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Best Portable Espresso Maker 2020 Reviews


Looking to make your own espresso at home? In this case, you need a portable espresso maker that will make it possible to do it in simple steps and quickly. Our best portable espresso maker 2020 reviews include a choice of numerous items in this category to give you a headstart in buying just the right one that will truly match your needs and expectations. Check out our top recommended items and compare their features to help you determine the best one to buy.

When buying a portable espresso maker, you need to check the capacity of the cup. Is it large enough for your needs? Or do you prefer something that is smaller and more compact? You want one that is portable and easy to take with you anywhere you go. An espresso maker that you can use for travel, camping, and at the office is ideal as it is travel-friendly and has a suitable size for your unique needs. Then, you want to check the ease of charging the cup. Most portable espresso maker can be charged by using a wall charger while others are for car charging. Having two options is great to provide you with versatility and convenience depending on what your situation is.

Best Portable Espresso Maker 2020 Reviews

Browse through our best portable espresso maker 2020 reviews below and have a better idea of what to purchase that will give you the best bang for your buck.

10. Conqueco Portable Espresso Maker

When it comes to charging and heating up your beverage, this unit makes it so easy. It comes with two options for charging, which is via a car charger or a wall charger. This espresso maker has a lightweight capacity, and it is small enough to make it easy to bring around anywhere you go. In fact, you will love how easy it is to use this cup because you only need to add some boiling water, then hit the power button, and it is good to go. If you have coffee capsules by K-Cup, this unit works with it, as well.

Some customers complain about having the need to pour boiling water first before using it to make espresso. But in terms of the size and portability of this item, it is definitely one of the best there is.

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9. Moocoo Portable Manual Espresso Machine

This is another one of the finest espresso machines that we like that is so compact and portable at the same time. It features a state of the art pumping feature, and you can easily achieve a stable pressure when you extract it, so it yields a great result in your coffee. The extraction design is simply amazing, and you can expect to get a rich and great taste from it all the time. Just by using this espresso maker, you will never have to buy your coffee ever again, saving you some money each time.

There is no doubt that it is a cost-effective and functional coffee maker. But it does not pull a cup of double espresso as it can only accommodate one tablespoon, which is not sufficient for more cups of coffee.

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8. COSTWAY Espresso Portable Maker

Make your coffee with ease using this espresso maker that you will absolutely love. The two-in-one extraction system lets you use both ground coffee and capsules. It is also possible to use a maximum of 20 bars for the pressure, which lets you have tasty coffee each time. With an easy to clean process, you can have this portable espresso machine all cleaned up after use.

Just make it a point to read instructions before cleaning this espresso maker. There were buyers who ended up making a mistake with the cleanup, which ruined this item, which is quite frustrating.

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7. Travel Portable Espresso Maker

There are so many things to love about this coffee maker that simply works for your needs. You can use it to heat water up, and then you can make your own espresso using a coffee capsule. The maximum amount this espresso machine can hold is 50 ml, which is a good size for you and perhaps to share with another person.

Overall, this is an excellent coffee maker to purchase for your coffee-loving self or friend. Just make it a point to apply the necessary procedures when cleaning it up to prevent issues as you do so.

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6. Litchi Portable Espresso Maker

When you crave good coffee each time, it is a good idea for you to make your own by using this portable espresso maker. It is quite impressive as you can just plug it in, add your coffee capsules, and it is good to go. The kind of coffee you can make with this unit is amazing, and you would never have to spend your money to buy ready-made coffee, which is the best thing about this espresso maker!

One thing to note about this product is the price point. It is a bit expensive for the quality it provides. But if you want the basic functionality of making espresso with ease, this product can make it happen.

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5. Aicok Travel Espresso Maker

Automatic and quick, this portable espresso maker does a great job in helping you make the perfect cup of coffee all the time. It works with your coffee capsules, and we like just how easy it is for you to make coffee using this travel item. It includes a rechargeable battery built into the unit, as well as a car charger and a wall charger. It is also lightweight and compact for your ease of use.

We think that it does great in making coffee on demand. But still a full-featured and bigger Nespresso unit can never be replaced by this smaller and more portable coffee maker. It does work but just not as good.

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4. Wacaco Portable Minipresso Machine

If what you want is a portable, lightweight and compact espresso maker, this product is something worth considering. We like how innovative it is, and you can expect it to make you great coffee each time. Just some pushes of the piston are all it needs to get you to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. Plus, it is convenient, too, so you should not have any problem with getting it started each time.

Our only concern with this product is that the nozzle cannot be disassembled. It is a bit of an inconvenience as it makes cleaning a bit tougher to do.

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3. MOSFiATA Coffee Maker Portable

When you expect to make good coffee with so much ease and speed, this product is a good choice to consider. We like how lightweight it is, combined with its compact design. You can use your ground coffee or coffee capsules without any hassle at all. The machine is made of plastic but it is food-grade and free of harsh chemicals. It is also battery-operated, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

It does perform well, which is a good thing about it. Considering how much you pay for it, it is definitely a great deal with its excellent performance. But it does tend to spill out when you put too much water. The spilling on the side is a bit of an inconvenience.

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2. Travel Coffee Maker

Choose from the two ways of charging this espresso maker and getting it to start using with either a car charger or a wall charger. This product has a modern design to it, which is also easy to use. Instead of a coffee machine, you can use this product that only requires a cup of boiling water to get it to start working in seconds.

Consider spending some time with the instructions before you start using this product. This allows you to have a better grasp of what it does and how to make the most out of it. Then, you can maximize your user experience of this product after knowing exactly what it is capable of, and you will be amazed to know that it does do a great job of making amazing cups of coffee each time.

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1. STARESSO Espresso Maker Portable

Last but not least, we have this portable espresso maker from Staresso. This is our favorite for a number of reasons. For instance, we like how it can deliver according to its promise and give you the best coffee each time. You can use ground coffee or your Nespresso pods without a problem. Cleanup is a breeze, and you can simply just give it a few rinses, and it should be good to go. With a BPA-free and food-grade material, this unit is safe and easy to use without a doubt.

Cleaning the basket is a bit of an inconvenience for some people. But other than that, we think this unit works just as expected.

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There you have our best portable espresso maker 2020 reviews. We hope that now, you were able to select the best item to buy that will truly meet your needs and expectations.

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