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An outdoor extension cord comes in handy when you need to do yard work such as mowing, gardening, and other tasks that would require you to use your power tools. With an extension cord, you don’t have to worry about your tool’s cord being too short since you can get the additional length you need with a good quality extension cord. In our best outdoor extension cord 2020 reviews, we bring to you a selection of these highly-rated products in this category. Check out these items and choose the one that suits your requirements the most.

When you are shopping for an outdoor extension cord, you need to make sure that the material is sturdy and heavy-duty. It should be thick enough to handle and withstand tough weather conditions such as heat, snow, rain, and others. You also want to check the length of the cord. Is it long enough for your needs or a little on the short side? Be sure to factor in the length that will help you determine if the product in question is exactly what you need. You should also be sure that the cord is capable of handling the wattage and amps you require, depending on the application you have in mind for it.

Best Outdoor Extension Cord 2020

In our top 10 best outdoor extension cord 2020 reviews, we bring to you these products that we believe are among the well-made ones in the market today. Have a look at these products and compare the different features they have to help you make an informed decision you will not regret.

10. Southwire Outdoor Extension Cord 2588SW0002

When it comes to durability and dependability, this product is indeed one of the best. We like the yellow jacket covering that it comes with, which is very visible and bright. This material also adds to the safety in using the cord and prevents it from marking your walls and floors. There are reinforced blades included that adds a special protective feature to the prongs and keep them from breaking or bending by accident.

Overall, we think this extension cord is definitely strong and sturdy. However, for some people, it may end up to be a bit too heavy, which can be inconvenient when you need to lug it around.

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9. Sun Joe Landscape Extension Cord PJEXT20-163-BLK

Available in lovely vinyl material, this extension cord is very sturdy and well-made. It features a receptacle and plugs with a good grounding for your safety. You can rely on it for outdoor or indoor use, and there are weather guards that protect the unit. This is a general-purpose and dependable cord that you can count on for your gardening needs.

Just be sure to check the length and dimensions of this cord before you decide to purchase it. While it really does the job well, it can be a bit small for some people who are in search of a much longer cord.

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8. Woods Outdoor Extension Cord 3030

This cord measures 25 feet in length, which is a reasonable size for people who need a reliable extension cord for their holiday decoration, lighting, and landscaping concerns. There are grounded outlets, which are spaced evenly. This is important when you need to plug a number of electrical appliances with bulky power connectors. The cord is capable of handling 1875 watts and 125 volts.

We are impressed with how thick the cord is. However, it seems to be a tad too stiff, which can make it a little bit challenging to lay it just how you prefer it. Other than that, we think this product works quite well.

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7. GE Outdoor Extension Cord

Measuring 15 feet in length, this is a reasonable size for an outdoor extension cord. It is suitable for a number of outdoor applications including lighting or operating electrical devices that need an extra reach. There is a molded plug design that is one-piece, and this adds to the durability of the cord. There is one power outlet included, and it can support up to 1625 watts.

Right out of the box, this product seems to work perfectly fine. It does not seem to be too long for some people but this really depends on what you have in mind for this particular cord. Otherwise, it should be fine.

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6. Otimo Outdoor Extension Cord

With a total of 100 feet in length, this is definitely a reasonably long extension cord for your needs. You can rely on it for your outdoor use, and it is heavy duty and should last for a long time. The cord is also flame-resistant and water-resistant, which are great additional features to this unit. There is a high-visibility design to it, too, as the exterior is red in color. This allows you to quickly distinguish this cord from all the other items around it.

This is truly a well-made and useful cord to use for your outdoor applications. But it is just a little bit on the heavy side, which can be a concern for some individuals who prefer something lighter to carry around.

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5. AmazonBasics Outdoor Black Extension Cord

When you need a good quality outdoor extension cord, this product should not disappoint. We like the reasonable length of the cord, which is 20 feet long. It is black in color, so it is a nice shade that will blend well with its surroundings when you want to keep things neat. You can use it for your electrical devices. The unit has a rating of 125 volts.

Perhaps one little drawback to this product is the thinness of the cord. While other people might be fine with it, this just seems slightly thinner that can be concerning for a few individuals.

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4. AmazonBasics 50-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord

When it comes to the size, thickness, and length of this cord, we can say that it is impressive enough. There are three wires and it is crafted from a 16-gauge all-copper wire material. This is why you can expect it to be heavy-duty and sturdy for your needs. The cord is orange, which is a good color that allows you to see it easily. There are three prongs that are grounded for your safety. The vinyl covering is another good addition to this product that protects it from tough weather elements.

Our only gripe with this product is that you will have to shave a bit of rubber off that is found right around the port. Other than that, everything else seems to work fine with this product.

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3. Thonapa Lighted Extension Cord

Great for a number of applications, this is a well-made and durable extension cord for indoor or outdoor use. You can count on it for landscaping or simply for powering your electrical tools and appliances. There are plugs with LED lights that let you know if the power has already been turned on. The design is also slip-resistant for added convenience.

For the most part, we think this product does work pretty well. But it just seems a tad too thin, which may be fine for other users although not very suitable for more heavy-duty applications.

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2. Electrical Extension Cord

When you need a very long extension cord for outdoor use, this product should be just fine. We like its practicality, so you can use it for a number of applications. In fact, it works for your printer, monitor, and computer. There are reinforced blades that keep the prongs safe while also making sure they do not break or bend. The black color of the cable is also excellent when you need one that blends well into the decor in your home or office. With a maximum length of 100 feet, this cord is truly functional.

There is no doubt that this cord is one of the best there is today. It is just a bit expensive but the good thing about it is that you really get what you pay for with this high-quality product.

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1. Woods Outdoor Extension Cord 982452

Topping our list of the finest extension cords today is this one from Woods. It is a well-made cord that has an oil-resistant jacket made of vinyl that protects the material from chemicals, dust, abrasion, and other tough weather elements. It is quite flexible, and you will love the fact that it is tangle-free. With a 3-pronged cord, this protects the unit from bending or breaking accidentally.

Overall, this is a solid extension cord that really does its job. It may be a bit too heavy but this should not be an issue at all considering how well it really functions.

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There you have our top 10 best outdoor extension cord 2020 reviews. By now, you should be able to have an easier experience with choosing the right item to buy that will surely give you the satisfaction you expect and a true value for your money.

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