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Top 10 Best Snow Blowers in 2022 Reviews


When the snow has piled up in your yard or driveway, that’s a huge problem. The last thing you want to happen is to get stuck, so you have no choice but to move that big pile. With a reliable snow blower, you can get all that snow out without breaking your back. No need to shovel up snow the old-school way. In our top 10 best snow blowers in 2022 reviews, we have gathered our top picks for this product category. Check out our recommendations and find just the perfect item you need.

Snow blowers come in various styles and functions. When buying a snow blower, you need to consider a number of things including how big the area is that’s been covered in snow, if you prefer to buy electric or cordless, storage space available in your shed, and your budget. There are different types of snow blowers including the single stage, two-stage, and three-stage. If you are moving snow in a paved driveway or the sidewalk, a single stage should do the trick. But if you have to move massive snow drifts, you can benefit more from either a two-stage or a three-stage. It really all depends on how much snow needs to be moved and how far your budget can take you.

Best Snow Blowers in 2022 Reviews

With all these things in mind, let us go over our top 10 best snow blowers in 2022 reviews. We have prepared this list for you as a guide on which item to buy by presenting their features and limitations that you can analyze as you make a decision.

10. EGO Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

What we like about this cordless and electric single stage snow blower is the absence of fumes and mess from gas while providing superior power. It has a 21-inch intake, so this should be perfect for moving snow from your driveway. It is highly efficient and comes with a handle-mounted robust lever, so you are absolutely in control as you operate this unit. It is weather resistant, and the materials used are high-end steel for optimum durability.

We like how this product works really good for throwing and moving snow around. But we suggest that you use this tool for powdery snow as other types of snow only tend to clog it.

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9. Snow Joe Single Stage Cordless Snow Blower iON21SB-PRO

When the job is tough, you need to use an equally tough and heavy-duty tool for the task. This cordless snow blower is our choice as it offers optimum performance, thanks to its robust motor and long lifespan of battery that can go for a maximum of 55 minutes on a single charge. The unit operates in a quiet manner, so there is no need to worry about any noise unlike with other brands. As this is cordless and electric, there is no carbon emission to deal with or cords tangling. It can even move a massive 660 pounds of snow without a hassle.

For the most part, we think this unit is a beast. It works amazingly well and gets the job done fast. However, the battery is the most expensive component of this product but it is worth it considering its performance.

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8. Snow Joe Single Stage Cordless 40V Snow Blower iON18SB

Forget the bulk and heft. This snow blower is lightweight as it weighs 32 pounds and is capable of clearing snow on your deck, driveway, and sidewalk. It operates silently and comes with a powerful battery with a 50-minute runtime. There is no gas to deal with or pull cords that can be a mess. With an 18-inch cutting path and a capability of moving 500 pounds of snow in a minute, this tool is highly efficient and convenient.

For a small task, we can honestly say that this unit works well. It is lightweight, which is amazing. But if you are looking for a more robust machine to move snow, it may be a bit insufficient.

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7. PowerSmart Snow Blower Electric DB5023H

No more shoveling required when snow piles up in your deck and driveway. This unit does the job well and efficiently. It has an 18-inch wide clearing path, and it can move 8 inches deep – all in a single pass. This is why we are impressed with how it can clear the patio and driveway in just a matter of minutes. The steel auger comes with a rubber tip, so this breaks loose the snow without any effort at all.

It is indeed a handy tool for clearing snow in a small area. However, it may not be powerful enough for such a larger space or more snow to move and throw, so a larger machine may be a better choice.

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6. ToroElectric Snow Thrower 1800 18-Inch

Just one trigger start is all it takes to get this snow thrower going. There are zero parts requiring lubrication, so that is a plus point to this item. It comes with an electric motor with a 12 amp capability, and we like how this can throw snow to a maximum of 30 feet. The body is made from durable plastic, while the handle is metal. Just a few things that need to be set up and it is good to go to start moving snow. The safety key lock is included for your protection.

Perhaps the only thing to keep in mind before buying this item is the space or area you need to clear. For a smaller space, this should work without a glitch. But for an area that requires a wider clearing path, it may fall short of your expectations.

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5. Toro 212 cc Snwthrwr 21″ 

When you have a big task of moving snow in your deck and yar, this snow thrower from Toro does the job. It is a single stage snow blower with a 4-cycle design and an electric start. It is powerful and starts without any hassle, and you can count on it to clean the pavement in a snap. The rotor is heavy duty and we love the self-propelling system of this unit. With just minor assembly necessary, it should be ready to go in minutes.

Our only concern about this product is the vibration that tends to take place on the steel handlebar. Even if you wear your heavy and thick winter gloves, it can be felt. The vent also has a tendency to get clogged when there is a huge amount of wet snow.

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4. Ryobi Electric 10 Amp Snow Blower RYAC801

A small, yet powerful snow blower, we think this unit is quite a workhorse for smaller tasks. It is robust and capable of efficiently moving snow. It is just what you need for your sidewalk, patio, or driveway. We recommend this product if you do not have a lot of space available in your garage or storage shed but at the same time, you need a reliable snow blower to handle the job.

Overall, we are impressed with how this unit works. It is small and reliable at the same time, which is a good combo when you are just working in a smaller area. But keep in mind that there is a protective cover (found on the plugin power cord) that could use an upgrade in the size because it only works better with a light cord and not heavy duty ones.

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3. Snow Joe Snow Thrower Single Stage SJ615E

Whenever there are quick and small scale pickups of snow on your walkway or driveway, this product can get the job done well. It comes with an 11 amp powerful motor that is capable of moving as much as 440 pounds of snow in every minute. We like the 15-inch path, as well as the snow depth of 8 inches that is much more efficient than what an electric shovel can do. The plastic auger is also resistant to abrasion, which helps prolong the lifespan of this unit.

For the most part, we are very pleased with what this snow thrower can do. Assembly can be tricky but fortunately, once you have it all set up, this unit works really well.

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2. Ariens Path Pro Electric Start Gas Snow Thrower 938033

The Path Pro is a genius when it comes to moving snow. It features an electric start that you can operate with just a push of the button, and the clearing width is at 21 inches, which is impressive. The height intake is at 12 inches, which is another plus point about this product. You can fold the handlebar, and there is a scraper bar that is adjustable for your convenience. Plus with 8-inch wheels that are semi-pneumatic, it is easy to move this snow thrower around.

This is quite a powerful snow thrower, in our opinion. However, you will notice that it is heavy, so you may have a problem maneuvering it on surfaces that are uneven.

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1. PowerSmart Electric Two-Stage Snow Blower DB7624E

For tougher jobs that require a much more robust machine, this two-stage snow blower is a genius. We like its superior quality motor that can clear snow in the fastest and most efficient way possible. The tires are 13 inches in diameter and they can go through a slippery terrain and deep snow areas. We also like the wider clearing width and depth of this unit, so it can really get more things done without any effort.

If there is one thing that can be improved about this unit, it would be the shoot. It is made of plastic, which is a bit of an inconvenience. The lack of an off switch is also a thing to consider about this product but it is a true workhorse, which is amazing.

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There you have our top 10 best snow blowers in 2022 reviews. We hope you were able to decide on the product to pick that will surely meet your needs and expectations.

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