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Top 10 Best Sling Backpack in 2022 Reviews


Perfect for your daily commute and casual activities, a sling backpack is a lightweight bag that offers ample space for you to store and organize various personal items. It is also easy to access the things you have in your backpack, allowing you to grab them without any problem. Whether you are hiking, traveling, or walking, you will find sling backpacks convenient to use as these are lightweight and functional at the same time. Have a look at our top 10 best sling backpack in 2022 reviews below to provide you with a number of options to guide you with your purchase.

What are the things to consider before you buy a sling backpack? For the most part, you need to be sure about the quality of the material used. A water-resistant fabric that does not rip easily is a great choice as this adds to the durability of the product. You should also make sure the main compartment is spacious enough to hold various items such as your cellphone, tablet, and your wallet. There are also sling backpacks with zippered pockets on the front for smaller things including your keys and personal IDs. Lastly, be sure that the strap can be adjusted to help you customize the length of the pack.

Best sling backpack in 2022 Reviews

Check out our top 10 best sling backpack in 2022 reviews below. We have carefully prepared this list of our favorite items based on their performance and overall value to help you make a practical purchasing decision.

10. Nicgid CrossBody Sling Bag

This is a well-made sling backpack that comes with a nylon fabric that is rip-resistant and water-resistant. We love how versatile this pack is, as you can use it either as a shoulder bag or as a chest pack. In fact, you can even wear the pack in the front or even on the back of your body. The pack is also quite durable and versatile, and it should not be a problem taking it with you to your daily commute or as a smaller bag for your travel.

For the most part, this is a great bag that is a true value for the money. However, some customizations to it may be ideal to help you ensure your total satisfaction with what this backpack has to offer.

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9. Leaper Retro Sling Backpack

We are quite impressed with the aesthetics of this bag that features a vintage feel to it. This product is crafted from soft canvas and a decorative feature made of polyurethane leather. The overall feel of the pack is soft and luxurious, and it is rather spacious, as well. The pack can fit a 13-inch laptop or smaller, as long as you do not use a laptop case for it. The design is retro, and it is very stylish. There is a top flap that comes with buckles, as well as a practical design to let you close and open it with so much ease.

One small concern we have about this pack is the size. It is a bit small, so you cannot fit numerous items in it. There is also a mesh pocket on the side but we think it is too small, as well.

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8. Travel Crossbody Bag

A great backpack with a neutral design, this crossbody bag should fit men and women alike. It is small, yet the capacity is good enough for miscellaneous items. The shoulder bag also includes a smart design for your charging port but there is no charger included. A USB cable is built-in, which offers you the ease of charging your phone. We love this waterproof backpack that is good for travel while keeping your precious items secure and dry inside.

This backpack is definitely durable and should last for a long time. But just be careful when opening and closing the zippers as these come with a slightly flimsy feel to it.

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7. Canvas Travel Sling Backpack

This sling backpack from NeatPack is one of our favorites among the rest as it offers plenty of space for various items such as your water bottle, gadgets, and even your laptop. You can wear the bag in different ways, and it is truly designed to give you comfort to minimize the aches on your shoulders and back. This is a very durable pack with a strap clip that is so strong and secure. Plus, the fabric is water-resistant to keep the items inside nice and dry.

Just one observation about this backpack – it is a right-handed design. While this is not a big issue among other users, it can be a concern for a few who may have a different preference.

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6. MOSISO Sling Crossbody Bag

When it comes to functionality and ease of use, there are so many things to love about this crossbody backpack. It features a spacious design and ample compartments for multiple things to carry. The shoulder strap is adjustable and flexible, and there is a breathable design to the strap to keep you comfortable. The sides also include mesh bags, so you have a space for your water bottle. You have different options for carrying this backpack such as right or left to match your unique needs.

We definitely think this is one of the best sling backpacks in the market today. However, the size of the main compartment could be bigger, although its current size is pretty decent.

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5. Multipurpose Sling Backpack

Excellent for your travel or commute, this sling backpack offers numerous function to meet your needs. It comes with a durable design, so it will not tear too easily. The material is also lightweight, which adds to your comfort when you carry this backpack around. There is a space for your small laptop and camera, and the open pocket in the interior compartment is roomy enough for a tablet. As for the shoulder strap, there is a small pocket where you can place your cellphone.

Our only gripe about this product is the size of the bottle pouch. We think this is a bit too small for our needs. Other than that, this is a good quality backpack for the price you pay.

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4. Crossbody Sling Backpack

Another excellent sling backpack to consider for your needs is this well-made crossbody bag. It comes with great features including a hole for your headphones, so you can listen to music without taking the device out of your bad. The bottle pocket is also spacious enough for your water bottle, and there is a special compartment for you to place your laptop. The strap is durable, yet comfortable on your shoulders at the same time. There are 8 pockets in total to organize multiple items you need to bring with you.

We can say that this is a decent bag worth your money. It is not exactly an oversized bag as it is a bit small but it does work for the purpose it serves.

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3. KAVU Rope Sling Bag

Made from pure cotton, we absolutely love this sling backpack from KAVU. It is made from imported, hand wash ingredients, which makes it comfortable and lightweight at the same time. This sling backpack also comes with a shoulder strap that is adjustable for your convenience. Plus, the zipper compartments are spacious enough for your needs. Overall, it is a good value for the price.

If there is one thing about this bag that can be improved on, it would be the size of the pockets. We think they are a tad too big, which can be a drawback for some users. But for others, we think it works perfectly fine.

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2. Waterfly Sling Backpack

Perfect for men and women, this sling bag is quite lightweight and durable. There are a sturdy buckle and a dilated design for the shoulder strap for your ease and comfort. The total capacity of this bag is 10 liters, which should suffice for your daily commute. You should be able to fit various items in it such as your keys, wallet, notebook, and some books. The reinforced bartack added to this pack is also great as it enhances the durability of this bag.

We would love to have the pockets enlarged a bit as these are currently a little bit small. Other than that, we think this sling backpack works pretty well.

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1. OutdoorMaster Crossbody Sling Backpack

Topping our list of the best sling backpacks in the market today is this product from OutdoorMaster. We like how spacious this pack is, which can fit various items including a small laptop and a camera. There is a concealed pocket inside and a bottle holder, which you can use for your water bottle. The shoulder strap is also versatile, as it allows you to carry the backpack in different ways. You will also love the soft padding added to the backpack, which is a nice feature to it for your comfort.

We do think that this is an amazing sling backpack that comes with great aesthetics and functionality. It is a bit overpriced, though, although you will be pleased to know that every dollar you pay for this well-made bag is indeed worth it.

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There you have our top 10 best sling backpacks in 2022 reviews. By now, you have more options on the best product to buy that is truly worth your money because of how well-made and durable are these featured items we have for you.

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