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Top Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in 2021 Review


Need some help tidying up the house? A robotic vacuum cleaner can get things done without you laying a finger on the cleanup. This small yet powerful machine will pick up dirt, dust, and debris without any problem. Even when you are not around, you can count on this appliance to tidy up, so you can come home seeing the whole place looking amazing. Our top best robotic vacuum cleaner in 2021 review include great options for you to choose from to make it a breeze for you to shop. However, please bear in mind that robotic vacuum cleaner costs between $300 and $1,000, pretty more expensive than manual vacuum. Yet, this smart device offers greater time saving and less work.

What should you look for in a robotic vacuum cleaner? First of all, you need to make sure that the suction power is dependable. This is the most important feature in this appliance, and you want to get a mini vacuum cleaner that can really pick up debris and dirt. In addition to that, you also need to make sure that the robot vacuum can recharge its battery automatically when necessary. This is a fine addition to the tool since you don’t have to worry about recharging it. Once the battery is already pumped up, the vacuum can continue doing the job until it is finished. Extra features that will make it a breeze to deal with the cleaner include filter traps, rubber brushes, accessories, and other similar components that add to the overall value of the robot vacuum.

Buying Guides For Perfect Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for 2020

If you are still in doubts in investing in a smart vacuum cleaner, you can look through below guides to decide if you should have one.


The lowest price could be between $200 and $300, more expensive than a cordless hand vacuum and commercial vacuum. However, the effective and efficient result that this artificial intelligent device offer is far more advance that the manual vacuum cleaners.

Floor Type

Advance robotic vacuum can clean all different floor types, but it is more expensive. If you have only hardwood or carpet floor, you may consider buy the one that fits your need. In doing so, you do not need to spend much, yet you can use it efficiently.


Considering the size of your house to get the best robotic vacuum. Precisely, this would help you get an ideal one without wasting your money. If you have small space, you do not need a huge battery which would cost a lot. Additionally, you may want to get a small robotic vacuum which can easily navigate through your house.


This is the most important thing to consider when you are looking for the best robotic vacuum cleaner. Look through to see all the features you need to ensure that your money is worth spending. See the suction power, battery, accessories and technology such as scheduling, filter system, virtual walls and navigation system.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in 2021 Reviews

With these in mind, let us go over our top 10 best robotic vacuum cleaner in 2021 reviews. We have lined up various products in this category that should offer you total satisfaction and a great deal for your money.

10. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum 960 – Perfect robotic vacuum cleaner in 2021 for pet hair

No time to take care of the house cleanup? This robot vacuum is perfect for the job! It features the 2.0 iAdapt Navigation that lets this tiny device map out the area to be cleaned to make sure it won’t miss a spot. It works for homes with cats or dogs around since it can clean pet hair effectively and other types of debris. Got allergies to pets? If so, then you can rely on this vacuum to suck pet allergens and keep them trapped in the filter.

Just a few observations that some people had about this product. For instance, the bin is a bit small, so you will need to empty it twice when you need to do a full cleaning if you have a lot of pet hair to clean.

Topmost Features

  • Suction power is five times stronger than normal vacuum cleaner
  • Compact with 8.6 pounds and dimensions of 13.8″ x 13.8″ x 3.6″
  • Designed with iAdapt 2.0 technology. It can navigate throughout the entire house easily
  • Practical for the house with pet
  • Customizable with Google Assistant, Alexa and iRobot HOME
  • Battery is automatically recharged
  View it on Amazon.com

9. Robotic 1800 Pa Vacuum Cleaner – Superb slim and quiet smart vacuum cleaner

Choose from a total of 5 different cleaning modes that this vacuum cleaner has to offer. It is small but super powerful in taking care of a cleanup task. While it is barely 3 inches tall, it is sure to go beneath your desk, couch and other tight spaces to keep these areas clean. With a large cleaning scale, you can expect it to do a huge amount of cleaning job. When the battery starts to run low, it will head back to get recharged at its charging station and continue with the task when the battery is full.

Perhaps one slight concern with this product is the suction power. It’s a little weak, so you may have a problem cleaning pet hair efficiently.

