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Best Self Defense Pepper Spray 2020


When out and about, it is important to be prepared for unexpected situations. A pepper spray is a small, yet highly potent self-defense tool that can ward off dangers. You can take it with you easily since it is small and lightweight. In our best self-defense pepper spray 2020reviews, we bring to you these 10 amazing products that we believe are just right for the price you pay. Take a look at each one of them and determine the best one that is worth your money.

A pepper spray is a great self-defense tool. When used correctly, it can help to give you time to escape in the face of danger. The important thing to keep in mind is to aim at the attacker’s face for maximum effects. This is why you should look for pepper spray with an indicator that really lets you know where you should be pointing it at. Otherwise, you might make a mistake and aim at your face instead! There are also different ranges that pepper sprays offer, so you need to check how far the spray can go when you release the contents inside. With superior strength, you will feel at ease with the knowledge that no one can harm you as long as you have your reliable pepper spray right in your hand.

Best Self Defense Pepper Spray 2020

Browse through our best self-defense pepper spray 2020 reviews below. These are among the products that we think are truly some of the best after checking them out ourselves and knowing the specifications each one has to offer.

10. iworldsafetech Zenith Pepper Spray

Keep yourself safe at all times with this well-made and reliable pepper spray. It is an excellent product that offers immediate vision concerns to an attacker. You will have time to run and escape, which is exactly what this product is all about. It is hassle-free to take with you as it is lightweight and small. Plus, there is a pump type of spray for ease of use.

One thing to note about this product is that it does not have a very far range. It only works for about two feet, so you have to really aim it well to ensure its maximum effect.

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9. Mace Brand 2-Pack PepperGard

There are indeed so many things to love about this pepper spray from the Mace Brand. It is a high-powered pepper spray, and when used correctly, it can really help to impair an individual’s vision and cause respiratory issues and vision problems immediately. There is a nice flip-top cap to it that keeps it spray and prevents accidental spraying. With a nice grip, you will be able to use it securely and prevent it from slipping right through your hand.

Just make it a point to ensure a flawless aim when you use this pepper spray. Those people who complain about it not being powerful enough just had an issue with their aim. Otherwise, it is an effective safety tool to use.

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8. Fox Labs Pepper Spray

With an average weight of 1.5 ounces, this pepper spray is truly spectacular. There is a 5.3 formula to is, which is actually used in the military for optimum potency. There is a cone fog design, and this means that the contents once sprayed will reach up to 15 feet. The unit is also small and discreet, and you will have no problem with taking it with you anywhere you may go.

This is a very handy and lightweight pepper spray. It does feel like there is not much inside because of how light it is but does not be deceived as it does contain as much as 1.5 ounces of high-quality pepper spray for self-defense purposes.

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7. Wrist Saver Lightweight Pepper Spray

When you are out by yourself in a rather shady location, it can be easy to feel a bit uneasy and unsafe. But this product changes everything that you feel about your surroundings. With this pepper spray in your purse or hand, you can feel at ease knowing that you can defend yourself anytime. This is a police-grade and highly reliable pepper spray that is one of the best in the market today. It even has a wristband that helps you to secure it around your wrist.

Make it a point to check the size that you purchase. Some people who ended up buying the small one complain about it being far too small than what they like. But it still works well, which is an important thing about it.

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6. super-cute Keychain Pepper Spray

Designed with a female user in mind, this pepper spray is one of the finest we have ever found. There is 1.4 percent of MC or major capsaicinoids, which is a very high concentration that can protect you and deter attackers. Just point it at the person and spray, and this will release a stream of potent material that will cause immediate vision issues to the person trying to cause the problem to you. As it is easy to carry, there is absolutely no reason for you to not have this with you anywhere you go.

We like how cute this product is, and it can really be used to protect yourself from danger. But the top is not exactly highly secure, so this is one thing to consider when purchasing this product.

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5. BLINGSTING Keychain Pepper Spray

Made from high quality and super potent 1.4 percent of MC, this is a truly powerful self-defense tool that you can bring anywhere. The design is point and spray, and it is effective in releasing a good amount of vision-altering material to your attacker. This is a non-lethal product and mainly helps you to escape and get yourself out of danger. With a safety lock, it will not easily cause you a problem when you misfire it accidentally.

We would suggest that a latch is added to it, which can prevent you from spraying it accidentally. Otherwise, we think it is a well-made and practical item to purchase.

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4. POLICE MAGNUM High Strength Pepper Spray

It is important to have a reliable tool that will give you peace of mind and that feeling of safety when you are out and about. This is why we like this pepper spray as it is truly effective in protecting you from danger by causing vision issues to your attacker. Just one hand is all you need to get this going and to release that stream of material, which gives you a chance to escape quickly. There is also UV dye that helps identify the assailant quickly.

We are impressed with the quality of this product. It is just a bit pricey but definitely worth it considering its overall quality.

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3. Fox Labs Pepper Spray

This is hands down one of the best pepper spray brands in the market today. We like the fact that there is 5.3 million Scoville heat units to it, making it truly potent as a self-defense tool. There is a flip-top cap that is spring-loaded for optimum protection against discharge done by accident. This is also a 1.5-ounce canister that truly has more than enough for your safety needs.

It would be better if this unit has some kind of a way to hook it on your clothing. Otherwise, you will have to carry with you a pouch and place this thing inside to keep it secure.

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2. BLINGSTING Women Pepper Spray

Ladies who are in search of a handy and lightweight self-defense tool will find this product truly worth their needs. It is lab-tested, so you can be sure it is truly potent and effective. There is a 0.5-ounce container to this product that contains 1.4 percent of MC. The material is non-lethal, yet it is effective enough to give you a chance to escape in times of danger. A safety lock is also added to prevent this thing from misfiring.

At first, those who have purchased this item though there was barely anything inside because it was too light. But it does the job well and really works in keeping people safe without killing the attacker.

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1. POM Super Strength White Pepper Spray

Last but not least, we have this well-made and ever-reliable pepper spray that is truly effective in keeping you safe and giving you a chance to evade danger. It includes a POM keychain, so you can simply hook it up to your lanyard and carry it with ease. The flip-top is another good addition to this product that is a safety feature and prevents you from spraying it accidentally.

One thing to note about this product is that it is too small. But it seems to do the job fine, so you will feel at ease and confident that you are safe with this pepper spray in your purse.

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There you have our best self-defense pepper spray 2020 reviews. We suggest that you pick one from the bunch that really meets your standards after learning more about the features they offer. By doing so, you will have a protective tool that will keep you safe anywhere and anytime.

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