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Best Safety Glasses 2020


Safety glasses are necessary when you are carrying out hazardous tasks that may put your eyes at risk. If you are performing carpentry, construction, or other tasks that may jeopardize your eyes, you need to be sure to put on a pair of safety glasses that are ideal for your needs. Browse through our best safety glasses 2020 reviews and go through the selection of items that we hope should give you a better choice of what to purchase for your unique needs and requirements.

When shopping for safety glasses, you need to be sure that the fit is right. It needs to be comfortable to wear even for long hours. The lens should also offer full coverage to your eyes, which means the frame should be large enough depending on the size and shape of your face. We also like to stress the importance of the nosepiece. Some safety glasses end up to be not as comfortable because the nosepiece is not supportive. It also tends to hurt people’s skin, so if you can find one that is made of rubber, this is a good choice for you. Lastly, you should look for a pair that offers UV protection to your eyes. This is a practical feature that guarantees optimum protection that you need to make sure your vision is cared for and is never compromised.

Best Safety Glasses 2020

Take a look at our top 10 best safety glasses 2020 reviews. We have carefully selected all of these items to give you an easier time shopping for the most suitable item that will surely give you the eye protection you need and a bang for your buck.

10. DEWALT Safety Glasses DPG94-1C

We are well-pleased with the overall quality of these safety glasses from Dewalt. These glasses are truly well-made and durable. There are rubber tips on the temples, which make sure that the glasses will not slip and come off unexpectedly. These tips are also excellent for adding comfort to the glasses. We like the large lens and full-frame the cover your face well. And with a rubber material for the nosepiece, this enhances the comfort as you wear your glasses for hours.

There is no doubt that these glasses work well in shielding your eyes from dust. The tint is also pretty decent. However, the price just ends up to be a bit too steep but you can be sure that you get a good value for the money.

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9. Safety Glasses 24-Pack

Why get just one pair when you can have as many as 24 pairs per pack? This is what we like about these safety glasses, which are very cheap and functional at the same time. You can choose from different colors for the frame such as gray, green, black, orange, red, and blue. The protective component is excellent as it exceeds safety standards. There is also a scratch-resistant and crystal clear quality to these glasses that we simply love.

We can say that in terms of quality, these glasses are not exactly the best. But still, the price is so cheap that you can definitely expect satisfaction from your purchase of these practical and well-made safety glasses.

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8. G & F EyePro 13017

One pack gives you 12 pairs of good quality safety glasses. We like the high level of protection that it offers against harmful UV C, A, and B rays. As for glares, it provides 100 percent protection. These are comfortable glasses that will never hurt your temples or your nose. The style is also quite catchy as it is sleek and sophisticated. You would never think that these glasses are actually cheap because of how outstanding the overall quality is.

Our only gripe about these glasses is that they tend to fog up. But this is nothing that cannot be resolved as you can simply wipe the lens, and it should be good to go again.

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7. NoCry Anti Scratch Over-Glasses

If you wear glasses but you need additional protection for your eyes, then you should definitely check out these over-glasses from NoCry. We like how protective these glasses are, that they can shield your eyes from debris and other harmful elements. These glasses are suitable for lab work, woodworking, dental work, and many more. The material used is also very durable and comfortable at the same time.

Our only concern with these safety glasses is the lack of protection provided under the eyes. Other than that, we think these work well enough for the price you pay.

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6. NoCry Anti Fog Safety Glasses

Adjustable, comfortable, and protective, you are guaranteed total satisfaction with these high-quality safety glasses. The material is durable and strong, and you will love the polycarbonate material for the construction. The temple arms are also capable of being angled and extended to meet the configuration that suits you best. With untinted glasses, there is no distortion at all with your vision as you wear these glasses.

Initially, these safety glasses did not seem to fog up. But after some time, we have noticed some distortions with the overall vision because of the fogging. You can just give the lenses a wipe, and they should be good to go once more.

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5. Dewalt Protective Anti Fog Safety Glasses DPG55-11C

When you need good protection for your eyes, these safety glasses should work perfectly well. We love the design on the temples, which come with rubber tips for that comfortable and secure fit. The lens is also capable of protecting you from danger in the event of an impact because of its optimum durability as these are made from polycarbonate. Plus, with a cushioned brow area, these glasses are super comfortable with an outstanding fit.

There is a minimal fog issue to these glasses but it is not severe, which is great. The slight tilt feature is another plus point that helps you angle the glasses according to your preference.

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4. Pyramex Fortress Comfortable Safety Glasses

If comfort and quality are what you look for, then these are two features you can find from these safety glasses from Pyramex. We like how comfortable they are for a surprisingly reasonable price. The small vents located on the top portion of the lenses also appear quite nice. What these do is they add to the comfort, so you don’t sweat as much, even if you have to wear these glasses for hours.

The only thing worth noting about these glasses is that they seem to be a bit farther off your face. This is not quite an issue for many people but it is something to consider when shopping for the best-fitting safety glasses to purchase.

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3. 3M Virtua Protective CCS Eyewear

Are you in search of a comfortable pair of safety glasses that you can use for construction, lab work, or similar activities? If so, then this 3M Virtua glasses may just be the one for you. We like the secure fit that these glasses offer, which can help protect your eyes from debris while making sure there is no pain or discomfort at all when you wear them.

We think that for the price, these glasses are a bit on the expensive side. They seem to work quite fine, though, which is the most important thing.

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2. MAGID Safety Glasses Y50BKAFC

We are impressed with the quality and great features of these safety glasses that are compliant with worker standards. The frame has a low base and curved design, and we like the clear side that provides a shield to your peripheral vision. These glasses also include a wiper and a case, so you can properly care for your glasses and prevent smudges. With a black color for the nylon frame and soft temple pads, these are very comfortable safety glasses to use.

Our only observation with these glasses is that they tend to scratch easily. So be very careful when cleaning them and make sure there are no metal shavings of some sort that can potentially impact the quality of the lens.

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1. JORESTECH Protective Eyewear

Last but not least, we bring to you our favorite among the bunch, which is this pair of glasses from Jorestech. We like how protective and safe they are, which keeps your eyes in good condition even when you are engaged in a rather hazardous activity. There is also UVA and UVB protection to these glasses. The lenses are high impact and resistant to scratches for your peace of mind. Plus, the frame is secure and minimizes fatigue even when worn for a long time.

They are average quality glasses that seem to do the job. While there are no bells and whistles to these glasses, there is no doubt that they work perfectly fine.

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There you have our top 10 best safety glasses 2020 reviews. By now, you should have more ideas on the best product to purchase that will truly give you the protection and comfort you need while wearing these safety glasses for hours.

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