Topmost Features

  • 2.9 inches in height making it easy to go under all kind of furniture
  • Comes with 1800PA suction power
  • Battery can run for 100 minutes, practical for a large house
  • It is weighed 5.95 pounds
  • Designed with 65DB noise, relatively quiet
  • 360 degree sensor for protection and can claim over anything up to 0.63″ in height
  View it on Amazon.com

8. PUCRC26B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Best robotic vacuum cleaner in 2021 for the price

What we like the most about this product is the unbeatable low cost, yet high quality. Precisely, it is suitable for smaller space as the battery can run up to 55 minutes. The suction is also decent, so it can do a good job with the cleanup. It is a great vacuum that can take care of cleaning tasks no matter what the surface is such as short pile carpets, hardwood floors, and even tiles. With a low profile, it can clean narrow and tight spaces very well. The brushes also rotate in a way that can really reach dirt without a problem.

For the most part, this vacuum cleaner gets the job done. But the exterior is made from plastic that has a rather flimsy feel to it, which can be a concern to some customers.

Topmost Features

  • Ultra slim with only 2.9 inches in height
  • Battery runs for 55 minutes and charging time is 4 hours
  • Bin capacity is 0.2L
  • Self protection sensor to avoid falling or hitting
  • Comes with rotating brushes to collect all dust and pet hair easily
  View it on Amazon.com

7. Coredy 1400Pa Robotic Vacuum – Designed with latest technology of protection sensor

Leave the cleanups to this handy dandy vacuum. This robot vacuum allows you to schedule and rely on a dependable cleaner with just a press of a button. Moreover, it features a cleaning that can be adjusted automatically, so you can increase or decrease the suction power. The anti-collision feature that this vacuum has is also impressive as this protects the unit from breaking and falling from edges and stairs. With a long runtime of 110 minutes, that’s a lot of cleanups done in more than an hour.

Overall, this is an amazing robotic vacuum. But for homes or areas where space is small, it has a hard time going everywhere and cleaning.

Topmost Features

  • Super slim with 2.7 inches in height
  • Comes with 1400PA suction power
  • The sensor comes with latest technology to ensure that this smart device can navigate throughout the house without any difficulty
  • Equipped with 2,600mAh battery that can run 110 minutes constantly
  • 300 ml dust bin which is adequate for one deep clean
  • Automatically charging ability, this smart device will charge itself when the battery is low
  View it on Amazon.com

6. ILIFE Pro Robot vacuum V3s – Perfect for pet hair

Whether you need a powerful robot vacuum that can pick up debris, pet hair, and other types of dirt, this appliance can do the job. It has a low-profile that makes it possible to clean up under your sofa, desk, cabinet, and bed. The unit charges by itself when needed, and you can also program a schedule for the cleanup, making it highly efficient. Great for low-pile rugs and carpets, hardwood, and tile, this amazing cleaner works great. Obviously, this is a perfect robotic vacumm cleaner in 2021 for the house with pet.

It is without a doubt a reliable robot vacuum. A few customers complained about needing to supervise it, though, but for the tasks you expect it to do, you can truly rely on it to do things right.

Topmost Features

  • Battery runs for 100 minutes and automatically charges
  • Dust bin capacity is 300 ml
  • 3 inches in height to go under and through narrow space easily
  • You can program the cleaning schedule with this robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Equipped with sensor to sense and avoid obstacles
  View it on Amazon.com

5. Proscenic Robot Vacuum 790T – Great for general cleaning, but not narrow space

Aesthetically pleasing and dependable, this robot vacuum gets things done. It can be controlled using a remote, an app on your smartphone or even supports the Alexa voice. With a powerful suction power, this device cleans up your home, office, and any place you need it to tidy things up. There are also sensors that help it go to areas that require the most cleanup. Capable of mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, this is a smart 3-in-1 cleaning machine!

The only slight problem that some users encountered with this product was the difficulty in connecting to the app. But once they had it running, this robot vacuum worked like a charm.

