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Top 10 Best Outdoor Dining Furniture Set in 2022 Reviews


Looking for an excellent outdoor dining furniture set to buy for your home? A fine dining set for outdoor use will be perfect for entertaining your guests or for having a nice meal with your family al fresco. Just be sure you get the right one that is great for your needs including the size, materials, and overall design of the furniture. We have scoured the internet for a wide selection of outdoor dining sets for you to choose from. Please feel free to check the options we have here to you to help you decide on the right one to purchase. Obviously, they are the top superb outdoor dining furniture set in 2022.

Outdoor dining sets come in different styles and sizes likewise outdoor sofa sets. There are dining sets that can seat 4 to 6 people, and it is up to you to decide how big or small you want it to be. Some dining sets are also made from wicker while others are metal. There are those that come with cushions, and as for others, you will have to buy cushions since there are none included. As for the aesthetics, it is up to you to decide which one will complement your outdoor space depending on your preference.

The bottom line is an outdoor dining furniture set is perfect for an enjoyable meal with family and friends in an open air, especially during summer. Although it varies in designs and sizes, the best outdoor dining furniture set comes with a material that is resistant to all weather conditions. It can be wicker or metal. Check out below list to ensure that you have an informed decision for your purchase.  

Best Best Outdoor Dining Furniture Set in 2022 Reviews

Take a look at these top 10 best outdoor dining furniture set in 2022 reviews we have prepared for you. These are our highly recommended products as they have met our strict standards and proved to be a great value for your money. Lastly, It consists of various choices of prices, sizes and designs.

10. Malibu Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture – Five stars for the quality, size and design

If you want the best outdoor furniture for your home, this one from Malibu is a great choice. It is perfect when you are hosting an event with your family and friends. This dining set is spacious, looks good, and durable. You can expect it to last for a long time. Among the great features you will love include the ease of assembly, water-resistant, and it also has UV protection to prolong the lifespan of the furniture. Additionally, this set is a five star product based on its quality, size and price.

Overall, this is an amazing outdoor dining set. We love the wicker design, and it should be perfect for use in the garden or the pool area. However, it does not come with a cushion, so you will have to buy one.

  • Set: 6 chairs, 1 table
  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Material: wicker
  • Dimensions: 28.7″ x 29.1″ x 33.5″
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Color: brown
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9. Devoko Outdoor Dining Set, 9-Piece – Great set for space saving

Another great option for a dining set that you can use outdoors is this product from Devoko. We like how stylish this furniture set is, and it comes with 9 pieces including 4 gorgeous ottomans, 4 individual chairs, a table, and 12 soft cushions. The cushions have zippers on them, so you will experience the ease in keeping them clean after use. Lastly, this product comes with an installation video and manual to help you set it up without any problem. It is relatively the top outdoor dining furniture set in 2022 in amazon.

It is definitely a great outdoor dining set. However, it does seem a tad small for a few customers, especially for taller individuals. However, you can rest your legs on the ottoman if you are too tall.

  • Set: a table, 4 chairs, 4 ottomans, 12 cushions
  • Seating capacity: 8
  • Material: wicker with steel frame
  • Dimensions: 42.9″ x 42.9″ x 28.4″
  • Weight: 133.6 pounds
  • Color: brown
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8. Best Choice Products Modular Outdoor Dining Set – Practical design and color, good price as well

This 6-piece outdoor dining set from Best Choice Products is a suitable option for those in need of 7-seater dining furniture. It comes from a weather-resistant material, which makes it great for use outdoors. A sturdy set that is lightweight at the same time, there should be no problem with moving it around if you decide to place it from one section of your outdoor space to another. The seat can also hold as much as 300 pounds of weight for optimum support. Lastly, it can serve you as a dining set or sofa set upon your preference and need.

We particularly love how durable and solid this dining set is. But just keep in mind that the cushions are not quite weather-proof, so you may need to put them indoors when it is raining to prevent them from getting soaked.

  • Set: a table, 2 chairs, 2 stools , 3 seat sofa, cushions
  • Seating capacity: 7
  • Material: wicker, aluminium
  • Dimensions: 71″ x 21.5″ x 31″
  • Weight: 68.3 pounds
  • Color: brown, gray
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7. SUNCROWN All-Weather Wicker Dining Set – Perfect for a small family

Made from wicker, this dining set is such an amazing value for the price you pay. We love the elegant glass top for the table, which adds to the beauty and durability of this set. Precisely, you can choose between the square and round table. There is also a cut-out in the table that allows you to insert an umbrella to give you shade when you dine outdoors. The material for this whole set is wicker, and this is resistant to staining, fading, and harsh outdoor elements. Obviously, if you are in a small family and have tiny space for the outdoor dining set, this item is perfect for you.

Perhaps the only thing that is not so ideal about this dining furniture is the assembly process. A few customers complain about it being a little bit tough to put together, which almost took them a couple of hours to set up.

  • Set: a table, 4 chairs, cushions
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Material: wicker
  • Dimensions: chair- 20″ W x 19″ D x 35″ H, table – 35.5″ W x 35.5″ D x 29.5″ H
  • Color: brown
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6. Christopher Knight Home Odena Dining Set 296592 – Large and strong chairs

Great for use outdoors, this dining set from Christopher Knight Home is a fine addition to your patio or garden. Firstly, it is made from high-quality rust-resistant material, which ensures its durability and long lifespan. Secondly, the design of this set is also antique, a unique style that gives it a sense of character and stylish appeal. Perfect for the deck or the pool area, it is great for enjoying a nice dinner or brunch outdoors with your family and friends. Lastly, the chairs are quite large and strong which can hold up extra weight if needed. Truly perfect outdoor dining furniture set for 2020.

