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Top 10 Best LED Desk Lamps in 2021 Reviews


A desk lamp is perfect for giving you the optimal amount of light that you need for your activity. With a desk lamp, you can position it right on your study area and adjust the lighting to make sure you get the right positioning and amount of lighting at all times. If you are sharing a room with another person, a desk lamp will prevent you from disturbing the other individual as the amount of light is controlled. Our top 10 best LED desk lamps in 2021 reviews feature a list of quality products in this category. Take a look at our recommendations to help you decide on the product you should purchase.

Desk lamps vary in shapes, sizes, and designs. You can find a desk lamp with a more modern look while others may have a vintage or retro feel in them. There are also additional features that a desk lamp offers aside from the lighting it provides. For instance, you can find a desk lamp that also comes with an alarm clock and a pen holder, which adds to its functionality. These lamps also have a light that can be adjusted to match your unique needs. If you want to charge your mobile device while you read, you may want to look for a desk lamp that comes with a USB port for charging. With so many designs and additional functionality to choose from, you should be able to find just the right one that truly matches your needs.

Best LED Desk Lamps in 2021 Reviews

Browse through these top 10 best LED desk lamps in 2021 reviews that we have just prepared for you. We have gathered our top picks below to point you towards the best product that will truly benefit you and give you a great bang for your buck.

10. wanjiaone LED Gooseneck Desk Lamp

We love the amount of light that this highly functional and reliable desk lamp offers. In fact, it is more than a lamp. It is a lot of things, too! It includes a calendar, alarm clock, LCD screen, pencil holder, USB port for charging, and an LCD screen. There is an eye protection feature to this lamp that allows you to adjust or dim the brightness of the light to relieve you of visual fatigue and prevent glare.

This lamp is truly functional and great value for your money because of the numerous features. However, we would have wanted the clock display to be less bright as it is. If you are very sensitive and cannot sleep at night even with just a small light present, this can be a distraction.

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9. Swing Arm LED Lamp

Perfect for your reading, studying, and craft needs, this LED lamp for the desk is not just functional but elegant, too. It is made from high-quality materials and a champagne gold finish that makes the lamp appear almost like a swan. It is indeed very sophisticated and will flatter any room. The gooseneck design lets you adjust the angle, as well as the shade. With three levels to choose from to dim the light, you can easily find the right setting that matches your particular needs.

Overall, we like this product because of its function and appearance. But we think that it can be tough to store when you are charging something on it because of the location of the USB. Other than that, this product is just perfect!

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8. Ambertronix Desk LED Lamp

There are simply so many things to love about this desk lamp from Ambertronix. For instance, it comes with an adjustable feature to let you select the brightness level you want. You will find it easy to adjust the dim by touch. Since this lamp uses LED, it should be good to last for about 50,000 hours. This is truly economical and energy-efficient. Plus, with natural light feel to this lamp, this eliminates eye pain or strain that is common with other lamps.

In terms of the size and lighting, this lamp is excellent. But the arms of this lamp seem to have a limited range of movement, so it can be a bit of a hassle to deal with.

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7. MEIKEE Desk LED Lamp

Forget about your old desk lamp and check out this one that will make your reading much more comfortable than ever. This LED table lamp is made from aluminum alloy for the body that helps cool it down. This dissipates heat better while protecting the LED and ensuring its lifespan. There are 5 different color modes and as many as 8 impressive brightness levels available. You can also operate the light with just a touch of the buttons as the control panel is touch-sensitive. With a USB output, you can also charge your devices as you operate the lamp.

For the most part, this beautiful lamp works. Just one concern with the base… It has a slightly flimsy feel to it and it is easy for the arms to leave some marks when you touch them. But these are not huge deal breakers at all.

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6. LITOM LED Table Lamp

When you are working on your crafts, this table lamp is ideal to use. There are 9 outstanding customizable illuminations offered, so you can select from the 3 different color modes that specifically match your needs. There is an on and off button that you can adjust by just touching it, and then simply press longer to adjust the mode for lighting. The design is sleek and portable, which helps save space on your desk. Plus with a long lifespan of the bulb, you won’t need to worry about replacing it too frequently.

In terms of the functionality, we have no problem with what this table lamp offers. But just keep in mind that the arms are not very long, so you may want some length to this portion for aesthetics purposes.

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5. TaoTronics Lamp Stylish Metal TT-DL16

Sleek, stylish, and modern, this metal desk lamp from TaoTronics works well. The body is full metal, so this adds to its sturdiness. There is a panel for the light that helps transmit the light on the side instead of straight to your eyes. This feature minimizes glare without limiting the amount of light you receive. We think this is a truly functional desk lamp that offers light, as well as other purposes with its timer, memory function, USB port, and night light.

The only thing that we have noticed with this lamp is the slight noise that it emits when the lamp is turned. The degree of the sound is linked with the level of brightness it generates, which can be reduced.

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4. TaoTronics Four Lighting Modes LED Lamp

Here is another product by TaoTronics that we think deserves to be in this list. We light the four modes of the lights that help you select the perfect brightness level you want for reading, studying, relaxing, or working. There is a USB port for charging your device, and the adjustable lighting is possible by rotating the arm of the lamp. And we also think the timer included is great since it allows you to set the time as to when you want the light to turn off in case you fall asleep while reading or studying.

The only slight concern that some people have about this product is the amount of light it generates. It can be too bright for some people, although you can adjust it to match your desired brightness level.

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3. TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp IVY-40BK

Gorgeous and functional, this desk lamp has a truly modern vibe to it. It features a USB port for charging your devices and an adjustable neck to help save space on your desk. There are three different levels to dim the light, and you can also ensure great energy savings as this lamp only makes use of 3 watts for the bulb. Perfect for your home, dorm, office, study room, and library, this desk lamp is truly a must-have that is worthwhile the purchase.

At the maximum setting, we think the light is very bright, which may be just what you need although others may think it is simply too bright. Perhaps the only concern about it is that the size is a little small, so you may want a bigger lamp for more light.

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2. Lampat Dimmable LED Table Lamp

Another desk lamp that we love is this product that truly gives you the amount of light you need. There is a total of four unique light modes, which is great for customization purposes. The brightness level can also be customized to your particular needs as there are five of them to choose from. The USB charging port is great for keeping your mobile devices recharged. The natural light design also helps to protect your eyes as you use the lamp.

If there is one thing that we would like to improve on in this product, it would be the light. You can only open it via up or down motion. If it can be rotated sideways, we think this would be even better for more functionality.

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1. TaoTronics Table LED Lamp

Our favorite desk lamp among this bunch is this one from TaoTronics. It is amazing as it helps protect your eyes instead of causing a glare. You will find the light comfortable to use when you are studying, working, or reading. The illumination can also be adjusted, and there are five different color modes available with 7 options for the brightness level. With a sleek and contemporary design, this lamp will surely match your needs.

Overall, this is an amazing desk lamp to buy for your home or office. Perhaps the slight concern is the power button that may take too long to press to turn it off. Otherwise, it should be perfectly fine and a solid buy.

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When shopping for the right desk lamp, it is best to take into account all the best features to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. Choose the right item from our top 10 best LED desk lamps in 2021 reviews, so you can get the best value for your money.

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