Topmost Features

  • Comes with 3.5 inches in height, this robotic vacuum cleaner is great for general cleaning, but not really under narrow spaces
  • Works with mobile app, Alexa voice or remote control
  • 1500PA suction power
  • Can claim over any obstacles that are 0.4 inches in height
  • Automatically charges
  View it on Amazon.com

4. Samsung R7070 POWERbot – Ideal for all cleaning

With highly powerful suction, you will love what this robot vacuum can do. It can clean various surfaces in a breeze. Precisely, the suction power automatically boosts depending on how heavy the dirt or debris. The self-cleaning brush included in the unit is also effective for removing pet hair that tends to collect and get tangled around the vacuum’s brush. As for the rubber blade, this can extend to clean areas that are hard to reach. With a mapping feature, it can create the best cleaning path to take without bumping on obstacles.

This unit works great. However, the battery life could use improvement as it is not exactly long and you will have to charge it in a couple of hours or less.

Topmost Features

  • Suction power is 40 times stronger than normal vacuum cleaner.
  • Suction power boosts to medium or high when the robotic vacuum cleaner detects the dirt. This way, it saves battery time.
  • Cleaning speed is 32cm per second
  • Dust bin capacity is 0.3L
  • Superb smart device. Automatically recharges and resumes cleaning work.
  • Wide brush with easy to move wheels for excellent cleaning
  • Schedule cleaning is doable
  View it on Amazon.com

3. Neato D7 Robotics Cleaner – Perfect for large house and corner cleaning

Compatible with Alexa, you can boss this tiny device around and let it handle the cleanup for you. It can clean in a nice, straight line and not in a random path, so you can be sure nothing is missed. Plus, the mapping feature allows you to save a maximum of three cleaning maps, so you can just customize your preferred one according to what is needed. With a powerful filter, this device can capture as much as 99 percent of allergens and dust mites.

Reasonably priced and effective, this unit does get your tidying up job done. But some customers notice that it tends to get stuck in one area at times, so this is one thing to consider about this unit.

Topmost Features

  • “D” shape design to enable cleaning at the corners and narrow spaces
  • Dust bin capacity is 0.7L, relatively big for a large house
  • Equipped with intelligent mapping technology to enable navigation different floors in your house
  • Battery runs for 120 minutes
  • Automatically recharges and resumes cleaning
  •  Weighs 8 pounds
  View it on Amazon.com

2. ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot Vacuum N79S – Super quiet, worth your money

This is one of the finest in the market today as it definitely works as expected. There are app and voice controls you can apply, allowing you to schedule and direct the unit. With 110 minutes of runtime, this can do cleanups for a decent length of time. The maximum mode power is also excellent for sucking up messes without a glitch. Even on hardwood floors, this thing can do the cleanup well.

One thing we have observed with this unit is it tends to not be super efficient in other rooms. It could also depend on the program you have selected and the number of obstacles it is bound to come across, which slows it down.

Topmost Features

  • Battery runs for 110 minutes
  • Super quiet when working
  • Suction power increases two times stronger to pick up dirt if heavy
  • Can use with app or voice control
  • Dust bin capacity is 520ml
  • Automatically returns to charging station after cleaning
  • Can program cleaning schedule
  View it on Amazon.com

1. eufy RoboVac BoostIQ 11S – Five stars as an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner

Slim, small, and super efficient, this handy little robot cleaner is hands down a great cleanup buddy you can count on. It is the slimmest you can find in stores and even re-engineered to ensure quiet operation. It can vacuum areas for 100 minutes, even if you need to use it on hardwood flooring. With a glass top cover packed with anti-scratch features, this can protect the surface of the robot cleaner. The infrared sensor is another cool feature to help it prevent obstacles.

It is absolutely a reasonably-priced unit unlike the other big brands in the market. But it is not super reliable when it comes with pet hair. For other types of debris and dirt, though, it works great.

Topmost Features

  • Super slim with 2.85″
  • Comes with 1300PA suction power
  • Battery can run for 100 minutes
  • Self protection sensor to avoid falling or hitting
  • Automatically returns to charging station after cleaning
  • Large dust bin, 0.6L capacity
  • Automatically increases suction power if needed
  View it on Amazon.com

In conclusion, robotic vacuum cleaner is a new way of life. This smart device will save you a lot of time and work. You do not have to be home to do all the cleaning. With this excellent smart vacuum cleaner, you can simply be sure that your house is always clean whether you are home or not. There you have our top 10 best robotic vacuum cleaner in 2021 reviews. We hope that now, you have several choices on the right item to buy that is most suitable for your unique needs and budget.

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