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Best Letter Tray Organizer in 2022


Get your desk organized with the best letter tray organizer in 2022. You can remove any clutter and keep them all in order with this handy product. Finally, you no longer have to deal with messes that only take up so much space on your desk. Have a look at these best-selling products to help you choose the right one for you. We have also included the features of each to guide you better in deciding the perfect item to buy.

A letter tray organizer can improve the appearance of your desk. You will be able to neatly organize your letters, documents, and other files using this product. When buying this item, be sure to consider a few important features. For instance, you need to check the sections included. Are the shelves sufficient for the number of documents you need to organize? Keep this in mind to determine whether the organizer will suffice for your needs or not. Additionally, you should consider the material used. It should be durable, so it would be able to hold up really well and not fall over easily. Next, think about the dimensions. Keep in mind that letter tray organizers come in different shapes and sizes.

Best Letter Tray Organizer in 2022

This is why you need to make sure that you check the height, width, and length of the organizer. By doing so, you can be sure that all of your important files will be able to fit perfectly in it. Have a look at our list of products below. As you check their features and limitations, you should be able to find the best letter tray organizer in 2022 that you need for your home or office.


10. SimpleHouseware Letter Tray Organizer, 6 Tiers

What’s great about this letter tray organizer is that it can be mounted on the wall. This is excellent if you have limited desk space. The organizer is also quite spacious. It can hold stationary, folders, papers, and various desk accessories. There are 6 tiers in total, which should be ample space for your documents. Additionally, this product is made of steel. Thus, you can ensure its durability and long lifespan. This is why it is indeed one of the best letter tray organizer in 2022, in our opinion.

Overall, this product is a breeze to assemble. In terms of aesthetics, it definitely looks great. However, the shelves do not seem to lock very well. This is why it is best mounted on the wall as this prevents it from tipping over.

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9. Bamboo File Organizer

We consider this product as one of the finest – if not the best letter tray organizer in 2022. If you prefer an eco-friendly item, then this product is just what you need. There are 5 slots in total to this organizer. You should be able to fit a wide range of paper, folder, and other things in it. In fact, it comes with a drawer, too. This is a great space for you to place smaller items such as paper clips, pencils, pens, and similar things. Lastly, there are non-slip rubber feet to keep this organizer in place.

When it comes to organizing your desk, this product is absolutely perfect. You will love its sturdy build, stylish appearance, and practicality. It surely looks amazing and does a great job of keeping your desk neat. The price is a bit steep but worth it because of the quality you get.

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8. Stackable Letter Tray Organizer

There are so many things to love about this letter tray organizer. This unit comes with a stackable design. Thus, it allows you to save more space on your desk. It helps to eliminate clutter by keeping your files and documents organized in one spot. The organizer is crafted from steel mesh. There are rubber feet that prevent scratches on your desk. Furthermore, these non-slip feet hold the organizer in place. Thus, it will not easily slide off or fall over.

This is without a doubt an outstanding letter tray organizer. It is, however, just a bit too tall. So, if there is not much room on your desk, it may appear to be an issue. Other than that, we think it works perfectly well in organizing various items.

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7. SimpleHouseware File Organizer with Drawer

Next up in our list of the best letter tray organizer in 2022 is this one from SimpleHouseware. We are impressed with the quality of this product. There are 6 letter trays made of black steel. This is a durable material that should last a long time. As for the drawer, there are 3 compartments in total. You can easily organize your stationary set, paper products, and folders. Most importantly, assembly is fast and easy with this organizer.

There is ample space for you to neatly organizer various items using this organizer. This is why we recommend it for use at home, in the office, or in school. This is a fantastic item to remove clutter on your desk.

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6. Officemate OIC Letter Tray

If what you look for is a functional letter tray organizer, then this product is just for you. It comes in a pack of 6, so you can get more for the price you pay. This organizer can fit A4 paper and letter-size documents. The unit comes with a ribbed base. This prevents papers and folders from getting stuck on the tray’s bottom portion. Moreover, there are carrying handles built right into it. Made of 30% recycled plastic, this is an eco-friendly product for your organization needs.

For the most part, we do agree that this letter tray does an amazing job. You can easily fit in your documents as there are 5 – 6 slots in total. Just be careful with the assembly as sometimes, it can come undone. But other than that, the build is excellent and seamless.

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5. Veesun Letter Tray Organizer

Here is another one of the best letter tray organizer in 2022. The Veesun organizer is sturdy, attractive, and practical. It is great for organizing your mail, paper, folders, magazines, and the like. The sorters are 5 in total, and they are a fantastic solution to keeping all of your desk accessories organized. You can expect this product to save you plenty of space while keeping everything neat and tidy.

The material appears to be lightweight. But what is surprising is that it is durable. Thus, even with its lightweight quality, you can expect this letter tray organizer to last for a long time.

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4. Simple Trending File Organizer

Anyone can benefit from the features of this letter tray. This product is great for holding a bunch of paper items such as your stationary, folders, notebooks, and similar items. You can fit many documents in this organizer. There are 4 trays in total, which are tilted. This is a practical design since it makes it easy for you to access your documents. As for the bottom tray, this serves as a drawer to organize smaller things.

In terms of assembly, we think this file organizer is quite quick to put together. It also appears light, yet very strong at the same time. And with so much space, it is easy to organize multiple items on it.

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3. Stackable File Organizer by Simple Trending

This list of the best letter tray organizer in 2022 will not be complete without this item from Simple Trending. This is a practical file organizer you can use for holding paper products and folders. It comes with a stackable design. This is a space-saving feature, which makes it effortless to use. Plus, the material is sturdy. As a result, you should have no concern with it incurring damage too quickly.

Overall, we think this is an amazing product worth the price you pay. The trays just appear to be a bit difficult to lock together. Other than that, it should be a great organizer to own for your home or office use.

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2. Greenco 3-Tier Letter Tray Organizer

Another one of the best letter tray organizer in 2022 is this one from Greenco. We love the pull-out design, which makes it quite practical to use. You can store several documents and papers on it. The steel material is scratch-resistant and durable. There is also a metal frame used to reinforce it, which holds it together. With this file organizer, you no longer have to worry about clutter on your desk.

Keep in mind that the trays are removable. This is why it would be best to avoid major movements to it to prevent the trays from falling out. Otherwise, it is a good product that should last a long time.

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1. AmazonBasics Office File Organizer

At the top of our list of the best letter tray organizer in 2022 is this one from AmazonBasics. This is a great product to own for organizing and decluttering your desk. This file organizer is steel, which makes it sturdy and stable. The black color is elegant and versatile. It will appear quite professional on your desk. With rubber pads located on the bottom, your organizer should not slide or scratch up the desk’s surface. Overall, a must-have for every home or office.

When it comes to organizing your documents, there is no doubt that this product does the job. It is a bit heavy, though, which is a good thing. This means that it is solid and sturdy. A durable file organizer for your desk.

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There you have our list of the best letter tray organizer in 2022. We hope that you were able to find just the right one you need that suits your requirements the best.

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