Top 10 Best Picnic Tables in 2019 Reviews

When the weather outside is perfect, this should be a great time for you to spend time outdoors with your loved ones. To have a more comfortable experience outdoors, a picnic table is a great investment to consider. It will allow you to sit in a cozy spot outdoors or enjoy a nice meal with your family and friends. Our top 10 best picnic tables in 2019 reviews below should give you several options on what to get for your particular needs. These are the best-selling products in the market today, so you can expect great value for your money.

When buying a picnic table, you need to take into consideration the materials used. Since it will be used outdoors, you need to make sure that it is durable, weather-resistant, and heavy-duty. Some picnic tables are made from wood while others have plastic and metal materials in them. You should also consider the size of the picnic table that should match your specific needs and requirements. Another thing to look into is the seats, which should be suitable for the number of people who will use it. Perfect for camping, lounging outdoors, or al fresco dining, picnic tables are a must-have for your home.

Best Picnic Tables in 2019 Reviews

Browse through our top 10 best picnic tables in 2019 reviews. We have carefully selected these items that should give you the best bang for your buck and total satisfaction with your purchase.

10. Giantex Metal Base Picnic Table and Bench

We are simply satisfied with this picnic table set from Giantex. It is crafted from wood and metal, so it is impact-resistant, durable, and practical to use. The materials are weather-resistant, so even when exposed in sun and rain, it should stay sturdy. It will not peel or chip, which means you can enjoy using this picnic table set for a long time. As the frame is made from steel and coated with a rust-resistant material, it will remain smooth and free from corrosion.

This unit is a breeze to set up. But some people complain about it being a bit smaller than how it is presented in photos, although it should not be a problem for most users.

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9. Best Choice Products Picnic table Set

Made from Acacia wood, this picnic table set is without a doubt highly durable and practical to use. It is rectangular in shape, and it should be able to fit 6 people in maximum. The finish is rustic, which is not only elegant but also nostalgic. The picnic table set should be perfect for your yard, patio, or any outdoor space. Durable and sturdy, expect this table set to last for years to come.

We think this is a very durable picnic table set. But some users comment on the wood that is not the sturdiest. Still, it works well and with proper care, it is expected to have a long lifespan.

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8. Best Choice Products Folding Table VD-2837OP

We like this folding bench with a table that is perfect for outdoor use. It is well-made and sturdy, and the frame is crafted from iron. The tabletop is wood and is nicely constructed with a good quality finish. It is a folding table, which allows you to easily store it after use or pack it in your car to bring during camping. As for the length of the table, it should be perfect for use by 6 people. The weight limit of the bench is 500 pounds each.

Overall, this picnic table set works. Just check the dimensions carefully to make sure it will match the number of people who will be using this product.

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7. Best Choice Products Picnic Table

Not just a picnic table but this item also includes seats for use by a maximum of 6 adults. The table has a circular shape, and it is connected to a total of 3 benches that can seat people comfortably. The finish used for the table and benches is a natural blonde, and it should match your outdoor space well. Lastly, the material used is highly durable to resist tough weather. There is also a hole for the umbrella to give you ample shade.

Perhaps the only slight concern some people have about this table is how small it is. But if the dimensions indicated suit your needs, there should not be any problem at all with using this product.

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6. Giantex Portable 3-Piece Table Set

An excellent picnic table set, this product provides you with a cozy space to rest and relax when outdoors. The material used is Chinese fir wood that is smooth, solid, and looks great. It also has a nice, foldable design that allows you to store the table conveniently after use. There is absolutely no assembly needed for this product. Just connect the pieces together, and it should be ready to use.

For the price you pay, you will notice that it is simply the best. But the bench just seems to have a slightly flimsy feel to it, unlike with the table.

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5. Christopher Knight Home Bowman Picnic Table Set 298403

With two benches and one table, this set is perfect for your outdoor use. The materials for this product are iron and acacia wood, and the color is rustic metal. We think the dimensions are decent enough for use by up to 6 individuals. There is minimal assembly required but it should not be complicated at all and will not require complex techniques or tools.

Overall, we are happy with this picnic table set. Just keep in mind that some assembly is necessary but it should be good to go after several minutes of putting all the pieces together.

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4. Lifetime Table and Bench set 80123

The table measures 8 feet, which is a good size for those who need a reliable picnic table set for outdoor use. The tabletop is durable and the seats can accommodate up to 10 individuals. This table has a folding design, so after use, simply fold it up to store it with ease. The material is PE, a heavy duty material that keeps the unit durable and strong. There is also UV protection for the benches and top for added safety and durability features.

Unfortunately, this picnic table set is not the easiest to put together. But once you have them all set up, it should be good to go and will last for a long time.

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3. Custom Picnic Table Basic Kit 90182ONLMI

When you need to build a picnic table for your use outdoors, you can definitely benefit from this item. This is just a kit for building a picnic table but the materials used are definitely high quality and sturdy. There is no lumber included, so you will have to provide your own. But the frame is durable, and you can also make benches and a table with what is included in the package.

We like how easy it is to assemble this product. You will also need just simple materials. But you may need to buy different braces for your project, depending on the size you prefer.

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2. Jack Post Table Frame FC-30

Another kit you can use for making a picnic table is this product from Jack Post. It includes a steel tubing that is heavy duty and durable, so it should last for years. There are instructions included to help you set things up, and we also like the frame finish – black. It is a good color that will be able to resist stains and fading really well. Also, there is a 1-inch diameter for the frame tubing, so keep that in mind when designing for your project.

This is without a doubt a very durable table frame. But it is heavy, so you will need the help of another person to help you put every piece together. The heavy quality of this table is also proof that is durable and will last for years to come.

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1. Lifetime Putty Folding Table 22119

Last but not least, we feature this top-rated folding table that we like the most in this list. This is a very strong folding table that will never peel, chip, or split. It is highly durable, and it is also a breeze to maintain and clean. After use, just fold it flat and it is good to go for ease of storage. Use it outdoors whether it is cold or hot outside as it can resist all types of weather really well.

We like the fact that you can fold this table after use to store it. But it has a tendency to wobble, although it is not a big issue since you can use some material to keep the feet stable in case the ground is uneven. Once you have this all set up, you should be good to go and enjoy your use of this product.

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We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 best picnic tables in 2019 reviews. Now, you have several options to help you shop for the perfect item that matches your needs and standards. Happy shopping!

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