Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in 2020 Reviews

Bluetooth speakers are all in the rage because of how functional and practical they are. You can easily connect the speakers and go cable-free for less clutter in your room. This is why in our top 10 best portable Bluetooth speakers in 2020 reviews, we have gathered our top picks in this category. Have a look at these highly recommended items we have for you today to give you an idea about great products worth buying for the budget and features you have in mind.

What are the things you should consider when choosing the right Bluetooth speaker to buy? For instance, the frequency response. When you have a smaller speaker, the range is also narrow. This is why you should consider your preference for the range depending on where you are planning on using the speaker. Another thing to think about is the stereo sound. More drivers mean better sound quality. Bluetooth speakers, though, have just one driver because of portability reasons. But if you could find one with this feature, yet with enhanced audio quality, then you can expect the sound to be decent enough. Other features that people consider include the speakerphone, which is great for those who make plenty of phone calls, as well as connectivity to multiple speakers. A long battery life is also a nice plus, with some Bluetooth speakers lasting for at least 4 hours or so.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in 2020 Reviews

Now that you know more about the features you need to keep in mind when buying a Bluetooth speaker, let us take a look at our choices below. We have prepared our top 10 best portable Bluetooth speakers in 2020 reviews to help you select the perfect item that may be just what you have been looking for.

10. Bose Mini SoundLink Speaker II

We are quite impressed with the enormous audio quality that this speaker has to offer. The unit is wireless, which means that you can use the speaker anywhere you go. The maximum transmission range is at 30 feet, and there is a speakerphone built-in that allows you to make or take calls without a problem. The voice prompts also give you the ease in the Bluetooth pairing process. Lastly, the battery life is as long as 10 hours, but be sure to give it a full charge.

In terms of the portability, we have no doubt that this speaker is amazing. The volume output is not the best, however, yet it is decent enough for the price you pay.

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9. ARCHEER Bluetooth Speaker 25W

Expect the finest audio quality you can get from this Bluetooth speaker. It is quite powerful, and you can expect the audio to be crystal clear when it comes to the high and mid sound. The playtime is also pretty long at a maximum of 11 hours, as long as you keep the volume to 50 percent. With a rechargeable battery, you can easily get to power it up again after the battery life has gone down. Portable, lightweight, and practical, this speaker is indeed a value for your money.

One thing to note about this product is that there is no USB charger included in the package. However, this is something you can buy at a cheap price, so it is not a problem at all. The audio is also not stellar but it should work when you just need a portable and decent-sounding speaker.

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8. AOMAIS Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Perfect for camping, hiking, or any outdoor trip, this portable Bluetooth speaker form AOMAIS is truly one of the best. It comes with a rating of IPX7, making it waterproof and capable of withstanding tough weather elements. The unit includes a full volume and a booming bass, and there are 15-watt drivers (two pieces) to give you a crystal clear sound quality that you will love.

If there is one thing that we would change or improve on this product, it would be the power button. These buttons are a tad tricky to push, so you need to exert some effort in doing so.

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7. AOMAIS Bluetooth Sport II Speakers

When you need a truly dependable and well-made speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. These speakers are shockproof, snowproof, and mudproof, which make them easy to bring outdoors. The speakers have a rugged and tough design, and the rubber exterior keeps it well-protected from impact. The battery is rechargeable and built into the unit, and you should be able to answer and make phone calls hands-free.

This is an intuitive speaker, which is what is good about it. The instructions are also not the easiest to understand but as this is a fairly straightforward speaker, it should be perfect for the price you pay.

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6. JBL Bluetooth Speaker Flip

In terms of durability and functionality, we think this speaker is a good deal. The housing is rugged and durable, and you can be sure that it is suitable to bring outdoors. The quality of sound is quite rich, and you can make or take calls with just a soft touch of one button. Since this speaker is splashproof, you can easily wipe it down without worrying the unit incurring damages when exposed to moisture.

Overall, we think that quality of this speaker is good enough. It may not be the best there is but for the price you pay, it is definitely decent and worth a purchase.

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5. DOSS Bluetooth Speaker V4.0

We love the fact that this speaker includes touch controls, which lets you find your preferred setting without any hassle. It is versatile and portable, so you can take it with you when you are out and about. With the 4.0 technology for this Bluetooth speaker, you can expect great features including a memory, allowing you to easily reconnect to the last device you have used. With as much as 12 hours of total playtime when the speaker is at the 75 percent volume setting, this should be able to give you long hours of music listening pleasures.

Our only gripe about this product is the “busy” tone that phones have when the battery is going low. Other than that, we are happy about this speaker and what it has to offer.

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4. OontZ Portable Speaker Angle 3

With the third generation Oontz Bluetooth Speaker, the Angle 3 is definitely one of the finest there is when it comes to wireless speakers. It offers a very loud volume, as well as a wattage power of over 10. The range is also impressive at 100 feet, so you can expect the sound quality to remain clear as long as it is within range. This IPX5-rated speaker is water-resistant, and you can take it with you during your trips outdoors without a hassle.

In terms of the battery life and performance, this is hands down one of the best Bluetooth speakers there is. But one thing about it is that pairing this speaker with your Echo device keeps the power on, which uses up battery life.

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3. Anker Bluetooth Speakers

This Bluetooth speaker provides a rich and impressive sound, along with deep bass for your listening pleasure. There is zero distortion when used within range, and there are two drivers to keep the audio quality good. This unit has a drop-proof and solid build, and we like the seamless controls that go with it. With the Bluetooth 4.0 tech, as well as a range of 66 feet, this sure is one wireless speaker you will love.

For the most part, this speaker is quite satisfactory in terms of its function and performance. The buttons could use some improvements, though, since the color blends with the body, making them a little tricky to see.

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2. Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker BOOM 2

When you need speakers that you will love, this product is just the one you should look for. The design is portable and waterproof, so you can take it during trips. It is IPX7-rated for a waterproof capability and a depth of not more than a meter. The unit can last up to 15 hours with a range of 100 feet. There are also two drivers and passive radiators included.

We can say that the sound quality is loud enough as it is. But it is not quite bassy but it should be perfect for home use without the boomy quality.

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1. APIE Bluetooth Speaker

Topping our list of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market today is this product from APIE. We like the HD stereo sound that it offers, which makes your listening experience quite epic. This is a good speaker to take with your during biking, hiking, and camping trips. Pairing it with your favorite devices is also easy and the quality remains good at 33 feet max. As for the lifespan of the battery, it is at 10 hours on a single charge.

The quality is definitely good but not exactly the finest considering its price tag. The bass is also decent but not booming as some people might want.

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There you have our top 10 best Bluetooth speakers in 2020 reviews. We hope we were able to help you select the right product to buy after learning more about the best options for each price range.

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