Best Studio Lighting Kit 2019


When it comes to photography, it is not just all about an excellent, high-quality camera. The lighting aspect needs to be in place, as well. The perfect lighting has a great impact on the outcome of your pictures, this is why we recommend that you purchase a good lighting kit to make your work truly professional and exceptional. Our best studio lighting kit in 2021 reviews include a 10 of the highly-rated products in this category to help you begin with your search. Check out these items and learn more about the features of each to help you decide on the right one to buy.

A studio lighting kit is a must-have for every avid photographer. This includes backdrop support, umbrellas, and of course, your lights. When choosing the right product to buy, you want to be sure that each piece is top-quality and durable. It also makes sense that you check the dimensions of the backdrop, as well as the adjustability of the stand. Consider the wattage of the bulbs, so you can be sure that these are bright enough for your needs. There are several lighting kits out there with varied prices but you need to make sure that you carefully select the one you need. Budget can be a limiting factor but as long as you go through your different options and compare them well, you will surely find a great item at a competitive price to suit your needs.

Best Studio Lighting Kit 2019

Browse through our top 10 best studio lighting kit in 2021 reviews below. We have selected these great items that will surely help you make an informed purchasing decision that will match your budget and expectations.

10. Kshioe Lighting Kit 800W and 5500K U

Get a complete setup for your photoshoot with this lighting kit from Kshioe. This product features everything you will ever need to capture professional-quality photos. For instance, it includes a background stand, single headlights, silver black and white umbrellas, golden black umbrellas, a polyester backdrop, and many more. There are attachments included, too, so you can get all the pieces ready for your shoot. With bright lights and a durable backdrop, this product has everything you need for the price.

We think that the lights seem bright and decent enough. But our opinion on this product is that it is best for beginners or those who are just starting out with portrait photography.

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9. Emart Photography Studio Kit 600W

When you need a complete set of photography kit to use for your photoshoots, this item is a suitable option to consider. It includes 3 pieces of CFL Energy Saving bulbs and 3 single-head lights sockets. The lumens is pretty good at 5500K. There are also umbrellas – 2 are silver/black and the other 2 are translucent white. There are 3 stands in total with one a bit shorter than the other. Lastly, this product includes a carry bag to help you get organized.

Although it comes complete with the basics, you would need to get yourself a power strip and a couple of extension cords because the power cord is not that long. Other than that, this product is good enough for the price you pay.

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8. FOSITAN Photography Softbox Lighting Set

With a total of 11 bulbs, a softbox, 3 stands, cantilever stick, socket heads, and a carrying bag, you are good to go with this excellent lighting set for live streaming, portrait photography, YouTube video shoot and so much more. We like how durable and well-made the stands are, as these are crafted from an aluminum alloy material that is high-grade and aviation quality. You can also adjust the light stand to your preferred length without any problem.

Overall, we can say that this is a decent product for what it’s worth. The lights are bright but not so much when the room is already well-lit. But it is certainly good for the price.

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7. Fancierstudio Professional Lighting Kit 2400 Watt

Whether you are just setting up your photography studio or you need additional kits to your existing one, this product is definitely worth a look. We like the softbox lights that are studio quality, and you can get everything you need from this product. The lights are bright and professional-quality, and there are also light heads that can support 4 bulbs per head. Packing it up and storing it after use is also easy – just use the carry bag that’s included in the package.

If there is one thing to improve on this product, it would be the overhead piece. It appears to be a bit on the flimsy and gangly side. But it sure is capable of holding a decent amount of counterweight, which is a good thing about this product.

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6. CRAPHY Photography Studio Kit

This is another brand of photo studio professional kit that we love. It features 3 pieces of light stands that are made from aluminum alloy. These are durable, yet lightweight enough for setting it up and carrying it. There are 3 bright lights at 5500K, and these are also energy-saving lights. The arm reflector holder set has everything you need to get all setup. Lastly, we love the catty bag that keeps all the pieces ready to go and pack up after use.

After checking the qualities and features of this studio kit, we can say that it is more of a beginner setup than a pro. But somewhere down the line, you can upgrade to a more expensive set. Still, this one is not that bad at all.

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5. Andoer Photography Lighting Set

We are quite impressed with the overall value for your money that this lighting set offers. It includes a number of items in a kit such as a softbox, bulb socket, bulbs, cantilever stick, backdrop stand, and the non-woven backdrop. All of these should suffice to give you the professional, studio-quality photographs you want. The stand is crafted from aluminum alloy, as well as the light stand. This is a sturdy material that should be able to last for a long time with proper care and usage practices.

Overall, we are well-pleased with this product. We would have preferred the connection to be a bit stronger but the rest of the pieces work perfectly well without a doubt.

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4. Linco Lincostore Lighting Kit

When it comes to a budget-friendly lighting kit, you can never go wrong with this product. We like how effective it is in providing you with the quality you want for your photographs. The different pieces included are the softbox (2 pieces), 2 umbrellas, background support, light stand, and a carry bag. There are also 4 light heads added, which work quite well.

Just be sure to check the instructions carefully on how to set up this kit. A few people had concerns with the assembly but other than that we think this is a good value for your money.

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3. HPUSN Photography Lighting Kit

When it comes to quality you can trust, this product is a great deal. The material used for the softbox is PET, which is durable and strong. This allows for an outstanding reflective performance for photoshoots. The bulbs are energy-efficient, and we also like how bright they are. You will be impressed to know that they can last for as long as 8000 hours! Lastly, there is an adjustable and rotatable head and stand, which adds to your convenience and ease.

For the most part, this product works. It can just be a bit of a challenge with the assembly but with that issue set aside, this setup is quite good.

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2. Neewer Photography Studio Kit

Turn all of your photos into something impressive and well-done with the help of this studio kit from Neewer. This includes a number of pieces such as the light stand, backdrop made from muslin, light holders, CFL energy-efficient bulbs, and so much more. The umbrella is white and translucent, and this helps broaden the light and soften the overall look. Plus, the carry bag is a good one that is well-made.

Just be sure to open the package carefully since some people who used a knife ended up cutting the bag up. As for the quality of the different items, we can say they are good for the price.

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1. Limo Studio Photography Studio Kit

Last but not least, we present to you our top pick for this product, which is this one from Limo Studio. We like the complete set of pieces in this setup, and you can get bright CFL bulbs at 6000K, a durable white umbrella, light stand, carry bag for the bulbs and a storage bag for the entire kit. It is something you can use for your photo shoots, portrait photography, and so much more.

One thing to note about this product is the mild scent emitted by the bulbs while being used, as though it is burning. But it appears to be just the result of it getting hot. Other than this, everything else works great.

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We hope that we were able to help you pick out the item to purchase from our top 10 best photography studio kit in 2021 reviews. By now, you have more ideas on what to look for when in search of a quality setup for your photography needs.

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