefully a laser golf rangefinder is something he’s been hoping for, or does not have yet — since it would be a bummer to purchase him one and he won’t get to enjoy it as much! haha.

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