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Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets in 2022


Do you wish you could listen to music as you cruise on your motorcycle? If this is the case, then a good option to get are Bluetooth headsets to eliminate annoying wires and cables while riding. You can enjoy listening to your favorite hits each time and not deal with tangling or hanging cables that can even be quite dangerous. This is why we have prepared our best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets in 2022 reviews today to give you just what you need for the price you pay. However, portable bluetooth speakers are best if you plan to travel, hike or do any camping.

When buying a motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you need to consider a few important factors. For instance, the audio quality should be pristine and clear. You want to make sure that you are able to control the volume without having to deal with cumbersome steps to do so. Another thing is the battery life. Naturally, it should be able to last for a decent amount of time to let you enjoy listening to music longer. If you find a Bluetooth headset that is hands-free, then this is even better. This allows you to take calls without having to let go of the handlebars while driving.

Lastly, it is best to have a headset that can be controlled even when you have your gloves on. This way, you can easily navigate through your device and choose the action that needs to be taken while keeping your gloves and having your hands on the handlebars at the same time.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets in 2022

Are you ready to shop for the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets in 2022? Here is our exhaustive list to help you find just the right one you need.


10. THOKWOK Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycles

Experience the ease and comfort of listening to your favorite music each time with this Bluetooth headset for motorcycles. We like the fact that it can support up to 3 riders and a couple of riders for the intercoms in a simultaneous manner. The pristine audio is perfect, and there is even an echo cancellation feature that maintains the sound at excellent condition. As it is great to use for half-face or full helmets, it is quite efficient and versatile.

Our only gripe about this product is the price point. It is a little on the steep side, which can be a limiting factor if you are trying to save money or stay on a low budget.

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9. SCS ETC Bluetooth Helmet Headset

Communicate with your riding buddy or even take calls while on the road using this Bluetooth motorcycle headset. It allows for a group or duo communication with a maximum distance of 1,800+ yards. If you ended up disconnecting in 5 minutes, you should be able to rejoin in a seamless manner. We love the crystal clear quality of sound and hands-free communication, as well as a lot of other functions such as listening to music, getting GPS directions, and so much more.

One thing to note about this product is the battery life is not too long. But you can always take with you a power bank just in case you need to recharge the battery and get it ready to use once more.

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8. Geva Motorcycle Headset Bluetooth

Achieve the ease and convenience of using a practical headset for motorcycling, which is exactly what the Geva has to offer. It works with many cellphones, and you can rely on this Bluetooth headset for answering calls hands-free, playing music, and for listening to GPS instructions. The unit also has a special technology that improves the signal to ensure the clarity of audio even when there are distractions from the wind.

Perhaps one thing to note about this product is that it can get slightly confusing to use at first. But after learning the ropes, it is truly worth it as it does the job without any issue at all.

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7. Sena Motorcycle Headset Bluetooth

Complete with everything you need right out of the box, you should be able to go ahead and start using this product in an instant. It offers long-range sharing of music and communicating with each other while on the road. The Bluetooth connectivity is superb, allowing you to do all sorts of things with this headset – speed dial, make phone calls, share and listen to music, and communicate with your riding buddies! With a noise control tech, it helps reduce background noise for incoming and outgoing sounds.

We honestly think that the sound could be improved upon with this Bluetooth headset. It works but an enhancement with the audio quality is great.

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6. Yideng Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Wireless, waterproof, and reliable, this Bluetooth headset for motorcycles is definitely one of the best you can find in stores today. It features a high-speed support that is up to a maximum of 120 km/h, which makes it easy and effortless for you to communicate with others while riding. Installation is also fast and simple, and we like the fact that it is waterproof for your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, there are some products that cannot be paired with this unit, so that is something worth looking into before making a purchase. Other than that, we think it does the job and makes it great for the price you pay.

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5. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Enjoy every ride while conversing with your buddies or listening to music with this fine product. It is a mic system that is wireless, so it can be worn without having to deal with annoying cables and wires. You can use it for listening and sharing music and other forms of audio with up to 3 people. The battery life is also quite good for your satisfaction.

Just one thing to note about this product – it is a bit glitchy at times during pairing. So you may have to unpair then re-establish pairing until you are able to come up with quality audio you want for this product.

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4. Fodsports Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Perfect as an intercom and for music-listening, these motorcycle headsets are absolutely reliable and functional for riding on long distances. It can support maximum speeds of 120km/h, and you can also hook it up with 2 other bikers that are up to 1000 meters away. This unit offers a hands-free usage for FM radio and saved music on your device. You will also appreciate the noise control technology that makes the audio pristine for your total listening enjoyment.

Perhaps the only thing worth noting about this product is the price point. It is just a tad expensive for the quality you can get from it. But it definitely gets things done, is lightweight, and will not cause any problem once you have connected it with your device.

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3. THOKWOK Motorcycle Helmet Headphones

Another thing we love is this Bluetooth headset from Thokwok. It is made from the finest technology such as the CSR Bluetooth bluechip, and this is responsible for a reliable connection even at a fast speed and long-distance. You can listen to the audio with great quality as it cancels background noises well, and you can count on the convenience that this product offers with the hands-free communication.

Some people find it a little bit uncomfortable to use when in their helmets. But this is only when you wear it incorrectly, which is often the case with a tight or uncomfortable feeling when you have these headphones along with your helmet.

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2. LEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth Headphones

Another quality product that we love is this one from Lexin. These headphones are hands-free, so you don’t need to worry about having to keep your hands on your device if you want to change the music or answer a call. This device also offers a 4-way conference function and a universal pairing for your convenience. Most importantly, it is waterproof, so you can keep using it even with the rain or snow.

Just make it a point to read the instructions when pairing this item with your device. This is often the issue with other users but it should be able to work well once you pair it correctly as indicated in the instructions.

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1. Fodsports Universal Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Last but not least, we present our top pick for today, which is this product from Fodsports. We are impressed with the great distance you can cover with this product, as it is powerful and stable for your listening pleasures. It is also perfect for connecting 8 riders in your group for hours of conversation. The headset also offers the hands-free operation, as well as crystal-clear audio quality. With a noise-reduction and waterproof feature, it should be good to go and ready to use no matter what the conditions on the road may be.

We are definitely impressed with the operation of this product. The price is a little bit high but considering the great features and quality it provides, we can honestly say that it is worth it.

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Whether you are on the motorcycle and driving long distances, you can still be able to make or take phone calls, listen to music, and communicate with your co-riders – hands-free! With our best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets in 2022 list, you should be able to find the perfect item that suits your needs at a price you are comfortable with.

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