Top 10 Best Power Inverters in 2021 Reviews


Do you need a power inverter? This device is capable of converting your low voltage direct current or DC to a standard AC power. This is why when you have a household appliance that needs the power to be converted, a power inverter will come in handy. In addition to that, you will be able to operate your electrical equipment through the power generated from a truck, car, or even solar panels and other sources of renewable energy. Have a look at our top 10 best power inverters in 2021 reviews below to have an idea on the right items you are looking for that will match your specific needs.

Before you buy a power inverter, you need to take into account some important features. For instance, there are inverters that can power heavy-duty equipment and vehicles such as RVs and trucks. Other inverters are sufficient for powering more compact vehicles including SUVs and cars. As for other inverters, these are reliable as they can provide power to ambulances and healthcare equipment. When it comes to the size of the inverter, you should decide on the equipment that you will use with it. Determine the length of time that your appliance can run with the absence of an AC power. Smaller inverters can last for a shorter time while larger ones are good for an extended period. In case you need a bit more time, adding batteries should help. Then, there are also great features to consider such as a sine wave, high voltage icon, and high initial power graph that you may want to look into.

Best Power Inverters in 2021 Reviews

With all these things in mind, let us take a look at our top 10 best power inverter in 2021 reviews. We have gathered in this list our top choices for this category to guide you in making the right purchasing decision worth your time and money.

10. Go Power! 300 W GP-SW300-12

This is one of the best power inverters in stores today and for a number of reasons. For instance, it offers a powerful 300 watt supply for this pure sine wave power inverter. The input is 12 volts and there is a surge of 450 watts. The two outlets are GFCI-protected, and you can expect a number of safety features including overload, under-voltage and overvoltage protections. With a warranty that is good for 2 years, this product is indeed a risk-free item for you.

When it comes to performance, we can say that this product is indeed a suitable choice for your needs because it is truly powerful. However, it is just a tad heavy, as it weighs 9 pounds.

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9. Tripp Lite Power Inverter 400W PV400USB

When you need a dependable power inverter to buy for your needs, this product is worth looking into. It is capable of converting a DC power of 12 volts to as much as 120 volts of AC power. This is truly a versatile and heavy-duty inverter that can efficiently power up to 2 AC outlets, as well as USB ports (2.1 and 1.0 A). When you need power for your game systems, laptops, and tablets, among a few others, this product is for you. As it is a breeze to use, there should be no problem setting it up.

Based on some users, this unit lacks some power when you are using your device while plugged in the cigarette lighter. But otherwise, it should work just as expected and it could power your devices without a glitch.

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8. Go Power! Pure Sine Wave 700 Watt Inverter GP-ISW700-12

If what you look for is an industry-quality power inverter, this product is something to consider. It is a versatile power inverter that is ideal for average power requirements. You can count on this product to power your electronic equipment such as your computer, stereo, and TV. Just keep in mind that it works only on electrical equipment with a medium load, considering its power of 700 watts.

For the most part, we think that this power inverter works efficiently. However, you need to remember that it is only designed for medium-load equipment. So if you are planning on using it with your larger load kinds of electrical equipment, this item may be insufficient.

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7. GoWISE Inverter 1500 WPS1005

This pure sine wave inverter is truly reliable as it does the job well. It produces up to 1500w for continuous, and you can count on it to work with electrical equipment that needs a 12-volt DC converted to 120-volt AC. Among the items found in the package include a remote switch, 4 pieces of output sockets, 5 protection system types, and red and black cables equipped with ring terminals. You can rely on this product for your vessels and cars, as well as your computers.

In terms of the performance and quality of the product, we are impressed with what it offers. But as for the cables included in the package, we are not quite satisfied because these are a little bit undersized.

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6. Go Power! Pure Sine Inverter 1500 Watts GP-SW1500-12

There are so many things to appreciate about this pure sine wave inverter from Go Power. For instance, it comes with an input of 12 volts, and it offers 1500 watts of continuous power. The surge is at 2,000 watts, which is reasonable enough for this inverter. There are also protections included for your safety and peace of mind. Among these are the under-voltage, overload, and overvoltage protection. You can also plug into two outlets that are GFCI-protected.

When it comes to the ease of use of this product, we can say it is truly amazing. The plug and play functionality is truly impressive. But then there is a limitation to the readouts and you are better off with digital readouts for greater functionality.

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5. Samlex America Pure Sine Inverter PST-2000-12

This power inverter in the PST series is quite impressive and efficient to use. It is a commercial-grade quality, which makes it ideal for various operations and also for heavy-duty loads. It also comes with a universal protection circuit, so there is protection from a number of conditions including over-temperature, over-voltage, and low voltage. There are dual outlets that are GFCI-protected, for your peace of mind and safety. Lastly, this unit comes with a cooling fan that is temperature-controlled to minimize energy consumption.

Just be sure to read the instructions carefully to get the most out of this product. Some customers who have encountered a problem with this inverter come from a lack of understanding of what this unit actually offers.

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4. Tripp Lite Industrial Power Inverter PV2000FC

We are awed by the performance and quality of this power inverter from Tripp Lite. For instance, it is industrial-quality, which means its power can suffice for applications that are heavy duty. The output power is at 2,000 watts for continuous, and for instantaneous power, it is at 4,000 watts. The unit also features an extended peak surge for the power, which makes it capable for use on heavy-connected loads. Lastly, there are two AC power outlets that come with a sturdy housing made from polycarbonate material with moisture-resistance.

For the price you pay for this unit, it is easy to say that it is worth it. However, the instructions are very tricky, so it is best that you understand it carefully to make the most out of this item.

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3. Kinverch Power Inverter 2000W

Another brand of a good quality power inverter, this item offers 2000 watts of continuous power and up to 4000 watts. There are three different outlets included and a single 2A USB port for charging. You can use this product for your car vacuum, fridge, game player, floodlight, and DVD player, to name a few. With a couple of cooling fans and internal fuses, this product is sure packed with power and protection.

When it comes to the size and price of this unit, we can say that these are both rather impressive. But it is just not quite sufficient for larger load applications.

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2. Ampeak Car Converter 2000W

We are very well pleased with this converter and power inverter that can work on 2000 watts of continuous DC that will be converted to AC. This unit offers protection all around as there is a built-in fuse, cooling fan, auto shutdown in the case of an overvoltage, short circuit, overheat, and a low voltage. Lastly, you can use this tool during an outage, snowstorm, hurricane, and emergency.

The performance level of this inverter is superb, which is very important. While some people argue about the surge wattage not being at 2,500, they say that even under that is still decent.

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1. Go Power! 3000 W Power Inverters GP-SW3000-12

Now we have reached our top one in this list, and this product is here for a reason – it is super powerful and dependable. There is a 6000-watt surge, which can power bigger and heavier vehicles such as trucks, boats, and RVs. The other protections it comes with include overload, over-voltage and under-voltage.

When you need clean power to your electronic systems such as computers and game systems, this unit is dependable. But there were concerns with the unit because of poor installation, so it is important to consider this to determine if this is indeed the right product for you or not.

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There you have our top 10 best power inverters in 2021 reviews. By this time, you should have more ideas on the number of options in store for you to help you begin with your search for the right item to purchase.

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