Top 10 Best Razor Scooters in 2020 Reviews


Razor is a popular brand of scooters, and it has been around in the industry for a number of years. With this in mind, no wonder most people who wish to buy a scooter prefer to purchase this brand as it is reputable and renowned for its stability, sturdiness, and performance. Check out our top 10 best Razor scooters in 2020 reviews below to select the best product that works best for your needs. We have carefully done our research to bring you this list that should guide you in your purchasing decision.

When buying a scooter, there are some things you need to look into to make sure your purchase is indeed worth your money. You want to ensure the overall quality of the product including the sturdiness of the deck, T-tube, and the brake. Check all the components and be sure they are all in place to give you the best experience you long for. The handlebars should be easy to fold down for convenience in storing the scooter when not in use or when you need to carry it. Consider also the weight capacity that it meets your particular needs to ensure your comfort and ease throughout the ride.

Best Razor Scooters in 2020 Reviews

Ready to shop for a good quality Razor scooter? Have a look at our recommended items in our top 10 best Razor scooter in 2020 reviews. These are among the highly rated products that will surely meet your every need and standards.

10. Razor Spark Kick Scooter

We are impressed with the performance of this high-quality kick scooter from Razor. It comes with bright LED wheels that highlight your ride as you cruise. We love the spark bar as it creates a stunning spark trail, although you will need to purchase this item separately as it is not part of the package. Nevertheless, it is a fine addition worth considering when you make your purchase. The folding system is also intuitive and makes it easy for you to fold and unfold the scooter.

If there is one thing that could use improvement in this product, it would be the spark cartridge. Unfortunately, it does not last very long, although it should be just fine as it is. As for the stability and durability of the deck, handlebars, and wheels, there is no doubt this scooter is pretty robust.

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9. Razor Scooter Cruiser

When it comes to an amazing Razor scooter, this Cruiser is worth looking into. We love the design and style of this ride, which will surely make you the envy of your friends. The deck is wide and absorbs shock well, and the laminate wood used for it is rather flexible. You will have a comfortable ride with every glide. The wheels are urethane and large enough to ensure your comfort and ease, and you can remain in control the whole time.

We think the heel brake is just okay. It is decent but it works. For the price you pay, it is definitely worth it and is a good gift to buy for your child or even for yourself, if you are an avid scooter rider.

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8. Razor Kick Scooter A6

For tall riders, this kick scooter from Razor is a sure winner. We love the tall handlebars that will give any rider great comfort you long for. You can even adjust the handlebars even more to a maximum of 42 inches. The wheels are ultra large and spoked, so you can count on their sturdiness and stability. We are also pleased with the handlebars with an anti-rattle design to give you a smooth and quiet ride.

A few concerns with this scooter, though. One, it does fold into a smaller size but it is not lightweight. Then, the wheels could use improvement in terms of the size as while they are large, they are not large enough for other users who are taller.

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7. Razor Kick Scooter A5

Another excellent scooter from Razor is the A5. We think this is amazing as it is designed for urban cruising, so you can ride it every day for your comfort or just for recreation. The frame is crafted from very strong aluminum, and there are handlebars that are super sturdy and secure with an anti-rattle feature. The folding system is also convenient. The rubber grips on the handlebars help you stay comfortable and give you better control of the scooter.

Overall, we think this scooter is amazing and works well. However, it tends to scratch a little when you go up the curb because of the low profile. Other than that, we think this product is a solid investment.

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6. Razor Pro Dirt Scooter

When you need a scooter that is great for pavement or dirt road, this product is for you. It is excellent for handling dirt road, so you can still cruise with ease and enjoy the ride. The frame is heavy duty and made from aluminum, and the tires and highly supportive and stable. We recommended this product to individuals 10 years and above, as long as they do not exceed 220 pounds.

In terms of durability and stability, this scooter is definitely impressive. However, just remember that the handlebars may not be very tall for riders who are over 5’4”. For dirt road, sidewalk, and gravel, this scooter works but not for sand.

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5. Razor Kick Scooter A2

The A2 is one of the first scooter models by Razor, and this product is definitely a popular choice. The deck is aluminum and with an aircraft grade quality. We love the purple highlights that add design and style to it. The wheels are sturdy and offer shock protection while the fender brake for quick and abrupt stops.

For the most part, this is an excellent scooter to buy for children or even adults who are just starting out. The performance is great, and we cannot recommend it enough. But just pay attention to the weight capacity to ensure your safety and also the lifespan of this scooter.

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4. Razor Kick Scooter A5 LUX

With a new and improved finish for the kickstand, we think this scooter has really stepped up its game. The anodized finish looks great, and the deck and T-tube are made from aircraft-grade sturdy aluminum material. Taller riders will have no problem with this scooter as it can accommodate their needs without a problem. The rear brake also works flawlessly, and you can adjust the handlebars for your comfort at the same time.

Overall, we think this scooter works exactly for most people. Just bear in mind that it is a little on the heavy and hefty side, so it may be tricky to lift and carry it around.

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3. Razor Kick Scooter A3

A classic and all-time favorite scooter from Razor, the A3 is sturdy and stable. You can count on an amazing ride from this particular model, which is made from durable aluminum with an aircraft-grade level of sturdiness. The rear brake is reliable for abrupt stops, and there is an improved bar design for aesthetics and function. If you are under 143 pounds, this scooter should work well for you.

We like to stress the point that this scooter is excellent for beginners. In fact, even kids as young as 5 can ride it. But just be sure to check the weight limit to avoid any issue with safety.

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2. Razor Kick Scooter A

One of the original and early designs of the Razor scooter is the A scooter. This beautiful scooter is made from aluminum and comes with cool highlights. The T-tube is foldable, and you will love how easy it is to transport this scooter. The rear brake is ever reliable, and overall, this is a lightweight scooter. With excellent wheels (urethane), turning and moving forward with this scooter is a breeze!

We think this is a very sturdy scooter that can withstand abuse. However, it can be overwhelming for a much younger rider, so you need to keep that in mind before you purchase this particular model of scooter.

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1. Razor Kick Scooter A (Pink) Lighted Wheel

When you are in the market for a cute and functional scooter to buy for your little girl, this product should be a suitable choice. We love the beautiful lights that enhance the visibility of the scooter when used in the evening. The wheels work well and are sturdy, and the deck is very durable and stable, so you can ensure your safety as you kick and ride. For the price you pay, it is definitely worth it. This makes for a great gift or even something that you would want to buy for your own use.

Overall, this is a good Razor scooter that you may want to consider for a beginner user. Just pay attention to the handlebars as these do not extend too far. But for what it is, we can say honestly that it does work and gives anyone a smooth ride.

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We hope that you enjoyed reading our top 10 best Razor scooter in 2020 reviews. Please be sure to compare the different features of the scooters presented to give you a better choice on what to get for your particular needs.

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