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Best Rooftop Tent in 2022


Camping is a fun activity and our best rooftop tent in 2022 list can help you select the right one to buy. With so many rooftop tents out there, how can you possibly choose just one? This is why we have lined up these products to help you pick. Our product reviews and buying guide is here to assist those in search of this item. Browse through our featured items to determine the best one to purchase for your needs.

When looking for a rooftop tent, you need to consider a few basic features. First, it needs to be easy to set up. The unit should be ready to use in just minutes. Second, be sure that the rack specs match your vehicle’s design. This way, you will have no problem installing it to your vehicle. Third, consider a few features. The tent should be durable and reliable for various seasons. Fourth, determine the total weight of the tent. The weight capacity and the rack dynamic should match perfectly well. Some brands should be able to handle a big load while others may not have this capability. Lastly, check the price. Rooftop tents vary in cost, so you should consider choosing one that suits your budget.

Best Rooftop Tent in 2022 Review

Now that you know more about these factors, check out our best rooftop tent in 2022 review. We have done our homework to bring you this list. Here are our recommended items based on their features and our personal experience in using each.

10. Tepui Explorer Rooftop Tent Kukenam

Enjoy camping more by checking out this unit in our best rooftop tent in 2022 list. This is a great rooftop tent that does a good job. It can fit as many as 3 people inside. The material used is a combination of polyester and cotton. These are sturdy fabrics that should last for a long time. Even when there is heavy rain, it should be able to handle such type of weather. We also like how quick it is to set up for your convenience.

Unfortunately, this rooftop tent is not quite reliable during the toughest season. It can be very cold staying in when the weather is frigid. So, you should only be able to use this in the warmer months. Otherwise, it is durable and lasts for a long time.

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9. Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent

When you need a standard tent that is roomy enough, the Smittybilt is a good option. It can fit as many as 3 people inside. You can also put in a double mattress inside the tent, which is included in the package. The mattress can support up to 661 pounds of weight. The top is waterproof. There is a rainfly included at the same time. We love the fact that there is mosquito netting to protect you from pesky bugs at night. With a removable floor, this unit is easy to use and quite efficient.

Our only gripe about this product is the strap design. It could surely use improvement as it is not the sturdiest. But other than that, we cannot recommend this product enough. The material is thick and moisture-resistant. You should be able to sleep peacefully through the night.

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8. TMB Sand Rooftop Pop Up Tent

Do you need help finding the perfect popup tent to buy? In this case, our best rooftop tent in 2022 list can help you out. This unit can fit many vehicles, as it comes with everything you need to get all setup. This unit can make your outdoor adventures more comfortable. The unit closes using snap straps. There are outer and inner zippers, as well, to make closure quite easy. Plus, there is a mattress made of memory foam pre-installed to the unit.

We do believe this is a spacious rooftop tent. It is sturdy, which is a good thing about it. However, it is not quite spacious. So, you may not be able to fit in more than two people inside. Other than that, everything else works quite well.

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7. AirBedz by Pittman Outdoors Rooftop Tent

This is quite a spacious and sturdy rooftop tent. We love the poly-cotton fabric, which is a durable material. The tent has a durable base with insulation. This should be able to keep you more comfortable. The foam mattress is added in, as well. As a result, you should experience a more peaceful sleep throughout the night. We are also impressed with the ease of set up of this unit. In minutes, it should be ready to use. The telescopic ladder is also great. You should be able to adjust it quickly after use.

Our only gripe about this product is the size. It is not very spacious, so you would not be able to fit in many people. But overall, it does a good job. It works great and good for the price.

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6. Raptor Series Voyager Rooftop Tent

We are impressed with this rooftop tent from Raptor Series. It can sleep up to 2 people, which makes it reasonable to use. This unit can be set up in just a matter of seconds. We love the unique design. So, you no longer have to take so much time getting it ready. Also, you can close this unit in seconds. This way, you can store it easily after every use. There are even storage pockets and a space for your shoes. You can get things organized using this tent.

We do think that this rooftop tent is well made. However, it is a bit pricey. But considering the quality you get from this item, we can say that it is absolutely worth every dollar.

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5. Tepui Rooftop Tent Explorer Ayer

Do you need a spacious rooftop tent for your camping needs? In this case, this one from Tepui is a good option. You can use this unit to fit 2 to 3 people without any problem. The material is a ripstop design. So, it can handle even the toughest rain easily. Even strong winds should never be an issue with this product. The foam mattress is also quite thick. It measures 2-1/2 inches to give you better support.

If there is one thing we would like to improve about this product, it would be the packaging. It could surely use better packaging than what it has now. Other than that, it should be fairly easy to use.

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4. Tepui Autana Explorer Rooftop Tent

Another solid product from Tepui, this deserves a spot in our best rooftop tent in 2022 review. It is roomy inside to make sure you don’t feel cramped when sleeping. There is a canopy entrance to it, as well as an annex that is removable. This unit has a ripstop material. The 600D Oxford fabric is sturdy and secure. You will also love the polyester and cotton mix of the fabric. With a mold-resistant feature, it should be perfect for any season.

Overall, we think this rooftop tent does a great job. But the mattress just seems a tad too hard. So, it is a little bit uncomfortable for some users. Still, it is sturdy and does a great job for the price you pay.

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3. Front Runner Low Profile Rooftop Tent

The Front Runner is a good brand of rooftop tent you can count on. There is a low profile design to keep you nice and cozy inside. When unfolded, this unit should be slim and easy to store. It can also sleep up to 2 people in the tent. When mounting, just be sure to use the mount kit, which should be found in the package. Overall, this is a lightweight unit that does a great job for the price you pay.

There is a little bit of set up and preparation involved in this unit. Fortunately, all the pieces you need are included in the package. So, you should not have any issue getting it ready to go.

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2. DragonLi Travel Rooftop Tent

We think this product is one of the finest in stores today. We like the very soft mattress included keeping your body properly supported. You should be able to sleep well through the night. There is a base plate added for comfort, as well as sturdy poles for setting up. In fact, even beginner campers should be able to set it up well. The inside portion of the tent is quite roomy. There should be ample space for quilts, pillows, and several other necessities inside.

This is hands down one of the best rooftop tent in 2022. It is spacious and sturdy, which should be perfect for use. The quality is also great, so you can open and close it without any issue. But for those who have never used this item before, setting up can be a bit tricky at first.

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1. Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tent

Topping our list of the best rooftop tent in 2022 is this one from Tuff Stuff. It is one of the best indeed because it is rugged, spacious, and easy to use. The material is sturdy, and it can handle up to 2 people inside. The unit is relatively lightweight. It should be easy to carry as it is only 20 pounds in total weight. As there is front entry, using it should not be an issue at all.

The package notes that it is good for 3 people. However, it can only fit 2 comfortably. Nevertheless, we rave about this product because not only is it sturdy. It is also roomy, compact, and easy to take with you when you travel.

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There you have our best rooftop tent in 2022 review. After learning more about these products, we hope that you are able to select the right one to purchase. Do check back in and analyze the features to help you make an informed buying decision.

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