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Best Shoe Rack in 2022


The best shoe rack in 2022 is an important piece in decluttering your home. With this item, you can keep all your shoes neatly in one place. Finally, you don’t have to deal with messy shoes that are all over the house. You can simply stack up your shoes, sandals, and other footwear in a rack. It is also a good way to care for your shoes and avoid misplacing them. Just be sure to buy the right type of shoe rack that matches your needs.

When it comes to the best shoe rack, you would want to consider important features. For instance, it needs to have the right dimensions. Check the size of the shoe rack in question. Does it have ample shelves for you to organize your shoes? If so, then it should work for your needs. Otherwise, you may have to buy a bigger rack with slots suitable for the number of shoes you have. Additionally, it is best to consider the material. Do keep in mind that shoe racks come in different materials. There are those made of plastic, wood, or fabric. If you want something portable, a foldable shoe rack is perfect. You can easily fold it down and pack it up after use.

Best Shoe Rack in 2022

However, a sturdy option is a wooden shoe rack. This type of material should last a long time, and it looks elegant, as well. With these things in mind, let us have a look at our list of the best shoe rack in 2022. These products are among the highly rated ones in the market today. Thus, you can expect them to be suitable to your particular needs and requirements.


10. Simple Houseware Shoe rack

This 4-tier shoe rack has plenty of space for your footwear. It can fit up to 20 pairs of your favorite shoes. Moreover, the bottom portion is a great spot for organizing your slippers. This is a durable, yet lightweight shoe rack. It has a metal frame while the slots are polyester fabric-made. You can easily store any type of footwear in each slot. In fact, each shelf has a weight capacity of 30 pounds. This is an excellent shoe rack to use in your dorm, apartment, garage, or patio.

We really like the ease of organizing shoes using this rack. It comes with a reasonable price and the quality is good. This is why we consider this product as one of the best shoe rack in 2022.

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9. Homebi Metal Shoe Rack

Another one of the best shoe rack in 2022 is this one from Homebi. It comes with 4 tiers, which means there are plenty of spaces for you to organize your footwear. The frame is metal and there are plastic parts made of the finest quality. You can fit up to 20 pairs of shoes on this rack. Whether you have men’s shoes, heels, or rubber shoes, they can fit well in this item. Furthermore, the design is so versatile. You can use it in your closet, entryway, wardrobe, and many others.

The assembly process is just a bit tricky because of the instructions. However, this shoe rack looks great once you have set it up. It is definitely a great value for the price you pay.

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8. Seville Classics Expandable Metal Shoe Rack

When you need more space for your footwear, this shoe rack is a suitable option. It is adjustable, which gives you plenty of storage. In fact, it can easily fit a maximum of 24 pairs of men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes. The storage is extendable, so you can make it wider than most. As it is solid steel-made, it is durable and long-lasting.

There is no doubt that it is a study shoe rack to own. The assembly process is easy, and it is adjustable, too. This is why we highly recommend this product for organizing your home and keeping it decluttered.

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7. Honey-Can-Do Shoe Shelf

Another one of the best shoe rack in 2022 is this amazing bamboo shoe shelf. It looks cute – with its beautiful bamboo design to match your interior decor. There are 3 tiers, which can fit 12 pairs of shoes. Since it is bamboo-made, this shoe shelf is eco-friendly. Plus, there are slats on each surface. This is a great design that adds ventilation to the shelf while keeping it resistant to moisture.

One thing to note about this product is the assembly process. It is just a tad tricky to install because of the instructions. The directions can be improved on but overall, it is a great shoe rack you will love.

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6. Seville Classics Wood Grain Shoe Rack

This is quite an elegant shoe rack for your home or dorm. It is spacious and can hold a maximum of 12 pairs of footwear. The upper rack works for your shoes while the lower area is good for your sandals, flats, and your running shoes. In case you need more space, you should be able to stack up the shelves. This is why it is a versatile design that suits small and big spaces at home.

When it comes to the assembly process, we think it is fairly easy. However, the last shelf can be challenging to get in. But once you have it all assembled, it certainly looks great. A true value for the price.

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5. Herron 5-Tier Shoe Rack

Spacious and good-looking, this shoe rack is such a gorgeous addition to your home. There are 5 tiers in total. Thus, you can organize your footwear in one spot. There is a reasonable amount of storage for your shoes, crafts, toiletries, and bags. Assembly is fast, which is a plus point to this item. As for the materials, these are durable and solid. The metal pipes support the fabric shelves well. In terms of functionality, this shoe rack is perfect. It is great not just for shoes but also for a variety of other items.

The height is ideal for your shoes. Just be sure to stick to the weight capacity indicated. By doing so, you can prevent damages to the unit.

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4. ERONE Shoe Organizer

Next up in our list of the best shoe rack in 2022 is this one from Erone. We are impressed with its sturdiness. The metal tube supports the shelves. You can count on it to support even heavy footwear. The rack contains 8 layers in total. Moreover, it can support a maximum of 20 pairs of adult shoes. Lastly, it is a breeze to assemble. You should be able to have it all set up in minutes without any hassle.

Overall, this is a lovely shoe rack to own. However, our only observation is that it is a bit too small. Thus, it may not suffice if you have many shoes to organize.

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3. ERONE 8-Tier Shoe Rack

Here is another product from Erone. It is much bigger and more spacious than the first one as it can fit up to 20 pairs of your footwear. The shelf is black in color. This is why it should not appear dusty too easily. There are 8 tiers to this rack. As a result, there are numerous spaces for you to organize your shoes. You can even place your purse or bags in this rack!

When it comes to size, there is no doubt that this shoe rack has enough to offer. But if you prefer a more compact and smaller shoe rack, this item may be a bit too much for your needs.

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2. Simple Trending Stackable Shoe Rack

Joining the rest in our list of the best shoe rack in 2022 is this one from Simple Trending. It is quite impressive as it is spacious and well-made. You can put it in your closet, your entryway, or even in the kitchen. This can keep many items organized quickly. If you prefer, you can place your cutlery, clothes, and towels in it – not just shoes! Lastly, the material used is metal. This keeps the frame sturdy and long-lasting.

Assembly can take up to 20 minutes. It is a reasonable length of time, which eliminates your stress. And since this rack is steady, it does not wobble once installed.

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1. Jerry & Maggie Shoe Rack

Taking up the number one spot in our best shoe rack in 2022 list is this item from Jerry & Maggie. We like how functional it is. You can easily organize your footwear seconds. The material is fabric, yet it is resistant to damage. We also love the steel pipes that support the frame. With 3 tiers, this is a reasonable size for a size chart. It can fit many items and with a good weight capacity.

Overall, this is an amazing shoe rack to buy for your needs. It may be a bit small, yet it should be great for homes with a smaller space. In terms of the price and quality, this product has so much to offer, indeed.

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Finding the perfect shoe rack can be a tricky ordeal. However, after learning more about your options, it should not be challenging anymore. We hope our list of the best shoe rack in 2022 helped you come up with a solid decision that is a bang for the buck.

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