We advise that you check the hardware carefully to make sure everything is complete. There were a few buyers who noticed some missing bolts and nuts, although it is fairly easy to get these at any store on a cheap, to eliminate any hassle.

  • Set: a table, 6 chairs
  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Material: cast aluminium
  • Dimensions: table – 38.19” W x 68.11” L x 29.53” H, chair – 26.25” W x 22.30” D x 34.85” H
  • Weight: 49 pounds
  • Color: bronze
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5. Mainstays Alexandra 5-Piece Dining Set – Best price ever

When you need 4-seater dining set for use outdoors, this item is perfect for entertaining your guests in the yard, at the pool area, or patio. It is great for birthday parties or when you simply yearn for an al fresco dining experience with the family. Technically, the frame is made from steel, which is powder-coated to resist staining. As for the cushions, these are kind of the fabric that is soft and weather-proof. To clean, simply use soap and water, spot clean, and allow to dry. Lastly, this set comes with a very good price that one cannot resist it.

This dining set is indeed a great value for the money. But you have to devote a few hours for the assembly or at least ask the help of another person to speed up the process of putting all the pieces together.

  • Set: a table, 4 chairs, cushions
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Material: coated steel
  • Dimensions: 26″ x 24.2″ x 37″
  • Weight: 116.8 pounds
  • Color: gray
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4. Great Deal Furniture 7-Piece Marietta Dining 295848 – Stylish, durable, strong and high quality, it is all you need

This lovely dining set includes 6 sturdy chairs and a gorgeous table made from cast aluminum. We love how inexpensive this product is yet never lacking in terms of aesthetics and functionality. There is a 2-inch opening on the table for the umbrella, and the seats are stable. This dining set should look great in your outdoor space and would be the perfect spot to entertain your guests for a party or an intimate gathering. Obviously, this is the best outdoor dining furniture set you will ever find, it lasts for a lifetime – great value.

Our only gripe with this product is the assembly. Unfortunately, it is very tricky to put together because of all the pieces that need to be installed. But once you have it all set up, you will realize that it is truly worth it – plus it is at least a few couple hundred dollars cheaper than other dining sets.

  • Set: a table, 6 chairs
  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Material: cast aluminium
  • Dimensions: chair – 35.5″ H x 24″ W x 22″ D, table – 29.75″ H x 38″ W x 68″ L
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Color: black
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3. Hanover TRADDN Outdoor Dining Set – Perfect for big family and a large group

Another one of our favorites in this bunch is this product from Hanover. It comes in a tan color, which is elegant and versatile since it is bound to look great in your outdoor space. The material used for the frames is all-weather and rust-resistant, which is aluminum. As for the table, it is quite large and can accommodate up to 8 seats. The chairs are just as amazing, with 8 cushions included for your optimum comfort. Lastly, the chairs come with 360 degree motion which you can sit still or redirect your attention anywhere you want.

Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase. Just do take note that this unit requires some assembly, so be prepared for the installation process, which should be fairly simple.

  • Set: a square table, 8 chairs, 8 cushions
  • Seating capacity: 8
  • Material: aluminium
  • Dimensions: 60.6″ x 60.6″ x 27.8″
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Color: bronze with tan/red/blue cushions
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2. Goplus Garden Dining Set – Affordable price with perfect space saving design

Have you been searching for the perfect dining set to use outdoors? This product from GoPlus should be a suitable option as it is made from a steel frame that’s powder-coated for durability. The seats are crafted from wicker, a weather-resistant material that is gorgeous and sturdy at the same time. We like the tempered glass on the table as it offers a chic touch to this set. Perfect for your garden, balcony, and poolside, it is a piece of fine furniture set for the price you pay. Besides, this set comes with such an affordable price considering the quality and design. You will surely feel satisfied with this product.

One small concern about this product is it is not as large as some customers expected it to be. For taller individuals, the chairs may seem too small, although it should be fine, otherwise for other buyers.

  • Set: a table, 2 single chairs, 1 double chair, cushions
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Material: rattan
  • Dimensions: 32″ x 19″ x 16″
  • Weight: 79.9 pounds
  • Color: mix brown
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1. Gramercy Home Outdoor Dining Set – Strong and comfortable for large/tall people

When it comes to a highly reliable outdoor dining set, you can never go wrong with this product from Gramercy Home. Firstly, we like how durable it is as the frame is steel-made with powder coating to resist rust and fading. Secondly, there is also tempered glass for the tabletop, which makes it appear new and chic even after several years. Thirdly, for the price you pay for this item, we can say it is definitely one of the best there is. Lastly, if you are looking for a strong furniture set for tall or large people, you will love this one.

In terms of aesthetics, this outdoor dining set is truly excellent. The material and design add to the high-end feel of this product. But the assembly process is a little tricky and should take a few hours.

  • Set: a table, 4 chairs, cushions
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Material: steel
  • Dimensions: table – 38″ L x 38″ W x 27.95″ H
  • Color: gray
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In summary, outdoor dining furniture set is a great piece to enjoy a nice meal with family and friends with fresh air. In summer, this is what we love to do to get us closer to our loved ones. Considering all the features that the outdoor dining furniture set can offer, we have listed all the best ones that are available in the market. We hope that our top 10 best Outdoor Dining Furniture Set in 2022 reviews helped you make a decision on the perfect item to buy for your needs. Please be sure to look carefully at these featured items, consider your own needs and standards, and compare these with the specifications of each product reviewed to help you come up with an excellent purchasing decision.

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